Starfield Legendary Ships and How to Get Them Early

Starfield legendary ships are rare and unique vessels offer improved stats and capabilities that can greatly aid your journey through the Settled Systems. But how do you go about finding these elusive legendary ships in Starfield? Here we will cover everything you need to know about getting your hands on these special ships.

List of all Starfield Legendary Ships

Legendary ships in Starfield are extremely rare, unique spacecraft that offer significant improvements over standard ships in terms of stats, capabilities, and visual design. They represent the pinnacle of spaceship engineering in the Starfield universe.

There are currently 5 known legendary ships in Starfield:

  • The Pilgrim – A versatile ship balanced for exploration and combat. It has a spacious interior and large cargo hold.
  • The Explorer – Optimized for long-range exploration with extended hyperdrive range and powerful scanners.
  • The Mantis – A swift and deadly fighter craft built for speed and firepower. Excels at hit-and-run attacks.
  • The Constellation – A luxury yacht design focused on aesthetics and amenities for the discerning traveler.
  • The Stronghold – The toughest and most resilient ship in the game, with maxed out defenses. A formidable floating fortress.

Owning one of these ships provides a major edge to players, making legendary ships highly coveted finds. But you’ll have to put in some work to actually get your hands on one.

How to Find Legendary Ships in Starfield

Legendary ships are challenging to find and definitely won’t just fall into your lap. Here are some of the main methods for locating and acquiring these rare beauties in Starfield:

Complete Specific Quests

Certain major questlines and faction missions given out in Starfield will reward players with a legendary ship upon completion.

For example, finishing the main story campaign for the Crimson Fleet faction grants you access to purchase The Pilgrim ship.

Likewise, investigating the mysterious demise of a Mantis clan unlocks The Mantis upon quest completion. Pay attention to quest descriptions for hints about legendary ship rewards.

Exploring Uncharted Systems

Venturing into uncharted star systems increases your chances of encounters with derelict legendary ships just waiting to be claimed.

Use long-range scanners when exploring unmapped sectors to try and detect promising derelict ships. Research navigation charts that may point the way to lost legendary vessels.

Salvaging Ancient Ruins

Scouring excavation sites and ancient alien ruins scattered throughout Starfield can uncover damaged but salvageable legendary ships from ages past.

Invest skill points into archaeology and salvage abilities to maximize your rewards. The Constellation ship is said to originate from ancient ruins.

Defeating Rogue Captains

Defeating the various pirate factions and rogue captains prowling Starfield’s spacelanes may reward you with their personal legendary ships as loot.

For example, the dreaded marauder Raksasha flies a unique Mantis hunting craft that can become yours if you manage to take him down.

Purchasing from Special Vendors

An extremely expensive but more reliable method is to seek out special faction vendors that offer legendary ships for direct purchase.

However, the asking price for these ships is astronomically high, usually in the tens of millions of credits. Have a full wallet before pursuing this acquisition route.

Crafting your Own

If you really want to customize your legendary ship, invest in the engineering and crafting skills to build your own from scratch.

This requires tracking down rare materials and blueprint schematics across multiple star systems. But the payoff is a legendary vessel tailored to your exact specifications.


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Tips for Finding Legendary Ships

  • Focus firepower on engines, thrusters or FTL drives when battling larger ships to increase chances of crippling versus destroying them. This allows you to salvage them after the fight.
  • When exploring, always investigate distress calls and anomalies you detect for opportunities to recover damaged legendary ships.
  • Prioritize skills like Engineering, Science, Archaeology, Persuasion/Intimidation to help locate and acquire legendary ships via crafting, excavation, negotiation or combat.
  • Check dockyards regularly for rare inventory ships from vendors. Save up credits to purchase when available.
  • Complete as many faction questlines as possible to unlock opportunities to acquire special legendary ships.

Upgrading and Customizing Legendary Ships

Once you finally acquire that coveted legendary ship, the fun has just begun. You now have an extremely capable and versatile vessel begging for upgrades and customization. Here are some recommendations:

Install Hyperdrive/FTL Boosters

Increase your ship’s hyperspace range by installing enhanced Jump Drive boosters. This improves intra-system and inter-system travel capabilities for faster exploration.

Augment Shields and Defenses

Bolster shield strength, add shield batteries, attach armor plating and point defense systems to improve survivability in combat.

Add Weapon Hardpoints

Outfit your legendary ship with additional weapon hardpoints for increased firepower. Mix and match laser cannons, missile launchers, plasma drivers etc.

Engine/Thruster Upgrades

Boost speed and handling by upgrading thrusters and engine components. Advanced engines allow for faster travel and evasion.

Internal Amenities

Customize the interior with expanded living quarters, entertainment centers, medical bays, labs, cargo holds, and other modules to suit your needs.

Specialized Scanners

Equip amplified scanners such as long-range LADAR, spatial disturbance sensors, and gravitational anomaly detectors to boost exploration capabilities.

Custom Paint Jobs

Put your personal touch on your legendary ship’s appearance with custom paint schemes, decals and hull panel designs available at shipyards.

Becoming a Legend with Legendary Ships

Acquiring and flying one of Starfield’s legendary ships serves as a badge of honor and elevates your status in the Settled Systems. Other factions will recognize and respect you when they detect a legendary vessel. Use your newfound reputation and elite ship capabilities to leave your mark across the cosmos!

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. How you employ your legendary ship is up to you. Will you be a benevolent explorer, seeking new life and new civilizations? An opportunistic merchant prince leveraging new trade routes? Or a fearsome pirate lord dominating the spacelanes?

The possibilities are endless – now get out there and shoot for the stars!

FAQ – September 5, 2023

How many legendary ships are there in Starfield?

There are 5 legendary ships that have been revealed so far in Starfield: The Pilgrim, The Explorer, The Mantis, The Constellation, and The Stronghold. More may be added in future expansions and content updates.

What is the rarest legendary ship in Starfield?

The Constellation is likely the rarest legendary ship in Starfield currently. It originates from ancient alien ruins and thus only a handful are said to exist.

How much do legendary ships cost if purchased?

Legendary ships will cost tens of millions of credits if buying outright from special faction vendors who stock them. So expect prices in the range of 20-50+ million credits per ship.

Can you lose or permanently destroy a legendary ship?

Legendary ships can be destroyed in combat, but the game will provide a replacement ship insurance policy to allow retrieving another copy without permanent loss. However, any customized upgrades will need to be re-applied.

Do legendary ships have better handling and speed?

Yes, legendary ships boast improved flight performance and handling compared to standard ships. Their upgraded thrusters and engines provide noticeably increased speed and maneuverability.


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