Terraria Update 1.29 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox – Sep 28, 2022

A new Terraria update 1.29 is rolling out on PS4 and Xbox. According to the official Terraria 1.29 patch notes, the latest added new changes and quality of life improvements to the game. Apart from this, today’s Terraria patch 1.29 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added quality of life changes and bug fixes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing issues while playing the game. Today’s Terraria version 1.29 will fix a few of these issues.

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Terraria Console Update 1.44 Patch Notes – September 28, 2022

Addressed a bug where the spawn icon would clip outside of the minimap
– Addressed a bug that prevented players from dragging a split stack to a different inventory slot on Keyboard & Mouse
– Addressed a bug where the Duplication and Crafting pages would continue scrolling even when cursor wasn’t hovering over them
– Addressed a bug where the letters in chat messages would appear spaced out when a different color tag would apply to each letter
– Addressed a bug where hovering over the Equipment page icon while holding a dye wouldn’t switch to the Equipment menu
– Addressed a bug where the ninja trapped inside King Slime would sometimes appear in front of King Slime, rather than behind
– Addressed a bug where the Weather Radio would display the wrong wind direction
– Addressed a bug where dye wouldn’t apply correctly to the Prismatic Wings
– Addressed a bug that was causing the Celestial Pillars to blink on and off
– Addressed a bug where tapping on an inventory item would switch to a different item instead, while on Auto Select mode
– Addressed a bug where the item tooltips would persist after closing and reopening the inventory
– Addressed a bug that prevented players from navigating through the pause menu on controller while a NPC dialogue was open
– Addressed a bug where the hair selection menu did not navigate properly while using controller
– Addressed a bug where hair slots would get selected when trying to scroll the hair selection menu on Touch
– Addressed a bug where the Nintendo Switch profanity filter was applying on Crafting/Duplication Search
– Addressed a bug where the the edges of the screen, within the safe region, were not clickable on iPad
– Addressed a bug where the controller’s modifier triggers would perform their action if the player let go of them to quickly
– Fixed a lighting issue where completely dark squares would appear in the gap between solid blocks and a body of water
– Addressed a bug where the accessory stats would not change their position when hiding the minimap
– Addressed a bug where the player would continue attacking when interacting with items such as chests when on Touch
– Addressed a bug where opening the Interface Layout menu on the title screen would load the last visited world if the Player menu was on its own page group
– Fixed the issue where player could stand in the air when walking over specific arrangement of hammered blocks
– Addressed a bug on controller that would cause the player to be taken to the wrong UI spots in the Player/World selection screen
– Addressed a bug that would cause the game to temporarily freeze when entering certain symbols in the chat window
– Addressed a bug where a Sign’s speech bubble icon would overlap the text popup
– Fixed a clickthrough issue where the Touch virtual controls would take priority over the wiring popup
– Addressed a bug where the Drill Containment Unit’s sound effects would cut off, especially while digging dirt
– Addressed a bug where the Credits would display a virtual “Back” button in addition to the controller callout when using a controller
– Addressed a bug where the minimap would move from its frame when the player was at certain altitudes
– Addressed a bug where the animation of spears used by other players would not sync correctly on multiplayer
– Addressed a bug where underground ore would create bright flashes when it was slightly offscreen

Download free Terraria update 1.29 on PC(Steam).

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