Terraria Update Version 1.19 Patch Notes

    Terraria version 1.19 is now available for PS4 players. According to the official Terraria update 1.19 patch notes, the new update added a handful of new furniture items, a couple of really cool developer armor sets, and the long-anticipated UI size slider. Apart from this, Terraria update 1.19 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, an update was released with quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Terraria version 1.19 update is expected to fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Terraria update 1.19 Patch Notes


    • Added Leinfors’ and Arkhayla’s developer armor sets​
    • Added Crystal Furniture​
    • Added several items to fully flesh out various Furniture sets​
    • Added several more platform types​
    • Added Golden Chest and Trapped Golden Chest variant​


    • Improved visuals of many different things​
    • Added “James” as a name that could be given to the Clothier NPC as a nod to the famous Terraria Youtuber, ChippyGaming (James)​
    • New error messages for invalid housing​
    • NPCs who are manually assigned to a room will have their successor attempt to move in when the original is killed​
    • Dungeons in newly generated worlds now contain new furniture​
    • Added most of the main menu’s settings to the in-game settings menu​
    • Added UI Size Slider to the Settings Menu (results shown in sample images below)​


    • Title crashes when 4th split-screen is invoked
    • Title crashes for host on client joining the session
    • Trapped Crystal Chest has wrong “hover over” image
    • Title crashes upon adding split screen after modifying the zoom level
    • All “Hover Over” text has blue background boxes
    • Mini map is still present in-game and is graphically corrupt after disabling the map settings from main-menu
    • Order of Recipes for 1.3.5 items in Crafting Guide is not accurate
    • Graphical lines are displayed under the dropped copper coin
    • Tavernkeep npc quotes for selecting Eternia Crystal fails to appear in the order
    • Damage count is not displayed for the secondary player in the split screen session
    • Actuator design in the preview is inappropriate
    • Unable to trigger the second ability of certain staffs in build mode
    • Title crashes while exploring the bottom of the world using any wiring items
    • Informational stats are getting overlapped on Minimap after exiting a split-screen player from the session
    • Defender’s forge closes instantly when interacted from below.
    • Trapped chests preview is displayed as normal chests in NPC shop inventory
    • Clothes art gets corrupted on re-entering the session after re-launch and changing the armor when strange dye is applied
    • FPS drop is observed while increasing or decreasing the UI scale while in-game
    • Title crashes on exiting any session
    • UI elements doesn’t fit into the screen when the UI scale is set to its max percentage.
    • Zoom slider does not update dynamically
    • Grand Design will not lay wires or actuators over sloped blocks
    • Title crashes on signing out the profile and selecting the character immediately on character selection screen
    • ‘The old one’s army has been defeated’ text is not localized in respective FIGS languages for client
    • Old Ones Army Event music cuts in and out when too many sound effects are playing at once
    • User is able to access the radial hot bar while in ghost
    • Guide Crafting slot is misaligned on interacting with guide NPC
    • World gets corrupted after signing out the profile being in a multiplayer session
    • Items description text overlaps on the crafting recipes preview screen in Splitscreen
    • User is unable to mute other players except himself via player list
    • Added fixes for audio-related issues.
    • Performance and stability improvements added.
    • Other minor under the hood fixes.

    Terraria update 1.19 is now available for download.

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