WorldBox God Simulator Update 0.21.1 Patch Notes

WorldBox God Simulator update 0.21.1 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official WorldBox God Simulator patch notes, the latest update adds an option to adjust the intensity of the night and the intensity of the color of some ages.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s WorldBox God Simulator patch 0.21.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

WorldBox God Simulator Patch Notes – March 21, 2023


  • option to adjust the intensity of the night
  • option to adjust the intensity of the color of some ages


  • dragons now friendly with fire elementals
  • dragon attacks have now a small force effect with damage
  • added bigger timeout for alliance plot creation
  • removed whoosh sound when map is moved
  • ufo disaster changed to appear only at age of moon
  • dragons will prefer flying to lava or ground tiles
  • added font for simplified chinese
  • added sliders in the settings menu
  • adjusted how kingdoms join alliance. Now small kingdoms would join non connected border alliance, only if they don’t have any other kingdoms at their borders. Less alliance border gore
  • opinion because of clans changed from 30 to 40
  • opinion because of different species changed from -20 to -50
  • humans don’t like orcs now too(for opinion check)
  • opinion – same species bonus changed from 5 to 15
  • opinion – close borders changed from -50 to -25
  • opinion – far borders changed from 35 to 25
  • clan layer would show only villa clans, not kingdom clan on capital city. Because it was confusing
  • druid and super pumpkins now friends
  • snowman is now friends with many species
  • more hp for crabzilla
  • changed how edges on minimap are shown


  • crabzilla didn’t shake on hit
  • sometimes the crabzilla laser sound kept playing after his death
  • mobs still trying to go broken golden brain
  • sometime AoE attacks didn’t resolve correctly
  • flame sword had a lot of armor bonus, instead of damage
  • mad clan members can be chosen to be kings/leaders and would then bug out
  • dead trees and ruins sometimes won’t show on mini map as that
  • earthquake removes buildings instead of making ruins
  • sometimes units had negative health and became unkillable
  • sometimes diplomacy didn’t work at all on big maps with many clans
  • war lines acting weird on mobiles
  • mini map got dirty
  • some brushes showing in wrong order
  • ghost cities sometimes not removed from the map
  • alliances get dissolved right away. 50% fixed and related to ghost cities bug
  • culture title not translated in tooltip
  • some issues with language translations
  • opinions not aligned to the right for RTL languages
  • opinion of baby king was wrong
  • pt-br language errors
  • venomous trait didn’t give poison
  • civs could build farms on snow hills
  • save slot numbers were showing wrong sometimes
  • cities have holes in their borders on load
  • rare soft crash when mad unit with AoE damage attacks itself with projectile weapons
  • dragons didn’t damage other units directly and didn’t register kills
  • if musicbox ( fmod ) fails to initialize, we’ll turn off sounds and music instead of crashing the game
  • small fix that should correctly calculate units targeted by AoE damage
  • game crashing when trying to show a map with a broken preview
  • mobile zoom stuck after crabzilla died while lasers were active
  • crabzilla hiding behind trees before his first step
  • it took ages to damage crabzilla


  • mods are only loaded into memory if their dll ends with “_memload.dll”. E.g. ncms.dll -> ncms_memload.dll. They will keep their original namespace
  • modded games will show a yellow version number on screenshots
  • modded games that have an active error will show a cyan version number on screenshots
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