Starfield Shielded Cargo Guide: How to Get & Use it

Starfield Shielded Cargo is a must-have feature for any spacefarer looking to smuggle contraband across the Settled Systems. It’s a specialized cargo hold that allows you to hide items from scanners, making it easier to transport illegal goods without getting caught. This guide will help you find and use the Shielded Cargo in Starfield.

Why is Shielded Cargo Important?

Shielded Cargo is not just a fancy add-on, it’s a necessity for those who want to engage in smuggling activities. It allows you to:

  • Bypass Security Scanners: Shielded Cargo can effectively hide your contraband from detection systems.
  • Avoid Arrest: With Shielded Cargo, you reduce the risk of being apprehended and facing legal consequences.
  • Maximize Profits: Smuggling can be lucrative, and Shielded Cargo helps ensure that you can deliver your goods to willing buyers.
Key Features Importance
Security High
Profitability Medium
Versatility Low

How to Get Shielded Cargo in Starfield

Method 1: Purchase from Vendors

The most straightforward way to acquire Shielded Cargo is to purchase it. One such place is the Red Mile on Porrima III in the Porrima Star System. Once you land, head into the Red Mile and look for a vendor named Lon Anderssen. He offers various Shielded Cargo modules that you can manually add to your ship.

Method 2: Find a Ship with Pre-installed Shielded Cargo

Another way is to find a ship that already has Shielded Cargo installed. You can identify such ships by checking the Cargo Capacity stat in the ship menu. Below that, you’ll find the Shielded Capacity, indicating how much Shielded Cargo space the ship has.

Method 3: Complete Quests

Some quests reward you with ships that come with Shielded Cargo. For instance, completing the Mantis quest rewards you with the Razorleaf, a ship that comes with Shielded Cargo.

Methods Difficulty
Purchase Easy
Find a Ship Medium
Complete Quests Hard

How to Use Shielded Cargo in Starfield

Step 1: Check Capacity

Before you start smuggling, check the Shielded Cargo capacity of your ship. The higher the capacity, the more contraband you can carry without getting caught.

Step 2: Combine with Scan Jammers

For added security, combine your Shielded Cargo with scan jammers. This will further reduce the chances of your contraband being detected.

Step 3: Manage Risk

Remember, the closer your contraband mass is to the Shielded Cargo capacity, the higher the risk of detection. So, manage your cargo wisely.

What is the Risk Factor?

In the world of smuggling, risk is an ever-present companion. With Starfield Shielded Cargo, you can mitigate some of this risk, but it’s crucial to understand that it’s not a foolproof system. The closer your contraband mass is to the Shielded Cargo capacity, the higher the risk of detection.

Why Risk Management is Crucial

Managing risk is not just about avoiding capture; it’s about maximizing profits while minimizing losses. Knowing how to balance your cargo can make the difference between a successful smuggling run and a trip to the space jail.

Risk Level Contraband Mass Detection Probability
Low < 50% Capacity Low
Medium 50-75% Capacity Moderate
High > 75% Capacity High

How to Optimize Your Shielded Cargo

Step 1: Prioritize High-Value Goods

Not all contraband is created equal. Focus on smuggling high-value items that will yield the most profit.

Step 2: Use Multiple Smaller Runs

Instead of one big risky haul, consider making multiple smaller runs. This reduces the risk and increases the chances of a successful smuggling operation.

Step 3: Always Have a Backup Plan

Whether it’s an alternate route or a stash of legal goods to show as a decoy, always have a backup plan in case things go south.

FAQs – September 25, 2023

How Do I Check My Shielded Cargo Capacity?

You can check your Shielded Cargo capacity by opening your ship menu and looking at the Cargo Capacity stat. Just below that, you’ll see “Shielded Capacity.”

Can I Upgrade My Shielded Cargo?

Yes, you can purchase higher-capacity Shielded Cargo modules from vendors like Lon Anderssen in the Red Mile on Porrima III.

Are There Any Alternatives to Shielded Cargo?

Yes, some players use scan jammers in conjunction with Shielded Cargo to further reduce the risk of detection.

Can I Use Shielded Cargo for Legal Goods?

Absolutely, you can use Shielded Cargo to transport any goods, not just contraband. However, it’s most effective when used for smuggling.

That’s it for our comprehensive guide on Starfield Shielded Cargo. Armed with this knowledge, you’re now ready to become a successful space smuggler. Good luck, and may your cargo always remain shielded!


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