How to Steal Fortuna (Marcos Ship) in Starfield

When traversing the cosmic expanses in Starfield, players encounter a variety of ships, environments, and characters. Yet, there’s something uniquely captivating about the Starfield Fortuna Ship. Featured in the “On The Run” mission as part of the Freestar Collective’s storyline, this ship has generated much buzz and speculation.

How to Steal the Fortuna Ship in Starfield?

Among players, one common query revolves around ship ownership. Specifically, can you nab the Fortuna for yourself? Unveiling the truth, it turns out you can’t.

Unlike other spacecraft in Starfield that allow you to take command, the Fortuna remains an elusive target. Access to its cockpit stays restricted, leaving players outside, only able to admire but not touch.

What Makes the Fortuna Ship Different from Other Starfield Vessels?

Unlike many ships in the game that follow a customizable ship-building logic, Fortuna marches to the beat of its own drum. It lacks interactive features, making it a unique specimen in the world of Starfield. No crafting, no tweaking, no commandeering—Fortuna stands in a league of its own.

Why Is the Fortuna Part of the “On The Run” Mission?

Plot-wise, Fortuna appears in the “On The Run” mission tied to the Freestar Collective. Players stumble upon this mysterious vessel while navigating challenges and plot twists.

Its non-interactive nature creates intrigue but also questions. Why include such a ship if players can’t interact with it? The answers lie in the game developers’ intentions, adding layers to the narrative and contributing to the game’s overall ambiance.

How Does Fortuna Ship Impact Gameplay?

While you can’t control the Fortuna, its mere presence adds depth to Starfield’s storytelling. Players feel its mystique during the mission, making it more than just another spaceship. Its role may be static, but it’s far from insignificant.

Are There Any Plans to Make the Fortuna Ship Interactive?

While the Starfield game creators have not publicly commented on making the Fortuna interactive, the fandom remains hopeful.

Engaging with a vessel like Fortuna could add a new gameplay dimension. Players would love to peek inside, take the helm, and perhaps go on quests that currently don’t exist.

What Are the Alternatives to the Fortuna Ship?

In Starfield, various other ships follow a ship-building logic that allows for customization and interaction.

These alternatives offer players a chance to explore, build, and venture into the unknown. If you’re itching for control, these spacecraft will certainly scratch that itch.

Conclusion – September 17, 2023

As a centerpiece in a mission but an enigma in gameplay, the Starfield Fortuna Ship remains one of the game’s most talked-about features. While you can’t claim it as your own or tinker with its mechanics, its impact on the game’s narrative and player curiosity cannot be understated.


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