Starfield Hidden Chests Guide: Locations and Rewards

Starfield Hidden chests contain a variety of rewards including credits, weapons, armor, consumables, blueprints, and rare items. The chests are concealed across the game’s many planets and locations. Some are easy to find while others require thorough searching or completion of certain quests and objectives. The rewards scale based on planet/location difficulty and character level.

Finding hidden chests takes patience and dedication but brings excellent benefits. The weapons, armor, and items within can greatly empower your character compared to standard unlocked gear.

Hidden chests also contain rare crafting components and blueprints to craft unique equipment. For those seeking every advantage in their spacefaring journeys, locating hidden chests is a must.

This guide will provide detailed maps and instructions for finding hidden chests on key Starfield planets and locations. It will also outline the types of rewards you can expect to find within.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be geared up for success across the Settled Systems.

How to Find Hidden Chests in Starfield

Finding hidden chests takes effort but some general tactics will help uncover their locations:

  • Explore thoroughly – Check buildings top to bottom, mine tunnels end to end, forests tree by tree. Leave no stone unturned in your search.
  • Inspect environment objects – Hidden chests are often concealed behind rocks, foliage, under stairs or bridges, etc.
  • Complete side quests – Some NPC side quests lead to hidden chests upon completion.
  • Invest skill points in Scavenger skills – Skills like Scavenger’s Intuition highlight chests and points of interest.
  • Acquire scavenger tools – Items like signal detectors can help uncover chests and other hidden goodies.

With clever searching and the right skills/gear, you’ll be uncovering hidden chests in no time. It also helps to focus efforts on high-reward planets detailed later in this guide.

Starfield Hidden Chest Locations and Rewards

Here are some of the most lucrative hidden chest locations across key Starfield planets and settlements:

Akila City, Akila

This capital city offers profitable hidden chest opportunities.

  • Behind Shepard’s Shop – Mud puddle behind the store contains a submerged chest with armor/weapon mods.
  • Spaceport Back Alley – Check under building next to the spaceport for a chest with credits and crafting components.

The Crimson Fleet, Barbican System

This asteroid base hideout houses a secret bounty.

  • Main Asteroid Hollow – Check inside the hollowed-out asteroid base for a hidden room with a smuggler’s chest containing rare weapons.

The Emerald Abyss, Alpha Centauri

This neon metropolis on Proteus IV hides loot in its depths.

  • Subway Tunnels – Check abandoned train cars for a hidden chest with hackable weapon/armor.
  • Underwater Lab – Find a sunken lab in the Abyss’ depths for a chest with alien artifacts.

Rheticus Yard, The Settled Systems

This rocky scrapyard world holds mechanical spoils.

  • Derelict Hangar – Search inside a derelict starship hangar for a hidden cargo crate with ship mods/upgrades.
  • Mine Tunnels – Follow mine tunnels to a secret underground chest containing rare crafting materials.

New Atlantis, Alpha Centauri

This vibrant capital city provides tech-filled chests.

  • Museum of Technology – Check the museum basement for a hidden chest with tech ability blueprints.
  • Mag-rail Underpass – Search inside a maintenance room off the underpass for a chest with engineering components.

Rare Hidden Starfield Chest Rewards – September 15, 2023

While rewards vary, here are some of the rarest and most powerful hidden chest finds in Starfield:

  • Weapons – Unique weapons like The Incinerator plasma rifle or Hive shock pistol.
  • Armor – Rare suits like Nautilus environment armor or Crimson Fleet commander uniform.
  • Ability Blueprints – Unlock powerful abilities like Zero-G Leap or Remote Hack.
  • Ship/Vehicle Upgrades – Rare mods like Overcharged Pulse Engine or All-terrain Treads.
  • Crafting Materials – Hard-to-find components like Terbium or Gravitum used for unique gear.

With the chest locations and rewards outlined in this guide, you have the knowledge needed to uncover Starfield’s most lucrative hidden treasures. Seek them out across the Settled Systems’ many worlds for major boosts to your character’s power and wealth. Just be ready for intense competition from other explorers! Hidden chest hunting is sure to become a favorite pastime across the star systems thanks to the major advantages they offer.


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