Terraria Update 1.4.4 Patch Notes (Labor of Love) – Sep 28, 2022

A new Terraria update 1.4.4 is now available to download on PC. This update is also available on Xbox One. According to the official Terraria 1.4.4 patch notes, the latest Labor of Love update brings new changes, balancing changes and various tweaks. Apart from this, today’s Terraria patch 1.4.4 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added quality of life changes and bug fixes. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing issues while playing the game. Today’s Terraria version 1.4.4 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Terraria 1.4.4 Patch Notes – September 28, 2022



Slimes are widely considered to be non-sentient beings: mindless blobs of gel that aimlessly bounce about throughout the world of Terraria. Recently however, Terrarian Slimeologists have discovered what appears to be a new evolution in slime kind… some sort of big, blobby, smart slimes. Well, smart by slime standards at least.

The denizens of Terraria have dubbed these new creatures “Town Slimes”, for their penchant to attempt to dress up and try to fit in with Terrarian society. Thus far, the discovered variants include:

Cool Slime– The backwards hat is a clear giveaway that this is one hip slime indeed

Clumsy Slime– No one is quite sure how that arrow got stuck in his head, but he seems to like it…

Surly Slime– This guy has a bad attitude and keeps running afoul of the law

Nerdy Slime– Clearly smarter than all other slimes, as evidenced by the glasses

Elder Slime– Back in his day, you had to jump over single block tall heights and you had to dig up blocks before replacing them

Diva Slime– Yes, even slimes have celebrities… and yes she is better than you

Mystic Slime– this slime is in touch with the natural energies that flow throughout Terraria

Squire Slime– Ready to defend the kingdom from all threats, wielding the most powerful weapon known to slimekind


You used to call me on the Cellphone, but now that Labor of Love is here, all the cool kids are using the Shellphone! This handy device allows you to choose the destination of the magic mirror function – Initial Spawn, Home (Bed), Ocean, or Underworld!


What Terraria update would be complete without some fancy new decorations and blocks to spruce up your bases, arenas, and more.


On top of providing all new blocks and furniture for our builder friends, the team has added two new Terraria building tools that we think will really help you take your Terraria creations to the next level!


New Coatings provide players with all new ways to design cool base/town effects and even more diabolical adventure maps!




The Melee “Class” has always had a bit of a reputation for being underwhelming and a bit of a struggle to use – particularly against very mobile foes. No, Zenith does not count – that is an endgame weapon that is devastating to use regardless of what “class” one wishes to place it.

Taking the dynamics of defense, damage done, mobility, etc. all into account, it was clear that the entire class needed a closer look to make the risk more worth the rewards when playing Melee. What all does this entail? We will not cover everything here, but this should give a good sense for our approach.

All broadsword-class melee weapons (this also includes pickaxes, axes, hammers, and hamaxes) now use local immunity frames on hit. Very notably, this means that projectile swords will no longer block their own piercing projectiles from hitting a target at point blank range. It will also result in more consistent hitting when mixing multiple sources of damage (Piercing minions and swords, for example)

Knockback when spinning flails has been increased from 25% to 35% of normal knockback
Spinning flails now hit up to 4 times a second instead of 3 times a second. Flails which already hit 4 times a second have been increased to 5 times a second.

Many Melee Weapons have seen numerical improvements in raw damage, use time, reach, etc. Coupled with the global changes that impact how projectiles and “direct” hits coexist (eg. no longer conflicting with each other), this results in a substantial increase in DPS and utility for previously underwhelming Melee Weapons.

Even with the changes listed above, some Melee Weapons felt like they needed a more significant reworking – visually, functionally, or both.


We have given several bosses a once-over during Labor of Love, so you will want to check out the full changelog for all of the juicy details. You don’t want to be caught unawares, after all! That being said, we did want to highlight two bosses that have perhaps seen the most changes. As a result, we expect that players will find them to be a bit more challenging!

New Special Seeds and Updates to Special Seeds
– Added the “Remix” World Seed, where the player spawns in the Underworld and makes their way up. Worldgen is heavily overhauled, and enemy spawns and item drops are changed
– Added the “No Traps” World Seed, for those players who just totally hate dying to traps during their Terraria adventures.
– Added the “Everything” World Seed, a combination of all of the major seed features from every other special seed.

For the Worthy Updates
– Numerous changes and threats have made their way to the FTW seed, to demand even more worthiness from players
– Classic difficulty FTW worlds automatically behave as Expert. Expert FTW worlds are automatically Master.
– Should now be possible to 100% complete the Bestiary

Not the Bees Updates
– Spider Caves now generate in Not The Bees worldgen
– All fish should be catchable now
– Should now be possible to 100% complete the Bestiary

Don’t Starve Seed Updates
– Don’t Starve Darkness damage increased from 50 to 250, and the time before being hurt decreased from 8 to 4 seconds
– Eating regular mushrooms will reset hunger back to full duration Peckish if you are Peckish, Hungry, or Starving

Celebration Seed Updates
– A number of changes have been made to Celebration worlds to make them even more fancy and festive!

New Items and Content
– Added 8 Slime Town Pets! Collect em all!
– Added over 300 new items
– Added over 25 new blocks and walls
– Added over 55 new paintings
– Added a few new vanity accessories and items
– Added a new tree type
– Added 3 new furniture sets
– Added Crimson and Corrupt Mud Grass. Corruption and Crimson no longer dry out Jungle Grass into dirt when corrupting it, but instead simply spread to the grass portion.
– Added Rubblemaker
– Added Shellphone
– Added Hand of Creation
– Added Echo Coating and changed Illuminant Paint to be Illuminant Coating. Coatings function exactly like paint, except they can be stacked with any other paint and each other.
– Added Lilith’s Necklace
– Added Poo
– Added Terraformer
– Added a Biome Sight Potion
– Added Jungle Birds
– Added Flymeal, bane of Townsfolk everywhere
– Added a few more pre-Hardmode weapons
– Added Bottomless Honey Bucket and Honey Absorbent Sponge
– Added Fart Kart
– Added Resplendent Dessert
– Re-implemented Pixel Boxes to be sold by the Mechanic, which have been updated to have improved functionality for pixel displays.
– Re-implemented the deprecated Mini Star Cell Banner. It drops and buffs its respective enemy. Regular Star Cell banner no longer gives a buff against Mini Cells.

UI and Menu QoL Changes
– Added Equipment Loadouts. Changed F1-F3 keys to be the default bindings for Loadout Swapping, and F4 was changed to be the keybind for Camera mode.
– You can now place any accessory in social slots again. Social slot eligibility tooltip removed.
– Increased the max stack size of nearly all stackable items to 9999.
– You can now stack Guide Voodoo Dolls! But . . . with great stacking comes great responsibility. Throwing a stack of more than one into lava may have unwanted consequences.
– Void Bag now can be opened/closed with right click. A closed Void Bag will no longer pick up overflow items, and functions more like a Money Trough. An open Void Bag still picks up overflow items, and gains a number of new features, including:
– Using Quick Buff, Food, and Potions from its Storage. This includes Mana Flower Mana Potions. Wormhole Potions will also work automatically from within it.
– Allow crafting directly from Void Bag Contents
– Favoriting items inside of it
– Quick Stack to Nearby Chests from its contents
– Keys within it can be used to unlock chests
– Info accessories, Wire vision accessories, and Mechanical ruler all work from within it
– Void Bag will now also collect overflow items when looting chests
– Bestiary now shows kill count for that enemy
– Bestiary now shows stats based on the current gameplay session (based on things like difficulty, seed, etc)
– Added an accessibility option which will allow all weapons to be autofired
– Painter now has two shops menus. Wares are split between them to prevent his wares from being locked out of purchase due to too many items being in one shop.
– You can now link Angler quest fish in the player chat box
– All Quest Fish items now have tooltips saying where to catch them (useful for sharing in chat message)
– Paintbrushes, Fishing Rods, and Clentaminator now show the currently selected “ammo” by the cursor
– Clentaminator now works with Rifle/Sniper Scope functionality
– Angler Set, Fishing Accessories, and the Fishing Potion now all indicate how much Fishing Power increase they grant
– The +/- options to change Zoom now zoom twice as fast
– Updated some outdated loading and Guide text about things such as Lucky Horseshoe and Meteorites
– When in Journey mode, mousing over items in the crafting menu will show how many are needed to Research. This also applies to Guide and Tinkerer UI slots.
– Some info accessory tabs are grayed out when inactive or display N/A, and will light back up when active again. Gold Critters will appear in gold on the Lifeform Analyzer.
– Changed the Quest info for Pengfish and Pixiefish to be more consistent with similar fish
– Quick Stack to Nearby Chests now has a visual effect, showing the items which are being quick stacked moving towards the chests they go into
– Added flavor text and info text for Portal Gun
– Equipping any of the Monoliths in accessory slots will create a player-side shader effect in the same way that Radio Thing does
– Playing musical instruments now shows the note on the cursor
– Significantly increasing the range of quick stack to nearby chests
– Pumpkin and Frost Moon will now display the total score when the event is over.
– Flower Accessory’s social display visual now draws over helmets/face accessories, to allow combining. Additionally, Jungle Rose has been changed from a Head Vanity to a Vanity Accessory.
– Worlds in the World Menu where Moon Lord have been defeated now have a special border around their icon
– Added an option to show health/mana display numbers on Health/Mana UI settings
– Added an option to display numbers on boss health bars
– When a Sandstorm is active, the Weather Radio info accessory will display it, alternating between it and the standard weather display
– Character creation now defaults to Classic mode instead of Journey mode
– Summoning tooltips now say they deal “Summon” damage instead of “Minion” damage
– The game now tracks deaths, and they can be viewed with the /death and /pvpdeath commands. Additionally includes the /alldeath and /allpvpdeath for server-wide numbers.
– Made some consistency improvements to tooltip text displaying Up/Down messages
– Capricorn Legs/Tail now instant-transform into each other, and maintain favorite status, rather than simply spawning a new item in a different inventory location
– Shift-clicking items to the research slot automatically researches the item.
– When randomizing a character, more hairstyles are available to be rolled
– When randomizing a character, the game will pick female characters more often than before (which previously was actually quite uncommon)
– Most of the Stylist haircuts are now available when creating your character
– Added an option to disable quick trash in the main menu
– When using Journey mode’s reach booster, it also increases item pickup range
– Encumbering Stone can be right clicked from the inventory or hotbar to make it Uncumbering, allowing more controllable use of its pickup blocking function
– Your equipped pet can now be seen on the player selection menu with your character
– Journey sliders now have interactible buttons which allow you to snap to specific points

Content Changes and Feature Expansions
– Added new achievements
– Added new Death Messages
– Added several new title texts
– Added many new words to the random world name list
– Added new sounds to several weapons and enemies
– Ropes and Minecart tracks can now intersect, allowing you to use a rope and a minecart in the same spot without having to break one
– Similarly, Ropes and Platforms can also now intersect.
– The player no longer collides with platforms when on a rope pulley, to allow for ropes which go through platforms
– You can now exchange your Town pet by using another Pet License (They can now be purchased infinitely from the Zoologist)
– Smashing altars no longer generates random blocks of infection in the world
– Traveling Merchant now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory in Hardmode. This slot can only contain items from the 4 less common item pools, with the most common items being excluded.
– Traveling Merchant now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory at all times. This slot will ALWAYS contain a painting. Paintings have been removed from all of his other inventory slots, which will slightly increase the odds of obtaining the rest of his wares.
– Angler no longer drops furniture items as part of his regular drop pool. Instead, he now has a chance to give a bonus Furniture drop when completing quests. The odds of getting a bonus furniture drop increase as your Quests completed increases.
– Right clicking the Eternia Crystal Stand during the cooldown between OOA waves will allow you to skip the delay and immediately start the next wave. The Eternia Crystal stand and the first wave completed message also indicate this fact.
– Upon defeating all 3 mechs for the first time, the game will now attempt to immediately spawn a Plantera Bulb in the Jungle
– Glowing Mushroom grass and trees now glow different colors when painted
– Critter Cages can now be stacked and stood on like platforms
– Increased the minimum size of Underground Deserts from 50% of the maximum size to 75% of the maximum. The maximum size has not increased.
– The player can now have double the number of active buffs/debuffs (44 total) before they start overriding each other
– Torch God’s Blessing can now convert Campfires as well
– You can now block swap torches and campfires
– Players can now blockswap ropes out for platforms or minecart tracks if there is already a platform/minecart track to the side of the rope
– All Lockable Chests can now be re-locked using Chest Locks
– The Extractinator can now be used to turn fishing trash into low level bait
– When getting a hole in one in golf, it now says so instead of saying 1 stroke
– Slime Rain can now only begin from 6 AM to Noon, but the odds of it happening are now 4x as high. This will result in the same number of Slime Rains overall, but they simply start in the morning.
– Most critters which spawn from tiles or trees now have a brief delay before they can be killed (the same as how Worms from tiles are protected)
– When hitting trees, the tree will now always show a visual puff of leaves, even if nothing is dropped, to indicate that a successful tree hit has been performed
– Banners, Hanging Bottles, and Lanterns can now be placed on unhammered platforms and all other platform hammer configurations
– Reverting a previous change that altered how Frozen Slime Blocks merged with regular Slime Blocks and other blocks. They are now intentionally inconsistent with regular Slime Blocks for building purposes.
– Crystal Shards can now grow on Pearlsand, Hardened Pearlsand, and Pearlsandstone
– Rainbow Bricks now use an improved map color gradient
– Abigail’s Flower now breaks in one hit when mined and makes a grassy sound when doing so
– Zenith’s swing SFX now plays more often to more appropriately match its swing speed
– Rod of Discord’s item sprite is now bright and generates some light, making it easier to see if it drops
– Resprited several of the core progression swords to be bigger and more up to date
– Starfury’s star has been given a visual overhaul
– You can now fish while partially submerged in water, as long as the player’s arms are above the bobber. This includes fishing in an Inner Tube!
– Cracked Dungeon Bricks can now be broken by projectiles
– Added recipes for all 9 safe versions of Dungeon Walls
– Added recipes for all of the Dungeon worldgen platforms
– Added a recipe for Magic Mirror
– Heavily optimized recipe checking code. This should result in dramatically reduced/eliminated FPS drops when large numbers of recipes are calculated on the fly (such as when opening a chest that contains large numbers of crafting materials when near crafting stations)
– Balla Hat and Gangsta Hat are now sold during day and night respectively, instead of 24/7
– Ocean water is now slightly more transparent and easier to see in
– The Nurse can now comment on how often you have been dying in her random dialogue
– Some Boss Masks can now be combined with Beard Accessories
– Increased movement speed of Hardcore Ghosts
– Teleporters no longer produce flickering light passively

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the spawn icon would clip outside of the minimap
– Fixed an issue that prevented players from dragging a split stack to a different inventory slot on Keyboard & Mouse
– Fixed an issue where the Duplication and Crafting pages would continue scrolling even when cursor wasn’t hovering over them
– Fixed an issue where the letters in chat messages would appear spaced out when a different color tag would apply to each letter
– Fixed an issue where hovering over the Equipment page icon while holding a dye wouldn’t switch to the Equipment menu
– Fixed an issue where the ninja trapped inside King Slime would sometimes appear in front of King Slime, rather than behind
– Fixed an issue where the Weather Radio would display the wrong wind direction
– Fixed an issue where dye wouldn’t apply correctly to the Prismatic Wings
– Fixed an issue that was causing the Celestial Pillars to blink on and off
– Fixed an issue where tapping on an inventory item would switch to a different item instead, while on Auto Select mode
– Fixed an issue where the item tooltips would persist after closing and reopening the inventory
– Fixed an issue that prevented players from navigating through the pause menu on controller while a NPC dialogue was open
– Fixed an issue where the hair selection menu did not navigate properly while using controller
– Fixed an issue where hair slots would get selected when trying to scroll the hair selection menu on Touch
– Fixed an issue where the Nintendo Switch profanity filter was applying on Crafting/Duplication Search
– Fixed an issue where the the edges of the screen, within the safe region, were not clickable on iPad
– Fixed an issue where the controller’s modifier triggers would perform their action if the player let go of them to quickly
– Fixed a lighting issue where completely dark squares would appear in the gap between solid blocks and a body of water
– Fixed an issue where the accessory stats would not change their position when hiding the minimap
– Fixed an issue where the player would continue attacking when interacting with items such as chests when on Touch
– Fixed an issue where opening the Interface Layout menu on the title screen would load the last visited world if the Player menu was on its own page group
– Fixed the issue where player could stand in the air when walking over specific arrangement of hammered blocks
– Fixed an issue on controller that would cause the player to be taken to the wrong UI spots in the Player/World selection screen
– Fixed an issue that would cause the game to temporarily freeze when entering certain symbols in the chat window
– Fixed an issue where a Sign’s speech bubble icon would overlap the text popup
– Fixed a clickthrough issue where the Touch virtual controls would take priority over the wiring popup
– Fixed an issue where the Drill Containment Unit’s sound effects would cut off, especially while digging dirt
– Fixed an issue where the Credits would display a virtual “Back” button in addition to the controller callout when using a controller
– Fixed an issue where the minimap would move from its frame when the player was at certain altitudes
– Fixed an issue where the animation of spears used by other players would not sync correctly on multiplayer
– Fixed an issue where underground ore would create bright flashes when it was slightly offscreen

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