War on the Sea Update Patch Notes (3 New Battleships) – Jan 7, 2022

War on the Sea update is now available to download on PC players. According to the official War on the Sea patch notes, the latest update added 3 new battleships and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update was released with character balancing, gameplay changes, and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s War on the Sea patch will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in today’s War on the Sea January 7 Update?


3 New Battleships: Fuso, Ise, Nagato

materials/other added material references for Fuso, Ise, Nagato

unit/sea added folders for fuso, ise, nagato

language/english/unit/sea added language files for fuso, ise, nagato

unit/sea/allUnitsList.txt added references for fuso, ise, nagato

campaign/campaignXXX/seaUnits.txt added references to fuso, ise, nagato to add them to existing campaigns

Support for individual ship TMA override variables added.

ship_data.txt files added new variable “tmaOverride”:[0.03,0.95,0.01,0.75,0.1,0.75,0.007,0.2]

  • values specified override global TMA variables from config.txt
  • [directorTMARate, directorMaxSolution, localDirectorTMARate, localDirectorMaxSolution, tmaPercentRangeThreshold, tmaPercentRangeMaxPenalty, tmaDecayRate, tmaRadarBonus]
  • all merchants_data.txt files added “tmaOverride”:[0.02,0.85,0.01,0.75,0,1,0.02,0.15] to drop surface gunnery accuracy by ~30% at 10km and reduce bonus from radar
  • all submarines_data.txt files added “tmaOverride”:[0.03,0.95,0.01,0.75,0.1,0.75,0.007,0.2] to increase solution rate and decrease decay rate to emulate better tracking of multiple targets

Re-imported model files/corrected textures for ships:

  • south_dakota
  • lexington
  • wasp

Re-imported model files/textures for aircraft to add rear gunners:

  • devastator
  • jake

Modified aircraft_model.txt files for devastator, jake to add rear guns

materials/_common.txt added new material for MachineGunInterior (for US rear gunner)

unit/sea/mountData.txt added references to new gun

  • 41cm453rdYearType

Fixed a bug where message log text could have spaces trimmed causing lack of spaces in message

Player controlled aircraft correctly manually fire guns in a dogfight


default/campaign/campaignXXX/setup.txt added new variable “customWaterMask”:false

  • if true, the path specified in variable “mapWaterMask”:”maps/solomon/solomon_watermask_example.png” is read
  • watermask should be 2048×1024 png file with transparency defining water
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