F1 23 Patch 1.12 Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox

F1 23 patch 1.12 patch notes details released for PS4, PC, and Xbox console players. According to the official F1 23 1.12 patch notes, the latest update addresses issues with red flags, equal performance in Two Player Career, safety car and formation lap, FPS drops, collisions, crashes, finishing positions, Logitech wheel feedback, and garage collision Apart from this, F1 23 version 1.12 also includes graphics mode FPS issues, goal errors, academy name correction, mirror settings, sponsor decals, grid stuck in Braking Point, and improves general stability

Recently, the racing game was released with positive reviews from players and critics. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several F1 23 issues with the game. F1 23 version 1.12 will address a few of these errors.

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F1 23 1.12 Patch Notes

  • Reverted back to the original Scuderia Ferrari teamwear and livery
  • Fixed an issue where Safety Car rules are now correctly applied upon return to racing conditions
  • Fixed an issue where Goals were not unlocking for some players in F1® World
  • Fixed an issue where Goals could become locked after exiting the Community Grand Prix mid-race
  • Fixed an issue where races in the F2™ season were in the incorrect order in Career mode(s)
  • Fixed an issue where clouds did not appear on PS5
  • Fixed an issue where primary sponsor ‘Lugna’ would appear in secondary sponsor list from Season 2 onwards in My Team
  • Fixed an issue where fog would disappear after changing the lighting quality settings on Grand Prix in F1® World
  • Fixed an issue where Season 2 Podium Pass item previews would not be displayed
  • Fixed an issue where track map for Zandvoort/Netherlands had DRS Zone 2 Detection & Activation points in the wrong places
  • Fixed an issue where brightness would not be correct with HDR10 enabled in Windowed mode
  • Fixed an issue where Force Feedback was not present on the HORI Racing Wheel
  • Fixed an issue where Nyck De Vries was invisible or helmetless after moving teams in Career modes
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes

The following changes were added previouly.

  • Resolved an issue in Two Player Career where equal performance was incorrectly used instead of realistic performance.
  • Fixed a problem where Safety Car and Formation Lap were disabled in 25% short race distances.
  • Addressed an issue that caused players to be removed from Multiplayer lobbies when interacting with certain system menus.
  • Fixed FPS drops experienced by some players during night races.
  • Corrected the collision behavior when the ‘Collisions off for first lap only’ setting was enabled, preventing cars from incorrectly colliding.
  • Resolved a crash issue that occurred when an additional career F2 save was active.
  • Fixed incorrect finishing positions after a Red Flag event.
  • Ensured Logitech wheels apply TrueForce feedback correctly on PlayStation and PC platforms.
  • Addressed a problem where cars would collide with a wall while exiting the 11th garage at Monaco, causing damage.
  • Fixed FPS issues on Xbox Series X when switching between ‘Performance’ and ‘Quality’ graphics modes.
  • Resolved an error message that occurred when an F1 World goal expired while a bonus goal was active.
  • Corrected the name of the driver academy to the ‘Alpine Driver Academy’ in Single Player Career (previously referred to as ‘Renault Driver Academy’).
  • Fixed an issue where the Virtual Rear View Mirror would still be visible when looking backwards, despite certain settings being enabled.
  • Ensured sponsors’ decals now appear on race suits and helmets in My Team mode.
  • Addressed a situation where players would get stuck on the grid in Chapter 7 of the Braking Point story mode.
  • Fixed a display issue where strategy changes after damage wouldn’t appear on the Voice Command display.
  • Implemented general stability improvements for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Various minor fixes to address additional issues reported by the community.

Download links for F1 23 update 1.12 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox Series X/S will go live soon.

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