Starfield: Landing Bay Needs to be Connected to Cockpit Fix

When building a ship in Starfield’s ship builder, you may encounter an error saying that the landing bay is not connected to the cockpit. This prevents your ship from being able to take off, so it’s an important issue to resolve. Here are some tips on how to fix this pesky error and get your ship spaceworthy.

How to Fix Landing Bay Needs to be Connected to Cockpit in Starfield

Fix 1: Make Sure the Landing Bay and Cockpit are Connected by a Hab

The key to connecting these two sections of your ship is to use a hab. A hab is a walkable hallway or corridor that you can add to your ship to link different areas. The hab needs to fully span the gap between the landing bay and cockpit in order for them to be considered connected.

When in ship builder mode, you can add a hab by clicking the “Add” button when hovering over a blue circle. Make sure the hab you add is long enough and faces the correct direction. The platform that extends to the ground should face towards the cockpit.

  1. Install your Landing Bay in the middle of your ship’s underbelly.
  2. From here, you need to attach a Hab in the space between your Landing Bay and the Cockpit.
  3. The Hab must be long enough to fully connect the Landing Bay to the Cockpit.
  4. You can install a Hab by clicking on the “Add” button when you’re hovering over a blue circle on your ship while in “Ship Builder” mode.
How to Fix Landing Bay Needs to be Connected to Cockpit in Starfield
How to Fix Landing Bay Needs to be Connected to Cockpit in Starfield

Fix 2: Verify Hab Facing Direction

Sometimes the landing bay not connecting error occurs because the hab is facing the wrong way. Try rotating or flipping the landing bay module and then check if the error still appears. The orientation of the landing bay can impact the hab connection.

Fix 3: Post on Forums for Help

If you still can’t resolve the error after verifying the hab connection, consider posting on the Starfield forums or Discord server. The Starfield community is very active and helpful. Often times, other players can spot issues with your ship build that you may have overlooked.

Fix 4: Check Ship Builder Zones

Ship zones are marked by blue lines when building. Your landing bay and cockpit need to be in the same zone for the hab connection to work properly. Move your modules around so they fall within one zone.

Fix 5: Ensure Mods are Compatible

Mods that add new ship builder parts can sometimes cause connectivity issues. Check that any mods you have installed are fully compatible with the latest game version. Outdated mods are a common source of landing bay errors.

Conclusion – September 15, 2023

With some careful adjustment and verification of your hab connections, you should be able to get your landing bay linked up and be clear for takeoff. The Starfield community can also help troubleshoot any lingering issues. Let us know if the landing bay is prepared for launch!


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