Starfield Gravitational Anomaly Guide: Locations & Tricks

The Starfield gravitational anomaly is a perplexing puzzle that players need to solve as part of the main quest “Into the Unknown”. Players who want to progress in Starfield’s main story need to uncover the source of strange distortions on planet Procyon III using their trusty scanner.

How to Find the Gravitational Anomaly in Starfield

After landing on Procyon III, players need to equip their scanner and look around for distortions. The scanner will start to glow when it detects anomalies, guiding players toward the source.

Follow the distortions on the scanner carefully, as they can sometimes be difficult to spot. The anomalies create a visible ripple effect in the air, so keep an eye out for any visual disturbances.

Eventually, the distortions will lead to a large, ancient temple with a huge zero-gravity field inside. Floating rocks and other debris surround the structure. This is the location of the Starfield gravitational anomaly.

How to Solve the Zero-Gravity Puzzle in Starfield

Upon entering the weathered temple, players will immediately notice everything floating as if in space. The entire interior has zero gravity, creating an unusual puzzle to solve.

The goal is to fly through a series of floating rings in order to power up an artifact in the center. Players must carefully navigate through the rings while floating weightlessly.

Here are the steps to solve the zero-gravity puzzle:

  1. Enter the temple and jump up toward the first ring.
  2. Use jetpack boosts and momentum to pass through each floating ring.
  3. Avoid hitting any debris, as this will knock you off course.
  4. Pass through all rings until the artifact in the center lights up.

Mastering movement in zero-gravity takes practice. Use small jetpack bursts to maneuver and take it slow to avoid crashing.

If you miss any rings, just try again. The rings respawn after a few seconds. Keep adjusting your trajectory until you fly through each ring successfully.

How to unlock the Anti-Gravity Field in Starfield

After fully powering up the artifact by passing through all of the floating rings, players will unlock an exotic new ability – the Anti-Gravity Field.

This generates a low-gravity sphere around the player. Any enemies caught inside the sphere will float helplessly in the air.

The Anti-Gravity Field can turn the tide of battle by rendering foes vulnerable. Use it strategically to gain an advantage when overwhelmed by enemies.

Sprinting while using the Anti-Grav Field will also boost the player up into the air, allowing you to leap across gaps or reach higher vantage points.

The Anti-Gravity Field is extremely useful both in combat and for exploration. After completing this quest, it will provide a key edge against Starfield’s many threats.

Tips and Notes – September 15, 2023

  • The scanner is required to locate the distortions and investigate the anomaly. Make sure it is equipped.
  • Quicksave frequently when attempting the floating ring puzzle, in case you need to retry it.
  • Use jetpack boosts sparingly to conserve fuel while floating through rings.
  • When entering the temple, look around the interior before starting the puzzle. Plan your route.
  • The Anti-Gravity Field consumes psi-points when used, but unlocks unlimited low-gravity fun!

Mastering Starfield gravitational anomaly and unlocking the Anti-Gravity Field will prepare players for the mysteries that await throughout the stars. This new ability opens up combat, traversal, and puzzle-solving techniques needed to excel as an adventurer. Just be sure to respect the power of gravity, especially when entering zero-g environments!


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