How to disable Shared Stash in BG3?

Shared stash in Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a topic of heated discussion among players. The feature, introduced in Patch 3, aimed to simplify inventory management but ended up causing more chaos than clarity. So, how can you disable this feature? Let’s dive in.

What is BG3 Shared Stash Feature?

The Intention Behind the Feature

Shared stash was designed to automatically transfer key items from dismissed party members to the main character. The idea was to ensure that story items and characters in the inventory of dismissed party members would properly transfer over to another party member.

The Reality: A Cluttered Mess

However, the feature has been met with widespread dissatisfaction. Players complain that their main character becomes a “mule” for carrying all items from dismissed companions. This has led to cluttered and unmanageable inventories.

Pros of Shared Stash Cons of Shared Stash
Simplifies inventory management Causes clutter
Ensures key items are not lost Makes main character a “mule”
Useful for new players Annoys veteran players

How to Disable Shared Stash in BG3?

No Official Toggle Yet

As of now, there’s no official way to disable the shared stash feature. However, players are hopeful that the option will be available in future updates.

How to disable Shared Stash in BG3?
How to disable Shared Stash in BG3?

Possible BG3 Shared Stash Solutions and Workarounds

Using a Single Bag

One suggested workaround involves using a single bag to store all items before dismissing a party member. This can help manage the clutter to some extent but isn’t a permanent solution.

Accessing Inventories in Camp

Players have emphasized a preference for accessing inventories while in camp without having them in the party. This would eliminate the need for playing “hot potato with items,” as one Reddit user put it.

Upcoming Hotfixes

The issue will most likely be addressed in upcoming hotfixes. Until then, players may find any possible mods to alleviate the problem.

BG3 Shared Stash Impact on Gameplay – September 25, 2023

Inventory Management Challenges

The shared stash feature has made inventory management a headache. The transfer of items has disorganized the inventory, making it difficult to select preferable items quickly during game progression.

What’s Next?

Larian Studios has not yet commented on whether they will provide an option to disable the shared stash feature. However, given the community’s strong reaction, it’s likely that we’ll see some changes in future patches.


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