Elden Ring 1.10 Patch Notes: New Changes & Fixes

A new Elden Ring update 1.10 is available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox players. According to the official Elden Ring patch notes, the latest update contains balance & gameplay adjustments and bug fixes. Apart from this, Elden Ring version 1.10 also includes performance and stability fixes.

Previously, a major Elden Ring update 1.09 added new features, changes, fixes, and improvements. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues related to Elden Ring save file location. Today’s Elden Ring patch 1.10 will fix a few of these issues.

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Elden Ring 1.10 Patch Notes – July 27, 2023

PvP Balance Changes

  • Increased poise damage of weapons, spells, and incantations
  • Increased poise when attacking with certain skills, spells, incantations, and attacks
  • Added damage reduction when using poise-generating attacks
  • Extended critical hit angles
  • Decreased quickstep skill invulnerability
  • Decreased damage reduction from some skills, incantations, and items.

General Balance Changes

  • Increased critical hit damage
  • Decreased recovery after a missed critical
  • Increased poise damage after a missed critical

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed attack direction shift when attacked during poise attacks
  • Fixed damage issue with skills/items and some spells
  • Fixed Sacred Order skill effect persisting after switching weapons
  • Text corrections in some languages

Download free Elden Ring update 1.10 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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