Starfield Legendary Armor Sets and How to Get them Early

Starfield legendary armor sets are extremely rare and powerful armor sets that provide major boosts to stats and abilities. Outfitting yourself in one of these elite armors can greatly enhance your combat, stealth, exploration, or diplomacy endeavors across the star systems.

But Starfield legendary armor doesn’t just fall into your lap. You’ll need to take the right steps to track them down and earn them. Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring the most powerful armor pieces in Starfield.

List of All Starfield Legendary Armor Sets

Legendary armors in Starfield are one-of-a-kind armor sets crafted from rare materials and imbued with unique enhancements. They represent the pinnacle of protective gear and clothing technology in the Starfield universe, providing major boosts to various stats and skills.

There are currently over 10 known legendary armors in the game, with some highlights including:

  • Champion Armor– The strongest armor with all-around stat increases. Found by completing challenges.
  • Mantis Armor– Armor with changeable damage and resistance buffs. Rewarded for a faction questline.
  • Nightingale Armor– Stealth-focused armor for evasion and hiding. Looted from a hidden world.
  • Explorer Armor– Optimized for exploration with environmental protections and expanded carrying capacity.

Owning one of these elite armor pieces can help you create truly mighty characters, but you’ll need to put in the work to track them down first.

How to Find Legendary Armor in Starfield

Legendary armors are never sold by regular vendors. To acquire them, you’ll need to take more unconventional routes. Here are the main methods:

Complete Questlines – Certain major faction questlines will reward you with their exclusive legendary armors upon final completion. Pay attention to quest givers who hint at unique armors.

Defeat Bosses – Defeating some of the most notorious pirates, bandits, monsters and other bosses in Starfield has a chance to drop their personal legendary armor sets.

Exploration – Journeying to scarcely charted planets and systems increases odds of finding hidden caches and loot troves containing legendary gear. Use scanners to detect valuables.

Excavation – Scour alien and ancient ruins throughout Starfield to potentially uncover damaged but recoverable legendary armor artifacts. Invest in archaeology skills.

Purchase from Special Vendors – Extremely rare vendors in the late game may offer legendary armor for sale, but at absurdly steep prices upwards of 10 million credits.

Crafting – With the right skills, perks, materials and recipes, you can attempt to craft your own legendary grade armor from scratch. This is very resource intensive.

Tips for Finding Legendary Armors

  • Prioritize persuasion skills to open up more legendary armor quest rewards when completing faction missions.
  • When fighting tough bosses, target their armor pieces specifically to increase chances of loot drops.
  • Parks points into science skills like archaeology and engineering to boost chances of excavating or crafting legendary gear.
  • Keep large sums of credits on hand for potential legendary armor purchases from ultra-rare vendors.
  • Seek out legendary armor clues and schematics via side activities like hacking, stealing, investigations and exploration.
  • Complete as many storylines and side quests as possible to unlock access to more legendary armor acquisition opportunities.


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Stats and Powers of Legendary Armors

Each legendary armor set has its own unique properties and enhancements tailored to different playstyles and builds. Here are some of the effects they can confer:

  • Massive boosts to damage resistance, shield strength and health/stamina to turn you into a juggernaut.
  • Increased environmental hazard protection for exploring extreme planets.
  • Stealth field generators for evading detection and sneaking up on enemies.
  • Greatly improved persuasion and intimidation for dialog and diplomatic interactions.
  • Telekinetic enhancements to allow lifting/moving objects from afar.
  • Slow down time in combat to precisely dodge attacks and place shots.
  • Improved tech skills like hacking, engineering, and salvaging.
  • Bonuses to companions if worn as a full matching armor set.

The most powerful legendary armors like the Champion Armor provide buffs to all core stats at once, making your character excel in any scenario. Others like the Nightingale Armor focus on boosting specific build archetypes like stealth or diplomacy.

Gameplay Tips When Wielding Legendary Armors

Once you acquire those coveted legendary armor pieces, make sure to use them to their full potential:

  • Swap armor sets depending on your current combat, exploration or social challenge.
  • Keep armor upgraded with mods and attachments to maintain maximum effectiveness.
  • Use stealth legendary armor for infiltration then swap to juggernaut armor for open combat afterward.
  • Prioritize skills that synergize with your legendary armor’s bonuses like Stealth for Nightingale Armor.
  • Mix and match legendary armor pieces for Hybrid builds, like Nightingale chest with Explorer legs.
  • Activate any special skills or powers granted by your legendary armor set during key moments.

The right legendary armor matched to your playstyle can help turn the tide in challenges across Starfield’s many star systems. Seek them out diligently and use them wisely once acquired.

FAQ – September 5, 2023

How many legendary armors are there?

There are over 10 different legendary armor sets that have been revealed so far, with the likelihood of more added through Starfield expansions and updates in the future.

What is the best legendary armor?

The Champion Armor is likely the single most powerful legendary armor set in Starfield, providing boosts to all core stats simultaneously.

Can you lose legendary armor permanently?

Legendary armors can be destroyed in combat, but the game offers replacement insurance policies to recover lost legendary gear. However, any applied upgrades will still be lost.

Are there legendary power armors?

Yes, legendary power armors are said to exist that combine high-tech enhancements with heavy protection. The outer space location Ash Twin supposedly hides a legendary power armor set.

How expensive is legendary armor to buy?

Expect to pay exorbitant prices upwards of 10+ million credits to purchase legendary armor from the ultra-rare vendors that stock them in the late game.


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