Starfield Iron and Aluminum Planet (Outpost) Locations

Exploration for the Iron and Aluminum planet location in Starfield isn’t just an adventurer’s hobby, it’s a vital task for any spacefarer. Whether you’re building outposts or crafting high-tech gear, these two elements prove indispensable. Numerous celestial bodies offer these resources, so which ones should you focus on? Let’s dive in.

How Do You Locate Androphon in the Narion System?

Your first destination worth considering? Androphon, a moon orbiting the planet Sumati in the Narion System.

This moon’s got what you’re looking for: iron and aluminum resources. Now, you might wonder how to actually get there. Simply set your star map to the Narion System, and Androphon should pop right up.

Starfield Planet for Iron and Aluminum
Starfield Planet for Iron and Aluminum

Mercury in the Sol System: Is It a Viable Option?

Next up, Mercury—a planet many might overlook. Not only does this celestial body in the Sol system offer aluminum resources, but it also comes rich in helium-3.

While the latter proves invaluable for outpost construction, don’t underestimate the importance of iron and aluminum.

What’s Special About Location 6 Resource Outpost?

If you prefer not to stick to the beaten path, Location 6 Resource Outpost might pique your interest.

Nestled in an unknown system, this outpost flaunts a wide array of elements. We’re talking water, helium-3, aluminum, beryllium, iron, and alkanes. Sounds like a smorgasbord, right?

Starfield Iron and Aluminum outpost
Starfield Iron and Aluminum outpost

How Do You Set Up an Outpost in the Narian System?

Setting course to the Narian System comes as a must for any iron and aluminum aficionado. Starting from Jemison on the star map, you’ll find it’s a Level 5 system, offering a balanced challenge.

  1. Navigate to the Narian System: Make sure you’re flying a ship suited for the jump.
  2. Set Your Course: Lock in your coordinates and proceed with the jump.

What Resources Does Sandrafon Moon Offer?

Located in the Narian System, Sandrafon moon orbits around the planet Samati. On Sandrafon, you’ll find more than just stardust; you can get your hands on helium-3, aluminum, and iron resources.

How Do You Optimize Your Outpost on Sandrafon?

  1. Land on Sandrafon: Choose your landing target carefully.
  2. Establish Your Outpost: Aim for areas where iron and aluminum overlap.
  3. Terrain and Placement: These factors make or break your resource collection efforts.

What Does the Ideal Landscape for Resources Look Like?

Finding that sweet spot with a variety of terrain types can prove tricky yet rewarding. Essentially, you’d want an area resembling a rocky terrain with aluminum on one side and iron on the other.

Employing your surface map can give you a leg up in selecting prime Iron and Aluminum Planet Location in Starfield.

Where Can I Learn More About These Resources?

For those hungry for more information, there’s a plethora of guides and research papers. Here’s one that delves deeper into planetary resources. Another guide offers insights into setting up outposts efficiently.

There you have it! Your ultimate resource guide for Iron and Aluminum Planet Location in Starfield. Now, set your star map, prep your ship, and venture into the cosmos for those coveted resources.


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