NMS Update 3.99 Patch Notes (NMS 3.99) for August 15, 2022

    NMS update 3.99 is now avaialble to download on PS4, PS5(3.098.000), PC, and Xbox One. According to the official NMS 3.99 patch notes, the latest update contains a plethora of changes and fixes. Apart from this, NMS version 3.99 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a major free Endurance update 3.94 added varied freighter base buildings, including exterior platforms and catwalks, enhanced nebulae and deep space storms; fleets of organic frigates; and so much more. Recently, a hotfix was also released.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. NMS patch 3.99 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

    NMS 3.99 Patch Notes (3.099.000) – August 15, 2022

    Bug fixes

    • A glass version of the freighter stairs is now available to research and construct.
    • Fixed a number of issues with freighter customisation that caused areas of paint to be too small or to be incorrectly labelled as primary/secondary/tertiary.
    • Freighter surface details (such as numbers and decals) are now recoloured when changing paint options on the freighter customisation screen.
    • Addressed a bug that could cause the orb of the freighter Trade Room to become detached and drift across the freighter.

    Players can now place internal walls freely around their freighter, including within automatically generated doorways.

    • The freighter industrial expansion room now has a unique floor.
    • Older style freighter industrial expansion rooms have been added as variant parts.
    • Freighter storage containers now display their number designation as part of their hologram.
    • Addressed a bug that hid certain storage containers from the build menu if they were not built in that particular base.
    • Freighter storage containers that have already been built within the current base are now greyed out in the parts menu.
    • Addressed a bug that prevented other base parts from being placed upon Shelf Panels.
    • Addressed a bug that could cause other people’s freighter base parts to be placed within your own freighter base during an expedition.

    Addressed a bug that could cause players to fall through their freighter when saving the game at extreme distances from the centre of the solar system.

    • Addressed a bug in how remaining battery life was calculated for power grids.
    • Addressed a bug that caused fleet coordination bonuses for fuel use to be inverted.
    • Addressed a bug that could cause organic frigates to occasionally roll stats with a 0 strength.
    • Addressed a bug that allowed duplicate organic frigates to spawn once the player has collected that system’s unique frigate.
    • Fixed a number of visual issues and glitches with the corridors connecting the freighter hangar to the bridge.
    • Improved the appearance of landing lights in the freighter hangar.
    • Fixed a number of minor visual glitches with freighter technology rooms.
    • Fixed a visual glitch that could occur when warping in the freighter.
    • Fixed a number of visual issues with decorative items that glowed too intensely.
    • Fixed a lighting glitch that affected freighter interiors.
    • Addressed a bug that could cause Nada to use the wrong dialog during the Artemis path.
    • Addressed a bug that could prevent progress in Sentinel Pillar Nexus missions if players dropped out.
    • Addressed a bug that could allow players to get stuck in the freighter bridge teleporter if they were jetpacking on entry.
    • Addressed a bug that could prevent players from claiming expedition reward frigates on other saves.
    • Addressed a bug that could cause a progression blocker in the Taste of Metal mission (and others) during an expedition.

    Addressed a bug that could prevent players from claiming the reward for the first Polestar Log milestone if they had already maxed out their ship inventory.

    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Infestation Nexus missions to direct players to an inappropriate planet.
    • Addressed a bug that prevented the expedition from correctly ending after completing all objectives early.
    • Addressed a bug that could prevent mission progress during Sentinel Pillar Nexus missions.
    • Fixed a number of instances where players were unable to reset missions involving blocked mission destinations (such as recharging a portal).
    • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent players from acquiring the Dream Aerial in very specific circumstances.
    • Some base parts that were previously restricted as underwater only can now be built on land.
    • Addressed a bug that caused incorrect pricing data within the Quicksilver shop UI.
    • Fixed a number of network synchronisation issues with Sentinel combat.

    Addressed a bug that could cause sentinels to temporarily stop network synching when a player died.

    • Introduced a number of optimisations to freighter NPC pathfinding.
    • Fixed a number of memory-related crashes on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.
    • Fixed a rare case where players would not receive a Dream Aerial from fleet mission after a mission was totally destroyed, or after adjusting the system clock.
    • Added stability and performance improvements.
    • Other minor fixes.

    Download free NMS update 3.99 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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