WorldBox God Simulator Update 0.14 Patch Notes

WorldBox God Simulator update 0.14.0 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official WorldBox God Simulator patch notes, the latest update added a new Trait Editor, new world laws, a new world generator, kingdom customizations and more.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s WorldBox God Simulator patch 0.14.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

WorldBox God Simulator Patch Notes – May 25, 2022


  • trait editor: Explore different units to unlock new traits! Click on traits to unlock them in the editor
  • trait editor: Add or remove unlocked traits to any character
  • trait editor: Some traits are unlocked after getting a special achievement!
  • movement wind animation effect for trees and and fleshy buildings
  • new item generator. Now items can have a lot of different graded modificators instead of previous 2(suffix+prefix). Items from old saves could suck now tho, sry
  • new world law – enable/disable minerals popping
  • new world law – enable/disable population growth for civs
  • new world law – enable/disable population growth for animals
  • new world law – enable/disable tumor/pumpkin/bioblob/cybercore tiles being removed after base building is dead
  • new world law – population limit of 100
  • new world law – enable/disable making warriors for civs
  • new world law – seeds – trees and plants will spread seeds, growing more trees and plants around them
  • resource mechanic changed. High rank metals not abstract anymore, but an actual resource that needs to be mined
  • new mineral – adamantine
  • new mineral – mythril
  • new mineral – silver
  • new mineral – gems
  • new mineral – common metals
  • new mineral – bone mineral. Spawned in corrupted biome
  • new resource – herbs. Civs collect it for food
  • new resource – candy. Can be found in candy biome. Restores a lot of health
  • new resource – lemons. Can be found in lemon biome
  • new resource – evil beets. In corrupted biome
  • new resource – mushrooms. In multiple biomes
  • new resource – peppers. In infernal biome
  • new resource – crystal salt. In crystal biome
  • new resource – bananas. In jungle biome
  • new resource – coconuts. In normal sand
  • new resource – desert berries. In arcane deserts
  • drinking tea can give caffeinated status
  • eating crystal salts can give caffeinated status
  • eating crystal salts can give madness/strong minded traits
  • eating peppers can set unit on fire
  • eating peppers can give unit fire proof trait
  • eating mushrooms can give unit madness, strong minded, paranoid and/or content traits. Also powerup status
  • eating evil beets can give unit pyromaniac and/or evil traits
  • eating pie can give unit fat trait
  • eating pie can give unit slowness status
  • eating burger can give unit fat trait
  • eating burger can give unit slowness status
  • eating Desert Berries can give unit poison and slow traits
  • eating Desert Berries can give unit poison immunity
  • drinking ale can give slowness status
  • eating coconut can give shield status
  • eating candy can give tiny, giant, bloodlust and fat traits
  • eating lemons can give eagle eye, regeneration traits
  • eating banana can give unlucky trait
  • eating meat can give tough and strong traits
  • eating fish can give tough and strong traits
  • eating jam can give regeneration trait
  • eating sushi can give fast trait
  • legendary weapons/items now have special and unique generated names
  • legendary weapons/items will appear shiny in the tooltip, weee
  • legendary weapons/items can now include king names
  • legendary weapons/items can now include kingdoms
  • legendary weapons/items can now include kingdom’s enemies
  • legendary weapons/items can now include kingdom’s culture of weaponsmith
  • legendary weapons/items can now include city name where they were made
  • weapons would remember how many units they have slayed
  • if unit dies on territory of a village, his inventory/equipment would go to this village’s inventory
  • new knowledge – equipment storage 1/2/3
  • danger logic to city zones. If there’s an enemy on a city territory – the local army/warriors would go there
  • kingdom customization: Press the kingdom banner in the village/kingdom window to do it
  • kingdom customization: You can change the banner designs of kingdoms now
  • kingdom customization: You can change the colors of kingdoms now
  • kingdom and village windows now have 2 race icons on top, to show which race they align with
  • new biome – Arcane Desert. Units walk slowly in the desert (duh)
  • new biome – Lemon biome. It’s a very ACCEPTABLE biome
  • new biome – Candy biome. The most evil biome
  • new biome – Crystal biome. It’s very shiny
  • new vegetation – desert plants and desert trees
  • new vegetation – crystal plants and trees. Plants and trees give out a lot of minerals and don’t burn
  • new vegetation – candy plants – give candy resource
  • new power – Arcane Desert Seeds. Magic seeds that keep turning into smooth golden desert sand, and then eventually fill the vast lands into Arcane Desert.
  • new power – enable/disable showing battles on the mini map
  • new power – enable/disable showing civ armies on the mini map (decoupled from king/leader button)
  • new power – enable/disable showing civ armies’ attack target arrows
  • new tool spade – removes biome tiles only.
  • 3 new culture knowledges – that increase zone range for villages
  • 3 new culture knowledges – that increase max equipment storages for villages
  • biomes can now grow through 1-sized roads
  • [PC] with kingdom overlay on – when you mouse over a kingdom, you would also see enemy kingdoms highlighted with red color
  • [PC] Steam achievements!
  • [PC] Steam will show now how you’re playing WorldBox in your Steam status
  • New achievements:
    — starter
    — islander
    — mainlander
    — life is a sim
    — the dwarf
    — the creator
    — the king of kings
    — the accomplished
    — the demon
    — the broken
    — planet of apes
    — super mushroom
    — the princess
    — greg
    — ninja turtle
    — the corrupted trees
    — the hell
    — world war
    — great plague
    — touch the grass
    — god mode
    — traits explorer
    — great traits explorer
    — great traits explorer
    — super traits explorer
    — the light
    — the sky
    — the land
    — the sun
    — the moon
    — the living
    — the rest day
  • health bar in spectate mode
  • pause or speed up the game in spectate mode
  • animations in detail windows – make the numbers go brrrr
  • animations in health bars – click click click
  • X effect when trying to spawn bush where not possible
  • X effect when trying to use fertilizer where it’s not possible
  • deposit with bones will spawn in corrupted biome
  • new trait: death nuke. Unlocked via achievement
  • new trait: death bomb. Unlocked via achievement
  • new trait: death mark. Unlocked via achievement
  • new trait: super health. Unlocked via achievement
  • new trait: shiny. Makes shiny
  • new trait: flesh eater. Restores health when attacking
  • new trait: divine scar
  • smaller windmills ( windmills are tiered now )
  • when you have kingdoms enabled and show kingdom names – race icon would be shown next to kingdom name text
  • sparkle effect for some minerals
  • [pc modding] some unifications, and work of asset manager for the future official mod support. Ask in chat
  • [pc modding] added SpriteTextureLoader for texture loading from Streaming Assets for the future. But can be used atm as well
  • [pc modding] refactored map icons code into MapIconLibrary which should be simple to use
  • [pc modding] moved world behaviors into WorldBehaviourLibrary
  • trees and plants now spread from other vegetations
  • increased chance for trees to spawn on zones without civ buildings
  • [PC] when you mouse over kingdom with enabled kings/ships icons with enabled Kingdom zones – the icons would be bigger by 300%
  • [PC] when you mouse over village with enabled kings/ships icons with enabled Village zones – the icons would be bigger by 300%
  • civ icons on mini map will adapt to zoom, to be more clear
  • trade boat icon will be a bit smaller on mini map
  • separate icon for boats for mini map
  • army banner on mini map now has two kingdom colors
  • fishing docks that allows to build fish boats right away
  • new border indicator for cities that are getting conquered
  • new effect for showing enemies of a kingdom
  • a chance that on units with unlucky trait meteorites would fall. Disasters need to be enabled for this
  • meteorite has a chance to spawn adamantine mineral where it landed
  • you will be able to see what a unit just ate if you zoom in
  • units won’t eat if in battle
  • when windmill is destroyed – city would lose all the wheat
  • [PC] added icon of selected power near cursor
  • [PC] added animation for when cursor is over history HUD
  • new world generator templates:
    — continent – big landmass
    — islands – many smaller islands
    — donut – land with a lake in the middle
    — muffin – circled world
    — pancake – square world
    — dormant volcano – square land without biomes
    — bad apple – mountain with lands inside
    — anthill – tunnels inside mountain
    — chaos pearl – fantasy round world with many biomes
    — chaos lasagna – fantasy square world with many biomes
    — cheese – world with many lakes
    — world in a box – GET IT?
    — boring plains – unless…?
    — checkerboard – chessbox time
    — cubicles – Become an evil overbosslord
    — empty –
  • city will automatically produce low amount of biome specific food for easier start based on where bonfire is placed
  • hall will automatically produce low amount of biome specific food as second bonus
  • new mob – lemon man
  • new mob – lemon boi
  • new mob – candy man
  • new mob – candy bear
  • new mob – crystal golem
  • new mob – crystal sword
  • color fade out effect for border zones, when you zoom in
  • weapons would show amount of kills
  • improvements to name generators
  • new debug window. Made it look nicer and more handy to use
  • new debug window. Also added more fun options there and “cheats” that we are using in development for civilization logic
  • new debug window. Main point of it is still to be used for testing and partly can be used for modders to work with their mods
  • new debug window. The debug options make the game play not as intended and probably will bring some non related bugs and break the balance(haha, balance…sure). Beware! Below short descriptions of a few of them
  • New debug cheats/options:
    — fast cultures. Cultures get on last level in a seconds
    — infinity city resources. Gotta have it all
    — fast city construction. Have big city to appear in whim
    — fast city zone growth. All your lands belong to us.
    — fast city fast upgrades. Done and done
    — fast city fast population growth. Babies go
    — fast city unlimited houses. For people, who still want to see the whole world to be in small houses
    — fast units. Gotta go very fast
    — when you hover over a unit – you will see where it is going
    — show which city kingdom wants to attack
    — show which zone kingdom wish to settle
    — add more info to city/kingdom map title
    — show what resources units currently holding
    — show units favorite foods on the map
    — text overlay for units/buildings. Shows some useful info about everything
    — text overlay for cities. Shows what city wants to build next, etc
    — show various targets for AI logic. Where they want to go, who they want to attack
    — various tile/zones indicators. That shows city centers, farm places, danger zones for cities
    — show zones on mini map which have people that are infected with mush
    — show zones on mini map which have people that are infected with plague
    — show zones on mini map which have people that are infected with curse
    — show zones on mini map which have people that are infected with zombie virus

### Changes:

  • credits are updated
  • some game text/translations changed
  • elf base damage 15 -> 8
  • dwarf base max age 110 -> 130
  • dwarf base armor 4 -> 8
  • druid won’t spawn grass biome seeds anymore
  • druid will spawn tree fertilizer
  • effect for selected kingdom is not full white anymore
  • “succession crisis” won’t happen if kingdom is under max city limit
  • the more cities go independent – the less chances for the next city to join it
  • updated logo in the game with a brighter steam version
  • [android/ios] updated launch icon
  • world law – auto spawn trees renamed to random seeds
  • trees can be spawned on vegetation now. Before if plants grew anywhere, trees had trouble spawning
  • decreased vegetation growth timeout
  • jungle trees could give bananas
  • infernal plants would give peppers
  • corrupted biome have evil beets
  • savanna plants would give wheat and herbs
  • default map generator changed to generate huge continent instead of many small islands
  • overhauled the new world window! it has now templates you can pick from
  • map sizes in new world menu now show size number and icon
  • biomes won’t generate per island anymore, instead they could take parts of the world
  • rewritten village logic for build order, for easier balancing, future mod support, etc
  • civ races have a bit different build order now
  • watch towers will only be able to be built near borders if there are no other buildings nearby
  • mines will only be able to be built if there are no other buildings nearby
  • windmills will only be able to be built if there are no other buildings nearby
  • farmers will sow farm fields close to windmills now
  • harvested wheat will give 1 wheat per plant now
  • amount of placed farm fields increased by 66%
  • houses can only be built near other buildings
  • the amount of zones the city can have won’t depend on the amount of buildings the city has anymore. Only on civ/culture/unit stats
  • amount of houses village can build would depend on amount of zones village has
  • amount of buildings village has doesn’t affect max amount of zones village can have
  • new village window layout. Now with tabs
  • village windows now shows the kingdom’s banner
  • added kingdom/village icon to banner element
  • can see which items currently in village inventory
  • city now has item equipment inventory, instead of keeping 1 of each kind. Storage increased based on new culture tech
  • building shadows now generated and should look better
  • added max 3 limit to miners who goes into mine
  • minerals can be spawned by brush again
  • minerals not infinite again and will be depleted
  • minerals can randomly pop in the world depending on biome
  • mine mechanic – when miners use mine, instead of giving resources to the city right away – minerals would spawn nearby mine instead. Mineral is based on biome where mine is placed
  • miner trait – gives better mineral spawn chance. YO DWARVES
  • corruption biome giving curse changed from 5% to 0.5% chance
  • generated initial kingdom color would be more random, instead of always starting from same ones
  • kingdom color themes won’t depend on civ races anymore
  • adjusted some kingdom colors themes
  • roof colors and city title colors are now the same
  • boats won’t have short stops while moving anymore
  • weapons/armor/accessories not require gold anymore
  • copper equipment now cost 1 metal to produce
  • bronze equipment now cost 2 metals to produce
  • iron equipment now cost 3 metals to produce
  • silver equipment now cost 1 silver to produce
  • mythril equipment now cost 1 mythril to produce
  • adamantine equipment now cost 1 adamantine to produce
  • ores removed. Metals are instead created right away from the metals mineral
  • metals renamed to common metals. They now include bronze, copper, iron
  • tweaks to bannermans logic. They would move more towards the enemy’s territory if there’s no enemy nearby
  • new warriors won’t try to join an army that not in village, resulting in warriors run 1 by 1 to bannerman.
  • army would stop going to their target to fight, if the city is not an enemy anymore
  • swamp revamp: reswamp. Swamp acts like normal ground, instead of liquid. Civs can make villages there now. But it slows units down
  • swamp biome can be generated in new world
  • swamp biome can spread now
  • sickle would remove only plants and other vegetation now. Biome tile removal moved to spade tool
  • farm field tiles can be removed with demolish and spade tool now
  • farm fields would “die off” slowly when not near windmills
  • [PC] zones won’t highlight on mini map, if they are behind UI where cursor is
  • increased rate of acid blobs spawn
  • removed maximum amount of zones limit per city/stats
  • instead, the city has a maximum zone range from the center of the city. Range is increased based on buildings/traits/culture/leaders
  • humans base zone range set to 3
  • orcs base zone range set to 4
  • elves base zone range set to 5
  • dwarves base zone range set to 4
  • statue would give +1 zone range
  • maximum amount of livable houses village can have, now depends on zones and other building bonuses
  • well gives +3 houses
  • statue gives +3 houses
  • docks give +1 house
  • temple gives +2 houses
  • hall gives +2 houses
  • bonfire gives +3 houses
  • increased amount of wood given from trees
  • decreased limits for max storage for resources
  • +1 zone range per 1 stewardship from city leader
  • hall tier 1 doesn’t require a knowledge anymore
  • windmill tile width changed from 5 to 3
  • shadows optimizations
  • shadows now enabled for mobile platforms by default
  • wheat crops would grow if you drop plant fertilizer on farmfields
  • succession crisis after king’s death only would happen, if kingdom has more cities than the maximum it can support
  • bannerman would be colored with the main(roof color) kingdom color now
  • king/leader/boat color would use the main kingdom(roof color) color now
  • group leader would seek to destroy towers, to be able to start a conquest of a city
  • units won’t join the active army, if the army is already somewhere else. Instead they would stay in the village until the next battle/defending
  • group leader would move slower, so his army could keep up with him, instead of being a leeroy jenkins
  • armies attack only if they have at least 80% of max units
  • if a city is under attack – even if capture not happened yet, because there’s an army from another town – it won’t be able to replenish soldiers
  • if king is immortal, and lived very long – he will become corrupted and his personality would change to militarist
  • if king is immortal, and lived very long – he can become evil
  • trait evil max cities 0 -> -3
  • instead of kingdom sending all armies to one target, the decision would be made by village leaders
  • city won’t revolt if their army is already fighting somewhere
  • city won’t revolt if they don’t have an army
  • trait tough changed armor 2% -> 10%
  • trait tough changed warfare 0 -> 1
  • trait skin burns changed diplomacy -1 -> -2
  • trait skin burns changed warfare 0 -> 2
  • trait eyepatch changed warfare 0 -> -1
  • trait crippled changed diplomacy -1 -> -3
  • trait evil changed warfare 0 -> 10
  • fish boat changed health 500 -> 100
  • side buttons in kingdom view now have a tooltip
  • side buttons in creature view now have a tooltip
  • tier 2 and 3 house knowledge cost decreased by 60-70%
  • when revolt happens – only neighbor villages can join the new revolted kingdom. Less rebelled border gore
  • rebellions only happen if the kingdom has more cities than it can hold!
  • opinion far lands (when no aligned borders) opinion increases 25->35. If same island 35->60
  • genius trait increases max cities by 1
  • genius trait increases zone range by 1
  • paranoid trait decreases max cities by 1
  • ambitious trait increases max cities by 2
  • ambitious trait increases zone range by 1
  • auto save button moved to top in save slots, to be more visible
  • animals won’t eat tiles themselves anymore, instead they will eat plants and herbs that grow on them
  • animals will make babies only if not hungry
  • animals will spawn a bit hungry
  • herbivore animals get less hungry ( restore more “hunger” ) after eating
  • updated icon for shovel
  • sushi now requires herbs in addition to fish
  • jam now requires herbs in addition to berries
  • burgers now require meat, bread and herbs instead of meat and wheat
  • tea now requires herbs, instead of wheat
  • berry bush has a chance to be destroyed after units collect berries
  • berry bush can has a chance to spawn in some biomes
  • [Mobile] first autosave can be used without premium
  • when using spawn berry bush power – bushes will spawn without a limit in the area
  • decreased “strength” of enchanted biome compared to other “neutral” ones
  • village capture speed is now affected by game speed as well
  • farmers won’t stay near “doors” when return wheat to storages
  • amount of farmers city will have changed
  • farmers would stay near windmill and farms instead of keep switching jobs
  • adjusted numbers for kingdom view to make them same sizes
  • increased wheat growth time
  • ambitious trait max cities 2 -> 5
  • bloodlust trait max cities 0 -> 3
  • pacifist trait max cities 0 -> 2
  • genius trait max cities 1 -> 3
  • greedy trait max cities 0 -> 2
  • stupid trait max cities 0 -> -3
  • content trait max cities 0 -> -2
  • in battle units won’t always attack the closest unit to them
  • units will be a bit more smart about not getting into fires
  • tornado won’t be removing liquid, to avoid recalculating chunks
  • for new players city/kingdom names, kings, battles and history logs will be turned on by default
  • meteorite damage increased from 100 -> 1000
  • disaster meteorite damage increased from 100 -> 500
  • meteorite won’t terraform base tiles
  • orcs will attack beehives now
  • roads will decay for civs that don’t use roads
  • kings and leaders won’t be farming and mining
  • units can become warriors even without weapons
  • lowered timeout for making a warrior
  • for rebellions – amount of newly rebelled cities can’t be bigger than half of cities kingdom had
  • trait – miner have a chance to get more amount of resources from minerals
  • world shake effect because of bombermans happens only if explosion was in visible area ( and zoomed in )
  • if king has evil or bloodlust trait they will never go for peace if they have a bigger army
  • if enemy kingdom doesn’t have a king – a peace deal won’t happen
  • a peace event won’t be possible while an army is fighting in an enemy city
  • disasters laws now ON by default for new maps
  • [PC] tweaked timeout for opening inspection window when you scroll the map. To prevent accidental window opening
  • non unlocked achievement button is changed
  • locked icon for powers on mobiles are changed
  • santa time is over
  • Added more world name variations
  • world info window will show world names again
  • how settle targets are calculated
  • how many people city should have, before they send out settlers 30 -> 22
  • some other changes to settlers logic to avoid sending them when don’t need it
  • wars less likely start on beginning of a world, when civs don’t progressed yet and there’s still a lot of space to build around
  • make drops to be affected by game speed
  • army bannerman would move a bit slower, than other units for them to catch up
  • armies will move more packed nearby bannerman. Instead of bannerman going to fight first
  • if current tile region is too small near bannerman group, army would be more spread on other regions
  • drawing with sand/soil won’t destroy buildings
  • using finger tool won’t destroy buildings if you copy ground tiles
  • docks still will be removed if you “put” ground under them
  • unit’s get hungry faster while in battle
  • grenades, bombs, asteroids won’t remove city zones (unless they destroy buildigns there)
  • crabzilla won’t destroy tiles fully
  • exploding crabzilla won’t create wasteland
  • exploding crabzilla will spawn greater crabs
  • random vegetation won’t remove ruins
  • using fertilizer for trees/plants won’t remove ruins
  • dropping minerals won’t remove ruins
  • [PC] Improvements to Discord status messages
  • water bomb had mountain color on minimap
  • landmine color now reddish on minimap
  • mush can be killed now by divine light. Mushrooms don’t like bright light anyways (c) LukXD99/HardDuckman
  • improved support for wide screens
  • in portrait view on mobiles you will be able to see more, before the game switches to minimap
  • civs won’t build on ice anymore
  • improved readability of tooltip texts
  • color changes in tooltips
  • Nicer favorite unit view
  • Show placeholder if we’re showing favorite window without any units
  • Show placeholder if we’re showing history log without any history
  • updated steam icon
  • Slight design improvements in kingdom city list
  • You can now go to the patchlog when reading the patchlog


  • difference between visible renderered objects before minimap switch for mobiles
  • movement speed was limited by one tile range on higher speeds, as a result very fast units still moved with about the same speed in 5x/sonic speed. This has been fixed and this is huge game changing fix
  • sometimes builders go to build roads for other civ
  • [PC] sometimes clicking on power tabs on the bottom can open kingdom/city/cultures view on mini map
  • [PC] sometimes clicking on power tabs on the bottom can open unit view if he was behind a button
  • [PC] Steam cloud not syncing settings correctly
  • burned tiles stay for too long. Now they would decay much faster
  • dogs die from hunger
  • animals don’t eat flowers
  • civs only eat food that is highest in supply
  • weird sand lines generated on bigger maps
  • humans stuck in a place sometimes after they see monke
  • shake effect for buildings didn’t work
  • non killable archer from the boat. FINALLY FOUND YOU
  • [Android] sometimes saving names didn’t work on Android
  • camera movement wasn’t synced with cursor logic, as result sometime hover blinking would happen
  • save window tooltip shows mobs 2 times
  • warriors/armies/group-leaders – after a fight could reset their jobs, and return to their village. Resulting in bad behavior and “weird” conquest, where everyone just walk over and back, over and back
  • sometimes villages getting “stuck” in early progression and stop building
  • sometimes army leaders got confused, when the zone they wanted to attack didn’t belong to any city anymore once the army arrived there. So they were just chilling in one place while war is happening
  • living houses were sometimes pink
  • after loading sometimes units “swim” nearby their transport boat
  • game started lagging after long time of playing
  • some crash reasons
  • relationships tool showed village names, instead of kingdom names
  • lava2 and lava3 had colors switched on mini map
  • tween errors spam in console
  • culture techs that increased how many resources were given wasn’t applied correctly
  • sometimes the world where all kings had diplomatic personalities was “stuck” in eternal peace. Because the chance of war was less than 0
  • [PC] achievement buttons blocking scrolling in their window
  • [PC] world laws buttons blocking scrolling in their window
  • bees make the game lag when going over mountain tiles
  • [PC] avoid bringing tooltip while window is closing
  • ufo not damaging buildings
  • save creation time showing wrong date
  • city center calculated wrong after bonfire destruction
  • (pathfinding/ai logic) sometimes connections between regions not calculated correctly, as a result – ai was doing weird things
  • sometimes the city wanted to colonize unreachable terrain. Like when there’s a land inside a mountain
  • wheat wasn’t rendered correctly in hand sometime
  • soft crash when crabzilla got healed by fairy while crabzilla is dying
  • units were shown holding resources when they didn’t
  • city set target for other city even when it was not possible. For example, blocked by mountains, lava, double water lines, etc
  • snakes attacking elves
  • cities trying to send units to friendly cities blocked by mountains
  • armies sometime decide to chill somewhere, and do anything for years
  • unit/boat map icons didn’t had z sort for them
  • game lagging when units were being shoved into mountains during fights
  • kingdom relationship history kept resetting, and timings were off sometimes
  • effect for fire on unit not animated when unit died
  • funeral boats: if a unit died from age/hunger inside a boat, his body stayed forever inside that boat. Eventually the boat had 1000 of bodies and counting
  • soft crash because of the dragon sometimes
  • some icons had wrong compression applied, ruining the colors
  • sometime units would target enemies that were not possible for them to see or attack
  • amount of boats kept increasing in one dock as the world progressed (when one dock is destroyed, ship joined another friendly one) because boat check limit was not actually used all this time
  • error because of a plague
  • poison immunity didn’t work
  • some kingdom relationships had a bug and would count the age wrong
  • kingdoms button had the wrong description
  • sometimes cities got stuck and did not build anything, because they thought there’s a fire nearby (spoiler: there wasn’t)
  • unit selection effect was working behind menus
  • tween error spam on map reload
  • mobs were attracted to ruined golden brain after game loading
  • butterflies and flies dying over mountains
  • mountain damage gave exp to unit
  • divine light didn’t affect poppoints (idle units inside houses)
  • crabzilla could be infected by plague causing soft crash
  • some buttons showed tooltip on tap, that wer not supposed to show one
  • sometimes pre-calculation for pathfinding/regions found wrong connections. Changed hashset formula
  • sometimes units in inspector were showing wrong weapons
  • bug with docks/boats textures
  • mountain tiles not aligned correctly with other ones
  • [mobile] saves from autosave menu didn’t show titles
  • [mobile] crabzilla joystick was stuck if crabzilla died while using the joystick


  • map loading times
  • world/mini map switch effect
  • island/pathfinding pre-calculations
  • some sprites
  • unit effects
  • mini map rendering
  • farmers/farm tiles
  • name generation
  • buildings
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