F1 23 Patch 1.16 Notes (Update Version 1.16)

F1 23 patch 1.16 details released for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox console players. According to the official F1 23 1.16 patch notes, the latest update resolves various gameplay and stability issues Apart from this, F1 23 update 1.16 also includes performance improvements.

Recently, a major F1 23 patch 1.06 added red flags, equal performance in Two Player Career, safety car and formation lap, FPS drops, collisions, crashes, finishing positions, Logitech wheel feedback, and garage collision. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several F1 23 issues with the game.

F1 23 is the latest installment in the popular racing game series. It features a number of new features, including a revised career mode, a new My Team mode, and a track guide for each circuit. The game also includes a new braking system and a revised handling model.

If you’re looking for the best settings for F1 23, then you’ll want to experiment with a few different options. The best F1 23 settings will vary depending on your driving style and the track you’re racing on. However, some general tips include:

  • Use a low steering sensitivity setting to make it easier to control the car.
  • Increase the brake bias to the front of the car to prevent the rear wheels from locking up.
  • Use a high downforce setting to improve stability in corners.

F1 23 1.16 Patch Notes

  • Reverted a change to the Barcelona circuit that, with certain setup changes enabled, was causing a collision on the Start/Finish line.
  • Balanced and corrected esports drivers statistics.

The following changes were added previously.

  • Addition of Daniel Ricciardo to Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
  • Removal of Nyck De Vries from Scuderia AlphaTauri and driver market*
  • Improvements to the performance of McLaren to accurately represent the F1® 2023 season
  • Addition of F1® Pro Challenge event type in F1® World
  • Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore Grand Prix) has been updated to the 2023 track layout
  • Based on player feedback, corner cutting has been set to ‘Strict’ in Ranked sessions
  • Fixed an issue where a post process effect was causing blurring at mid to long range distances
  • Fixed an issue where sponsor boards would be blacked out at Singapore
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to connect to F1® World after joining a Ranked session
  • Fixed an issue where Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation would not work with HDR enabled in Photo Mode
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain conditions, pixelation could be seen around the halo in cockpit view
  • Fixed an issue where AI drivers can occasionally appear as DNF and achieve a unrealistic fastest lap time despite completing the race
  • Fixed an issue where force feedback levels were too low on the Logitech Pro Wheel
  • Fixed an issue where the F1® logo was stretched in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where speed line artefacts could appear when looking backwards during races in ‘Very Wet’ weather conditions
  • Fixed an issue where custom setups were still allowed even if the ‘Preset Only’ option was selected in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where lap or sector times could be inconsistent between different screens and UDP data
  • Fixed an issue where RPM lights would only light up red instead of multicoloured on Fanatec DD2 wheels
  • Fixed an issue where cars could collide in certain conditions during broadcast formation lap
  • Fixed an issue where all drivers of the F1® World Car would have a black race suit if Equal Performance is enabled in Grand Prix
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where equal performance cars did not have equal tyre wear rates
  • Fixed an issue in Career where contract negotiations and driver retirements occur before the last race of the season
  • Fixed an issue where players experience loss of Force Feedback while playing with a Logitech wheel on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where players experience loss of auto save feature while playing with a Logitech wheel on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where Force Feedback can be lost after returning focus to the game on PC
  • Fixed an issue where AI drivers could slow down and match player speed during Qualifying Inlaps
  • Fixed an issue in the Community Grand Prix where participating in the event would lock assists for other game modes
  • Fixed an issue in My Team Career where sponsor decals could not be removed only replaced
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where FPS could drop any time someone disconnects from a race mid-session
  • Fixed an issue in F1 World where using a team member with the “lower cost to boost” perk can result in prices becoming much larger
  • Fixed an issue where Sponsor boards would be black at Singapore
  • Fixed an issue where in cockpit camera no pit limit speed or distance warning message would be present
  • Fixed an issue in Time Trial where any change to the “F1 Dial’ OSD element would not be saved
  • Fixed an issue where Gamertags were displayed incorrectly on screen
  • Updated news article in Chapter 10 of Braking Point
  • Fixed an issue where changing primary Engine Supplier at the start of a new My Team Career Season would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where, for some players, audio would drop out during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where some EA app players were unable to purchase consumables
  • Fixed an issue where game could crash when returning to a windowed game mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Tyre Set information was not correct in the UDP telemetry data
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

Addressed the following issues.

  • No pitlane limit or distance warning message when using the cockpit cam
  • Time Trial OSD customisation for ‘F1 Dial’ not saving
  • Contracts end before the final race of the season in My Team
  • Freeze when a player disconnects from an online session (PlayStation)

Download links for F1 23 patch 1.16 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox Series X/S will go live soon.

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