Bigfoot Update 4.0 Patch Notes (Official) – August 26, 2021

    Bigfoot game update 4.0 (August 26, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Bigfoot 4.0 patch notes, the latest update added a new map, new characters, a new game mode, and much more. Apart from this, Bigfoot patch 4.0 today also includes extended inventory, radial menu, achievements, and more.

    Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements and changes.

    Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Today’s Bigfoot game patch 4 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


    • Blood near the dead players
    • Stamina indicator
    • Hints and control information on the pause menu
    • When a Bigfoot is inside a closed building, he, having no energy, can break the door
    • Player list on the pause menu
    • Fast trap reaction for Bigfoot
    • Predators now attack Bigfoot


    • Melee weapons did not detonate explosives when thrown
    • The number of cameras when selected was not displayed by the indicator
    • When the character was crouching in the water, it was possible to fall under the ground
    • Incorrect animation of the bigfoot first-person item throw
    • Found corpses were not displayed on the map
    • Bigfoot location indicator was not showing on the minimap
    • Incorrect Bigfoot attack on building windows


    • Increased Bigfoot trailer hits radius
    • Increased hunter stamina
    • Decreased Remington 870 Scatter
    • Removed Remington 700 / Flare Gun / AWM Scatter
    • Crouch is now on Ctrl by default
    • Increased flare signal distance from 1200 to 2000
    • Increased the flare signal duration from 10 seconds to 12 seconds

    Bigfoot Hotfix 4 Patch Notes (August 19, 2021)


    • Added more first aid kits
    • Clients can now see game difficulty settings in the lobby


    • Stamina for hunters


    • It was impossible to change key binding
    • Sometimes loot became non-interactive
    • Bigfoot movement bugs in some situations
    • Too many damage indicators could appear
    • Sometimes the widget for healing in knockdown did not appear
    • Parkour through the wall
    • Delayed voice chat sound

    Bigfoot Hotfix 3 Patch Notes (August 15, 2021)


    • Players kicked from the lobby with no reason.
    • Dead tourists mobile phone chat messages rendering.
    • Trailer location opening by bigfoot.
    • Weapon indicator text rendering.
    • Unbreakable hunting tower.
    • Character rendering in a cutscene.
    • Bigfoot HP bar rendering in spectator.
    • Bigfoot movement bugs.
    • Bigfoot map open error
    • Places where characters can stuck
    • Delayed voice chat sound
    • Bigfoot ability interaction bugs in small rooms
    • Wrong current players data in the lobby list
    • Wrong material rendering


    • Bigfoot info screen.
    • Multiple tablet spawner. Now the number of tablets equals the number of players.
    • Ragdoll from bigfoot window hit.
    • Breakout quick time event for bigfoot trap.
    • Now the password is hidden by default. (Streamers will be happy).
    • Now passwords and lobby names are limited to 20 characters.


    • Decreased fall damage for bigfoot and hunters.
    • Bigfoot howl cooldown changed from 90 sec to 45 sec. And duration from 30 sec to 10 sec.
    • Bigfoot startup max power changed from 90 to 75

    Bigfoot Hotfix 2 Patch Notes – August 10, 2021


    • Inability to find friend lobby by name
    • Wrong friends in the friend invitation list
    • Infinite flare usage
    • Mouse X and Y inversion
    • Bigfoot stuck on cars
    • Walking underwater
    • Wrong spectator HUD rendering
    • Damaging hunters in a trailer for no reason
    • Falling under the map while using night vision and tablet
    • Uninteractable traps after loading


    • Pause in single player
    • Bigfoot ability to destroy trailer door
    • Bigfoot now only replenishes strength if it does not take damage
    • Increased voice chat volume and distance
    • Random bigfoot spawn points
    • High-quality shot sounds
    • New 3d models


    • Day-Night cycle duration increased from 14 min to 16 min

    Bigfoot Update 4.0 Hotfix 1

    Many players faced the situation that they could not find the friends’ lobby in the list, today’s patch added the ability to invite friends directly to the lobby using the steam invite system.

    Bigfoot Patch Notes (August 6, 2021)

    • Added a game mode against Bigfoot under player control;
    • Added Redwood map;
    • Redesigned interface;
    • Added notes, magazines, and other items with which you can study the history of tourists who disappeared in the preserves;
    • Added game difficulty settings;
    • Refactoring of the entire code has been done;
    • Improved game stability;
    • Added extended inventory;
    • Added radial menu;
    • Added achievements;
    • Added player profile, level, and statistics;
    • Added a safes system and notes with passwords from them. Safes store powerful weapons such as the M4 and AWM;
    • Added voice proximity chat.


    • Reworked part of 3d models and added new ones;
    • Added random effects (lightning returned);
    • Improved graphics and quality of weather effects;
    • Added volumetric clouds;
    • Added a physically correct atmosphere.


    • Redesigned model;
    • Reworked all animations. Most of it was done with Motion Capture;
    • Redesigned AI;
    • Improved combat system;
    • Added the ability to throw melee weapons;
    • Added a system of skills and perks.
    • Howl – allows you to spot hunters and animals at a great distance;
    • Trap – allows you to set a hanging trap next to trees;
    • Savage hits – Bigfoot inflicts many quick hits on the victim;
    • Ram run – Bigfoot runs up and rams everyone in the way;
    • Furious throw – Bigfoot takes and pushes the victim into the ground;
    • Rage – Bigfoot gets furious and spends a few seconds much less energy to fight;
    • Fatality – effectively finishing off hunters on death.
    Passive abilities:
    • Night damage resist – allows Bigfoot to receive reduced damage from any type of weapon at night;
    • Bigfoot can smell food nearby.

    • Added new characters with high-quality models;
    • Reworked all animations. Most of it was done with Motion Capture;
    • Added a parkour system through small obstacles such as fences and windows;
    • Added the ability to throw melee weapons;
    • Added the ability to climb over obstacles.

    • Added explosive objects: gas bottle, canister, dynamite, car battery;
    • Added new firearms and animations to them: M4, Remington 700, Remington 870, Glock 17, AWM;
    • Bullets now have ballistic physics;
    • Added a stun gun to the drone.

    Download free Bigfoot patch 4.0 on PC.

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