WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Patch Notes (1.016) – Official

A new WWE 2K22 update 1.16(1.016) released PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official WWE 2K22 1.16 patch notes, the latest update improves logo use, Create, ladder bridges, and general gameplay. WWE 2K22 patch 1.16 download size is around 368 MB on the PC and 651 MB on the PlayStation 5.

Update: – Players may face online play match failures when players with a different version of the game. Update your game to fix this issue.

The game is now available for everyone on consoles and PC. It receives positive reviews from critics and players.

Previously, update 1.05 was released with various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the launch, players are experiencing several issues related to glitches and crashes. WWE 2K22 patch 1.16 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

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WWE 2K22 Patch 1.16 Notes – July 18, 2022

Added The Whole Dam Pack

  • RVD

Embedded video

  • MGK

Embedded video

  • LA Knight
  • Xia Li

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  • Commander Azeez

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  • Sarray
  • Logan Paul


Bug Fixes


  • Addressed reported concerns regarding warping issues when a reversal is triggered
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding Superstars getting stuck on cage wall on reversals
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding clipping and floating during gameplay
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding  animations not syncing
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI stops attacking opponent on the cage
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI entering an idle state when going Backstage
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the signature meter wasn’t being consumed when executing a signature move
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI remaining idle on the ground
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding blood being applied to the attacker during a match
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding damage not being applied to some moves
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding some moves being spammed to exploit wins online
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI wasn’t attacking with a weapon vs a grounded opponent
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where “move thief” was failing to trigger
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where Superstars can climb on top of another Superstar during a Cage MatchONLINE
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding custom images not displaying properly in online matches.
  • Improved stability in online lobbies.
  • Improved stability when downloading and applying custom portraits.
  • Improved stability in Community Creations.CREATE
  • Improved overall stability in Create a Superstar
  • Improved part compatibility in Create a Superstar


  • Visual condition will now reset when leaving the setting without saving.


  • Second attire slot visuals will now update properly


  • Ronda Rousey’s entrance theme can now be reapplied to Ronda Rousey after a change Addressed reported concerns regarding the Smackdown! Referee Attire not appearing when selected.

The following changes were added previously.


  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Various cutscene improvements for MyRise
  • Improved hair/CAS part interactions
  • Improved skin and eye shaders for various Superstars
  • Updated character likenesses of various Superstars
  • Improved texture blending and materials on 100s of hair models
  • Changed the maximum number of favorite creators to 50
  • Implemented criteria for nWo standalone bonus content
  • Improved memory management of large numbers of logos when navigating multiple game modes and menus
  • Increased array limit for logos to accommodate large numbers of downloaded logos
  • Added and removed NG tags to improve CAS part combinations
  • General hair updates and improvements
  • General tattoo updates and improvements


  • Addressed reported concerns where enemies might take low or no damage in specific engagements
  • Various prop and arena interaction improvements
  • Various cage collision improvements
  • Improved superstar AI in special circumstances in tag matches
  • Improved dive attacks vs. ladders
  • Improved ladder dismounts
  • Improved Superstar ally interactions in tag team steel cage matches
  • Improved finisher reversals during run-ins
  • Updated pyro in some entrances
  • Improved logo/embossing interactions in Create a Championship
  • Addressed reported concerns related to poses and Superstar registration during some reversals
  • Improved interactions with steel steps when they are placed in the ring
  • Improved Superstar interactions with ropes
  • Addressed reported concerns related to Spear 2 attack while referee is close to defender
  • Improved elimination behavior in Royal Rumble
  • Improved taunt buffs and meter gain from Submission loops
  • Improved Royal Rumble elimination setups by AI
  • Improved Superstar AI in special circumstances in tag matches
  • Tuned downtime values for some moves
  • Tuned rollout recovery times
  • Increased difficulty of button mash pin kickout when more than two finishers have been received
  • Increased illegal tag team stun duration for long tag matches
  • Addressed reported concerns of exploits where certain finishers could not be reversed
  • Tuned homing for Sweet Chin Music
  • Tuned elimination difficulty in Royal Rumble when less than 3 Superstars are in the ring
  • Tuned stun duration in relation to permadamage
  • Addressed reported concerns with Austin Theory’s finisher


  • General stability improvements
  • Addressed reported concerns with abandoned lobbies
  • Improved lobby performance with partial AI-populated matches
  • Addressed reported concerns with long (15+ match) online sessions
  • Improved performance of custom portraits in online lobbies


  • Improved reward icon visibility for weekly Evo challenges
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding an exploit connected to weapon baiting in Faction Wars
  • Added MyFACTION nWo Standalone cards
  • Added improvements to the logo use, Create, and ladder bridges.
  • Added general gameplay improvements.
  • Improved Superstar interactions.
  • Improved stability and visuals
  • Fixed some other crashes.

Download free WWE 2K22 update 1.16 on PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One.

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