First Class Trouble Update 1.08 Patch Notes (v1.3.5) – January 18, 2022

First Class Trouble update 1.08 (1.3.5) released on PC, PS4, and PS5(1.008.000). According to the official First Class Trouble game patch notes, the latest update added 2 more hair options(light blue and pink). Apart from this, today’s First Class Trouble version 1.08 also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a major update added a new matchmaking feature and removed Unreal Engines default highlight method for buttons.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s First Class Trouble patch 1.08 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in First Class Trouble January 18 Update today?


  • Reworked the Keycard Triangulator

    : The display now changes color to the closest key card and it no longer forces the player to walk while using it. Hopefully, it will feel like a better item to pick.

  • Added 2 more hair options – light blue and pink.


  • Removed all Christmas Decorations in preparation for the next event coming up very soon.
  • Added translations to the language restricted party messaging.
  • Scaled some input boxes to better ensure a fit for all languages.
  • Adjusted the LOD on the bottles on the bar in the main menu.
  • Adjusted the maps in the map voting menu so all maps appear more equally (everything has the same percentage chance).
  • Change to the equipped equipment so it is visible in your hand for the other players (except the overdose syringes, which is still not visible to other players).
  • Adjusted the colliders on the Ski Resort buildings so it is harder to walk around and glitch them.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a glitch that allowed players to skip skill checks all together.
  • Addressed the backdoor in the toilet on the restaurant not being able to be opened from the inside.
  • Addressed it so the Escape Pod no longer teleports the player and appears buggy.
  • Addressed an issue where if the player emoted in the elevator they were not able to vote for a map.
  • Addressed an issue where snowballs would hot the equipment a player was wearing and would not ragdoll them.
  • Addressed an issue where icicles dropping killed players on top of the bridge that was not in harm’s way.
    Removed a white cube in the Gardens museum.
  • Addressed the Vruumba in the main menu having 2 fans in it.
  • Addressed some spawn locations in the starting area where bottles would clip through the refrigerator.
  • Addressed an issue where jumping and grabbing a player would cause the player to move around in a “grapped” state.
  • Addressed that when you sabotage a door the override button on the inside is disabled until the door is closed to prevent people accidentally locking themselves in.
  • Addressed the death collider behind C.A.I.N. in the server room so you no longer can survive being pushed to your death.
  • Addressed some localization issues on the keybindings.
  • Addressed some localization issues on the quit to menu button.
  • Addressed some localization issues on the user ranking and total ranking tabs..
  • Addressed some localization issues on the filter options for the friends list.
  • Addressed that you could fall through the floor on the Resort.

Download free First Class Trouble update 1.08 for PS4, PC, and Xbox.

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