Starfield Derelict Atlas Guide: Quest, Location, & Loots

In the Starfield Derelict Atlas mission, players must search for a derelict ship to find the artifact Atlas, lost somewhere in the game. The Derelict Atlas is a location in the Sol system in Starfield. Moreover, it contains the Atlas artifact where players can find various loots. This article discusses the Derelict Atlas in Starfield and how to find it.

How to Find Derelict Atlas in StarField?

To find the Derelict Atlas in Starfield, you have two choices:

Observe the Atlas’s distress signal in the Sol system.

You have two choices:

  1. First is to visit the space station in orbit around Earth to look for the signal.
  2. The second is to scan the system with your ship’s sensors.

Randomly come onto the Atlas in different star systems.

Despite having a warp drive that enables it to travel across star systems, the Atlas is unpredictable and unstable. Moreover, you might occasionally notice the Atlas in a star system you are researching or get radio transmissions from it.

Therefore, you can just approach the Atlas and dock your spacecraft there to begin the task.

In either choice, after entering the Atlas, you must search its interior for hints of its past and its riches.

Additionally, you’ll have to cope with risks like radiation, aggressive robots, and traps. The quest will be complete once you locate the warp drive and decide on it.


According to a note found on a dead crew member, the loot is hidden and will never be found. However, players can still find valuable items and weapons throughout the ship.

Conclusion – September 16, 2023

The Derelict Atlas is an interesting mission in Starfield that players can enjoy. This guide provides tips on how to find it and complete it successfully. The guide includes information on how to find Derelict Atlas in StarField and additional tips for completing this mission.


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