Starfield Inter System Cargo Link Guide

Navigating the vast universe of Starfield is no small feat, especially when it comes to managing resources across multiple planets. That’s where the Starfield Inter System Cargo Link comes into play. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and manage these crucial links effectively.

What is the Starfield Inter System Cargo Link?

The Inter System Cargo Link is a specialized tool in Starfield that allows players to move resources between their outposts on different planets. It’s a game-changer for those who want to automate resource management and focus on exploration and other gameplay elements.

How to Set Up the Cargo Link in Starfield

Step 1: Establishing the Base Link

  1. Place an Inter System Cargo Link on your primary planet (let’s call it Planet A).
  2. Connect the HE3 extractor to the fuel tank on the cargo link.

Step 2: Linking to Another Planet

  1. Build another Inter System Cargo Link on a secondary planet (Planet B).
  2. Link Planet A’s cargo link to Planet B’s cargo link.

Step 3: Managing Resources

  1. Build resource extractors (like iron extractors) on Planet A.
  2. Connect these extractors to the outgoing box of the cargo link on Planet A.

Step 4: Automation

Now, you have a fully automated system for transferring resources from Planet A to Planet B. Helium-3 from another source ensures the cargo links have a constant supply, making the process hands-off.

Fuel Consumption: How Much is Enough?

Each trip consumes about 5 units of Helium-3 per direction, making it 10 HE-3 for a round trip. It’s essential to keep this in mind when planning your resource management.

Fueling the Cargo Link: The Role of Helium-3

Why Helium-3?

Helium-3 (HE3) is the primary fuel source for Inter System Cargo Links. Without it, your cargo links are essentially useless. So, how do you ensure a constant supply?

Fueling the Cargo Link Helium-3
Fueling the Cargo Link Helium-3

Sourcing Helium-3

If you’re lucky enough to have a planet with Helium-3, you can set up an HE3 extractor. Connect this extractor to the fuel tank on your cargo link, and you’re good to go. But what if your planet doesn’t have Helium-3?

Importing Helium-3

In cases where Helium-3 is not available, you can have it shipped from another planet. Once it arrives, deposit it in a gas container and connect that container to your cargo link.

Tips and Insights

Optimal Resource Management

Find systems that have most of the resources you need and connect them with the cargo links. This way, you centralize resource management and make your life easier.

Limitations and Constraints

Be aware that the Inter System Cargo Link doesn’t have onboard storage for Helium-3. It has to pull it from external containers.


Mastering the Inter System Cargo Link in Starfield can significantly streamline your gameplay, allowing you to focus on exploration and other exciting aspects of the game. With this guide, you’re now equipped to set up and manage these links like a pro.


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