Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.20 Patch Notes (GT7 1.20)

Gran Turismo 7 update 1.20 (1.200) details are now available for PS4 and PS5 players. According to the official GT7 1.20 patch notes, the latest GT7 April update added four new vehicles, a new layout to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and Café Extra Menus. Apart from this, Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.20 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a major update added various new changes and features. Unfortunately, players are experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s GT7 update 1.20 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

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GT7 Update 1.20 Patch Notes (1.200)

Four New Added Cars!

McLaren MP4/4 ’88

A legendary F1 machine that marked the end of the Turbo era.

McLaren fought the 1988 F1 World Championships season in the MP4/4. This was a low height, low drag machine designed by Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols, powered by the Honda RA168E engine.

Pontiac GTO ‘The Judge’ ’69

This extreme sports package was introduced for later models of the GTO, the original muscle car.

The original Pontiac GTO debuted in 1964 to great success and is said to be the original road-going muscle car.

Porsche Cayman GT4 ’16

A motorsport focused Cayman with the power of the 911.

As 911 has always formed the backbone of Porsche’s sports car racing endeavours, racing focused 911 models have always been part of their catalogue line-up and available to the public. 2015 however, saw the arrival of an outlier.

De Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior)

An Italian sports car reimagined by a fashion giant.

As one of France’s foremost luxury houses, Dior has continually led the industry since its very beginning.

Three New Layouts Added to Circuit de Barcelona- Catalunya

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP Layout No Chicane
  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya National Layout
  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross Layout

Café – Extra Menus

These extra menus provide opportunities to create new car collections based on a variety of themes. Players who have reached the ending and have reached a certain Collector Level can access them and earn rewards. In Update 1.20, the following 2 extra Menu Books have been added. Further Menu Books are planned for future updates.

  • ‘Abarth’ Collection: Opens at Collector Level 27
  • ‘Gr.2 Racing Cars’ Collection: Opens at Collector Level 38

3. Tracks
– Three new layouts have been added to the ‘Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya’:
・Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP Layout No Chicane
・Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya National Layout
・Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross Layout

The maximum number of cars that can be on track at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross Layout is 16.

4. Café
– The following two Extra Menus have been added:
・Extra Menu No. 6: ‘Collection: Abarth’ (Collector Level 27 and above);
・Extra Menu No. 7 ‘Collection: Gr.2 Racing Cars’ (Collector Level 38 and above);

The new Menu Books and Extra Menus will appear after clearing Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) and having watched the ending.

5. World Circuits
– The following new events have been added to ‘World Circuits’:
・Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
– European Sunday Cup 500
– Porsche Cup
– World Touring Cars 600
– World Rally Challenge

The ‘European Sunday Cup 500’ and ‘Porsche Cup’ will become available upon unlocking the ‘Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya,’ while the ‘World Touring Cars 600’ and ‘World Rally Challenge’ will appear after clearing Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) and having watched the ending.

6. Scapes
– The ‘Canadian Rockies’ location has been added as a featured Curation in Scapes.

7. Brand Central
– A ‘GT AWARDS’ logo is now displayed on cars that won the GRAN TURISMO AWARDS SEMA (GT Awards). The logo will be displayed on the Garage top screen as well as in Brand Central.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. Physics Simulation Model
– Adjusted the suspension geometry;
– Adjusted the simulation for tyre heat generation and wear ratio. This adjustment makes it easier to see the remaining tread;
– Altered the simulation of the differential gear (with a Fully Customisable LSD). As a result, it’s now more effective when decelerating and provides a much smoother driving performance;
– Adjusted the Performance Points (PP) of some cars;
– Changed the conditions for mechanical damage occurring from a collision or contact if ‘Mechanical Damage’ is set to ‘Light’ or Heavy’ in the race settings.

2. Controllers
– Adjusted the performance of the wireless controller.

3. Sound
– Adjusted the sound effects so that it is easier to hear the difference in sound between Stage 1 to 3 of the ‘Weight Reduction’ modification.

4. Legend Cars
– Legend Cars (Hagerty Collection) prices have been revised based on real-life valuations from Gran Turismo partner, Hagerty.

Hagerty provides valuations and vehicle insurance for classic cars and has sponsored some historic car events in recent years.

New prices will be applied the next time a vehicle goes on sale. The next price revision is scheduled for November 2022.

5. Race Screen
– Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Weather Radar’ on the ‘Multi-Function Display’ would not function properly in event races with weather and time set.

6. Others
– Various other issues have been addressed.

Bug Fixes

  • Increase rewards in the events in the latter half of the World Circuits by approximately 100% on average.
  • Addition of high rewards for clearing the Circuit Experience in all Gold/All Bronze results.
  • Increase of rewards in Online Races.
  • Include a total of eight new one-hour Endurance Race events to Missions. These will also have higher reward settings.
  • Increase the upper limit of non-paid credits in player wallets from 20M Cr. to 100M Cr.
  • Increase the quantity of Used and Legend cars on offer at any given time.
  • Added various multiplayer fixes.
  • Other minor fixes.

Note: The full changelog will be available soon.

Download free GT7 patch 1.20 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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