Starfield Porrima 3 Planet Guide: Location, Survey & Bug

Porrima 3, also known as Porrima III-a, is a planet in the Porrima star system in the upcoming space RPG, Starfield. Located in the Settled Systems region, Porrima 3 is a rock-type planet with a cold climate.

Porrima 3 Details

Porrima 3 has a gravity strength of 2.01G, making it around twice as strong as Earth’s gravity. The planet has a thin M atmosphere and an average magnetosphere.

Starfield Porrima 3 location
Starfield Porrima 3 location

Some key details on Porrima 3:

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 2.01G
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Atmosphere: Thin M
  • Magnetosphere: Average

Resources on Porrima 3

Porrima 3 has several resources that can be found on its surface, including:

  • Red Mile
  • Water (H2O)
  • Helium-3 (He-3)
  • Aluminum (Al)
  • Chlorine (Cl)

The Red Mile is of particular interest, as it is the site of a major race event in Starfield.

Starfield Red Mile Race Location

The Red Mile is a race track located on the surface of Porrima 3. It is one of the most popular race events in Starfield. Players will need to locate the Red Mile landing site on Porrima 3 to participate.

Landing Issues on Porrima 3

Some players have reported issues with landing on Porrima 3. Apparently the planet map and landing prompts do not always appear when approaching Porrima 3. This suggests potential bugs with the landing sequences that may need to be patched.

Surveying Porrima 3: What to Expect

Flora and Fauna

As of now, investigations are still underway to identify the types of flora and fauna that inhabit Porrima 3. This makes it an exciting destination for players who love to explore and discover new species.

Resources You’ll Find

Porrima 3 is rich in specific resources such as Aluminum, Europium, and Helium-3. These materials can be crucial for various in-game activities, including crafting and trading.

Points of Interest

The moon has several points of interest, some of which are randomized per playthrough. However, unique and named locations remain constant, providing a blend of familiarity and surprise.

Tips for a 100% Survey Score

For those aiming for a complete survey of the planet, keep an eye out for unknown locations while using your scanner. If you don’t spot any, you might need to venture further into the planet or find a new landing spot.

Location and How to Get There

Porrima 3 is the third planet in the Porrima star system. To reach it, you’ll need to use your grav drive and warp to the system following the indicated path. Once you arrive, you’ll find yourself in a realm that’s as mysterious as it is inviting


Porrima 3 will be an important planet to explore in Starfield, with unique resources and races available on its surface. However, some players have experienced problems with landing on the planet that will hopefully be resolved before launch.

FAQ – September 19, 2023

What type of planet is Porrima 3?

Porrima 3 is a rock-type planet located in the Settled Systems region of Starfield.

What is the gravity strength on Porrima 3?

Porrima 3 has a high gravity strength of 2.01G, around twice as strong as Earth’s gravity.

What resources can be found on Porrima 3?

Some key resources on Porrima 3 are Red Mile, Water, Helium-3, Aluminum, and Chlorine.

What are Porrima 3 bugs?

Some players have reported problems with landing sequences and the planet map not appearing correctly when approaching Porrima 3.

What is the Red Mile on Porrima 3?

The Red Mile is a popular race track located on the surface of Porrima 3. Players can participate by finding the Red Mile landing site.


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