Starfield: Can You Have Multiple Characters

Starfield has been a topic of intense discussion among gamers. One question that keeps popping up is, “Can you have multiple characters in Starfield?” This article aims to answer that burning question by diving deep into the mechanics of the game and how it handles multiple characters.

How to Create Multiple Characters in Starfield

Creating a new character in Starfield is straightforward. When you’re at the main menu, you can click on “New Game” to start a new playthrough. This action won’t erase your progress from a previous campaign, as saves from separate playthroughs are kept separate.

Can you have multiple characters in Starfield
Can you have multiple characters in Starfield

Managing Your Saves

After creating a new character, you can switch between your playthroughs freely. The main menu features a “Load Game” option, which comes in two variants:

  1. Show a specific character’s saves: Choose the name you gave them in the character creator. This displays all the saves made during this playthrough.
  2. Show all saves: This displays all saves chronologically. You’ll need to read their descriptions to determine which save belongs to which character.

Table: How to Manage Saves in Starfield

Action Steps
Create New Character Main Menu > New Game
Load Specific Character Main Menu > Load Game > Choose Character Name
Load Any Character Main Menu > Load Game > Show All Saves


How to Utilize Multiple Characters in New Game Plus

  1. Fresh Start: Use a new character to experience the game from a different perspective.
  2. Continuation: Stick with your original character but face tougher challenges and enemies.

Table: New Game Plus Options

Option Description
Fresh Start New character, new experiences
Continuation Original character, increased difficulty

FAQs – September 25, 2023

Why Can’t I See My Other Characters in the Load Menu?

If you’re having trouble finding your other characters in the load menu, make sure you’re looking in the right place. The “Load Game” option in the main menu should give you the choice to either show a specific character’s saves or all saves chronologically.

How Do I Switch Between Characters?

Switching between characters is as simple as going to the main menu and selecting “Load Game.” From there, you can choose the specific character’s saves or opt to see all saves and pick the one you want.

Is There a Limit to How Many Characters I Can Create?

As of now, there’s no official information on a limit to the number of characters you can create in Starfield. This means you’re likely free to create as many as you’d like to explore the game’s vast universe.

Can I Transfer Items Between My Characters?

Currently, there’s no feature that allows for the direct transfer of items between different characters in Starfield.

What Happens to My Achievements and Rewards?

Achievements and rewards are generally tied to your game account and not to individual characters. This means that you can earn achievements with one character and still have them displayed on your account when playing with another.

Having multiple characters in Starfield isn’t just about replayability; it’s about experiencing the game in entirely new ways. You can focus on different skill sets, align with various factions, and make contrasting moral choices. Each character becomes a new lens through which to explore the Starfield universe, making the game infinitely more engaging.


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