GT7 1.17 Patch Notes (June Update) | 3 New Cars & New Track

GT7 update 1.17 (1.170) is rolling out on PS4 and PS5. According to the official GT7 patch notes, the latest June update added 3 new cars and the Watkins Glen International race track to the game. Apart from this, GT7 patch 1.17 also includes various bug fixes and changes.

Previously, a major update resolved issues related to car settings, world circuits, multiplayer and more. Unfortunately, since the last major patch, some players are experiencing a number of issues with the game.

Today’s GT7 version 1.17 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

GT7 Update 1.17 Patch Notes (1.170) – June 23, 2022

Three new cars, including a rare ‘Hot Rod’ and legendary monster cars, have been added.

Ford 1932 Ford Roadster

SUZUKI V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ’98

SUZUKI Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)

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The ‘Watkins Glen International’ race track

Total Length: 5,423m, Elevation Change: 41m, Number of corners: 11, Longest Straight: 560m

The ‘Watkins Glen International’ has been added as a new location. It will be possible to select from the ‘Watkins Glen Long Course’ and the ‘Watkins Glen Short Course’ layouts.

Situated approximately 260 miles northwest of New York City, the ‘Watkins Glen International’ is positioned almost in the center of the state of New York. It is a road track that has a long history, established in 1956 in a hilly area with lots of nature around it. The first half is a high speed section with mid to high speed corners, and the latter half is a technical layout with a succession of tight turns.

It has many ups and downs and its narrow width makes it a fantastic scene for some thrilling toe to toe battles on the track. One of the biggest highlights of this track is the section that goes from the back straight through the high speed chicane, which then connects to the banked right hand ‘Outer Loop’. The difference between the ‘Long Course’ and ‘Short Course’ is the ‘Boot’ section that is bypassed in the shorter layout.

Extra Menus have been added to the Café.

These Extra Menus offer new collection tasks based on a variety of themes, and will open to all players who reached the game ending and with a Collector Level of a certain level.

The following three extra menus are added with Update 1.17:

・’Collection: Toyota 86′ opens at Collector Level 20;
・’Collection: Honda Type R’ opens at Collector Level 20;
・’Collection: Rotary Engine’ opens at Collector Level 32.

Full GT7 June Update Patch Notes

Main Features Implemented

1. Cars
– The following three new cars have been added:
・1932 Ford Roadster ‘63 (Purchasable at ‘Legend Cars’ from 24 June);
・Suzuki V6 ESCUDO Pikes Peak Special ’98 (Purchasable at ‘Legend Cars’ from 24 June);
・Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3 Version)

2. Tracks
– The ‘Watkins Glen International’ race track has been added in two different layouts:
・Watkins Glen Long Course
・Watkins Glen Short Course

3. World Circuits
– ‘Circuit Experience’ has been added to the ‘Watkins Glen International’ track in the ‘Americas’ section.
– The following new events have been added to ‘World Circuits’:
・Watkins Glen International
– American FR Challenge 550
– American Clubman Cup 700
– World Touring Car 800

These new events will become available at Collector Level 17.

4. Scapes
– The ‘Watkins Glen International’ location has been added as a featured Curation in Scapes;
– A new spot has been added to the Scapes demo roll.

5. Café
– Added 41 sets of new conversations with the Characters appearing in the Café. These new conversations can be accessed by changing cars in ‘Garage’ and speaking with the Character that is in the Café;
– New ‘Extra Menus’ have been introduced: these menus provide opportunities to complete new car collections and are accessible after a certain Collector Level has been reached. In Update 1.17, the following three Extra Menus have been added:
・Extra Menu No. 1: ‘Collection: Toyota 86’
・Extra Menu No. 2: ‘Collection: Honda Type R’
・Extra Menu No. 3: ‘Collection: Rotary Engine’

The new Extra Menus will appear after clearing Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) and having watched the ending, with a player’s Collector Level of at least 20 for Extra Menu No. 1 and 2, and a Collector Level of at least 32 for Extra Menu No. 3.

6. GT Auto
– The following four new paint colours have been added:
・Ford Roadster Black
・Suzuki Escudo Pikespeak Red
・Suzuki VGT Gr3 Blue
・Suzuki VGT Gr3 Black

7. Options
– The ‘Horn’ command can now be assigned to a button in the controller configuration menu. ‘Horn’ is not available for race cars and certain other cars;
– ‘In-game Notifications’ settings for ‘Now Playing’ are now stored in the Save Data;
– A ‘Steering Controller Settings’ option has been added to the Controllers menu. This menu can be used to check connected steering wheel controllers and adjust related input values. Pedal sensitivity can also be adjusted from ‘Pedal Calibration.’

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. Multiplayer
– Event Settings can now be changed after a room has been created in ‘Lobby;’
– The ‘Variable Time Speed Rate’ value in ‘Time / Water Settings’ can now be changed from 10x to 30x.

2. Race
– Added a ‘Refuelling Speed’ option to ‘Race Settings’ in ‘Lobby’ and ‘Custom Races;’
– Added a ‘Load Ghost’ option to the ‘Ghost Settings’ menu from [Quick Menu] > [Settings];
– The correct road wetness will now be automatically applied if ‘Custom Weather’ is selected from ‘Time / Weather’ options in ‘Lobby’;
– Fixed an issue wherein the rewards at the end of a race would not match the adjusted values following a change in the Event Settings in ‘Race Settings’ from the Quick Menu;
– Changed the number of laps set for each course in [Arcade] > [Single Race] when in Offline Mode.

3. Sport
– Added Gold, Silver, and Bronze target times rewards to ‘Online Time Trial’. It is now possible to obtain those rewards by re-entering ‘Sport’ after an Online Time Trial ranking registration period has ended;
– The following game stats are now displayed at the top of the screen in ‘Sport’:
・No. of Top 5 Finishes
・No. of Gold Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Silver Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Bronze Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)

4. My Page
– The following items have been added to ‘Profile’ in ‘My Page’:
・No. of Top 5 Finishes
・No. of Gold Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Silver Record Finishes (Online Time Trial)
・No. of Bronze Record Finishes (Online Time Trial

– Fixed the calculation method for the following stats under the ‘Sport’ category in ‘Profile’ in ‘My Page’:
・Pole Positions

5. Physics Simulation Model
– Adjusted the speed of certain hybrid cars when they ran out of fuel.

6. Sound
– Fixed an issue with the Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II engine sound.

7. GT Auto
– Fixed an issue wherein a livery data error would occur when transferring liveries from ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ with the following cars:
・Toyota 86 GT ’15
・Toyota 86 GRMN ’16
・Honda Civic Type R (EK) ’98

8. Others
– Various other issues have been addressed.

Download free GT7 patch 1.17 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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