WolfQuest Update 1.0.8c Patch Notes – January 4, 2022

WolfQuest update 1.0.8c is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official WolfQuest patch notes, the latest update added various improvements and bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s WolfQuest patch 1.0.8c will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in WolfQuest Update Patch Notes? – January 4, 2022

  • Adjusted how NPC wolf personalities are created, so fewer will have “average” personalities in the middle of the ranges.
  • More ravens now circle above carcasses.
  • Stranger wolves now tuck their tails when fleeing after losing a fight.
  • Leaving wolf creation/modifying panel with unsaved changed now displays a confirmation notification on screen.
  • Reduced the required howling time to place a carcass marker (because for wolves with long howls, some players had trouble placing markers if they didn’t let the how finish completely.)
  • Adjusted the single-tap (on spacebar or other key) duration requirement to be more accepting of various tap styles.
  • Improvements to mate’s behavior when following player.
  • On Easy difficulty, cougars are much too easy to thwart.
  • Carcasses spawn more readily now when player is low on health and food.


  • Game stalls at end of sleep period if a notification is trying to be displayed but cannot.
  • Sometimes mate doesn’t return to player after a hunting excursion.
  • Mate still too easily “distracted” when following the player
  • Mate sometimes falls behind for no good reason and has to catch up to the player.
  • Mate gets stuck in loops near creeks when moving on their own.
  • NPCs can get stuck behind mid-sized obstacles.
  • Pups don’t come out when mate returns home alone.
  • Wolves sometimes don’t react to dangerous prey animals, letting the prey pummel them to death. (In particular, mate when traveling alone and running into bison.)
  • Wolf pup carcass does not glow in scent view.
  • In rare situations, mid-distance terrain does not get rendered when Enhanced Vegetation is enabled.
  • In multiplayer chat panel, the scrollbar does not go to the right place if the player sends a message with the bar above the bottom.
  • In multiplayer lobby, in a very specific state, game could stay stuck on “changing multiplayer region” notification.
  • If number keys are remapped by player, then the multiplayer input keys can trigger other actions.
  • Interface elements specific to pup-raising sometimes appear on other maps.
  • Cursor focus is lost on the Bug Reporter when a non-pausing notification appears behind it.
  • Stranger wolves do not always howl after chasing the player out of their territory.
  • Missing text on notification when grizzly or coyotes give up den raid.
  • Terrain and water issues.
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