Xdefiant Update 1.000.008 Patch Notes for PS5, PC & Xbox

Xdefiant update 1.000.008 is now available to download on PS5, PC and Xbox. According to the official Xdefiant 1.08 patch notes, the latest update resolve issues related netcode, audio, social features, and localization. Additionally, Xdefiant version 1.000.008 also includes gameplay performance improvements. Players will also get double XP on weapons for a limited time.

Recently, a Xdefiant day one patch was released with various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players have been experiencing network connection and server issues. Today’s Xdefiant patch 1.000.008 will fix a few of these issues.

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Xdefiant Update 1.000.008 Patch Notes – May 24, 2024

Xdefiant version 1.000.008
Xdefiant version 1.000.008

Game Modes

  • Practice Zone Spawn Issue: Addressed a bug where occasionally, players entering the Practice Zone would spawn outside the map, in a hellscape. This has been resolved, and players should now spawn correctly.


  • Device Deployment Fix: Fixed an issue where, if the player died during the device deployment animation, their next device would drop at their feet instead of being thrown as intended. Devices should now deploy properly even if the player dies during the animation.


  • Hitmarker and Health Bar Fix: Fixed an issue where you’d get hitmarkers on an enemy as they killed you, but their health bar still appeared full. This was a display error – you did damage them. This issue should now be corrected.


  • Arabic Text Orientation: Addressed a bug where the end-of-match UI text would display with incorrect orientation in Arabic. Arabic text should now display properly.


  • Practice Zone Reactivation: The Practice Zone is back on, but there may still be some odd occurrences.
  • AMD GPU Framerate Issue: Fixed a problem causing low framerates with some AMD GPUs. Performance should now be better for affected GPUs.

Download the free Xdefiant version 1.000.008 on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X.

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