Elden Ring Bugs, Known Issues, Glitches, and Fixes

Elden Ring is now available to download on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox. Unfortunately, since the release, Elden Ring players are experiencing crashes, error codes, lag, and more. Today, we have compiled a list of Elden Ring known issues, bugs, and glitches. These issues will be addressed in the upcoming updates.

Read full details below.

Official List of All Elden Ring Glitches, known issues and bugs (Updating..)

We recommend that you check for and install any available updates. Also, check PC requirements for the game.

Game preload issues

Players are facing various errors while downloading the game. The game devs are working on it.

Elden Ring crashes on startup or Unable to Launch

Players are reporting that Elden Ring fails to start or crashes on startup. The game devs are aware of these issues and a fix will roll out soon.

Workaround: Restarting the Steam client might fix this issue.

Elden Ring anti-cheat launch error

There are multiple reports of anti-cheat errors in Elden Ring where the game fails to launch after the error. Players are getting error code 30005 or 300007. A fix will roll out soon.

Workaround: Play offline and error will not occur.

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White Screen Issue in Elden Ring

Players are reporting blank or white screen issues with the game.

Elden Ring invisible enemies

Players are reporting invisible enemies in Elden Ring. The game devs are aware of this issue and a fix will roll out soon.

Elden Ring Shuttering and FPS drop bug

Players are reporting Elden Ring shuttering issues including those with high-end graphics cards and consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S).

Workaround: On Xbox, use VRR to fix the shuttering and fps drop issues. On PlayStation 5, run the PS4 Pro version.

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PS4 and Xbox Controller issue in Elden Ring

Some players are experiencing controller issues in the game. A fix will roll out soon to fix this issue.

Workaround: Read how to fix the Elden Ring Controller issue.

Elden Ring connection issues.

Players are reporting various network connection-related issues. The game devs are looking into these issues.

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Elden Ring “Failed to initialize game launcher” Error

Some players are experiencing a “Failed to initialize game launcher” error in Elden Ring.

Workaround: Try restarting the Steam client or verify the integrity of the game files.

Elder Ring 60 FPS Limit

Currently, the game is capped at 60 FPS on the PC. A fix update will unlock the fps in Elden Ring.

No Ultrawide monitor support in Elder Ring

The game currently does not support ultrawide Support (21:9, 32:9, etc.).

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