War on the Sea Update 1.08g3h3 Patch Notes – Dec. 2, 2021

War on the Sea updat 1.08g3h3  is now available to download on PC players. According to the official War on the Sea patch notes, the latest update brings a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Previously, a big update was released with character balancing, gameplay changes, and a long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s War on the Sea patch will address a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

War on the Sea patch notes – December 3, 2021

Version 1.08g3h3

2 Dec 2021

Campaign map markers now save/load correctly (bug introduced 1.08g3)

Player and AI aircraft no longer get locked firing guns and drain ammunition

Corrected audio reference for default/language/english/message_log.txt SwitchLeader

Version 1.08g3h1

23 Oct 2021 (BETA)


Created new folder default/audio

music.txt file moved from default to new folder default/audio

default/audio added _readme file for instructions on how to setup custom audio

default/audio added ambientSoundFX_example.txt, particleSoundFX_example.txt and unitSoundFX_example.txt files

  • when “_example” removed from the filenames, these files will be read to reference paths to custom audio clips for ambient ocean sounds, particle effects and units respectively

default/language/english/dictionary/message_log.txt entered full audio file paths for message sound effects

default/language/english/dictionary/campaign_message.txt entered full audio file paths for message sound effects

  • editing a message’s audio reference to a custom audio file (MUST USE FILE EXTENSION) will play the custom audio file for that message


When specifying AAA with \”displayMounts\”:false, the game now ONLY reads \”aaaPositions\” data to place guns at those positions. Specifying \”baseTransformNames\” and placing actual objects onto the model in Unity is no longer needed (but is still required when mounts are displayed, such as on aircraft turrets).

This means that any ship’s AAA can now be fully edited via text files without requiring the re-import of modified model files.

Ships with “AAA0, AAA1 etc” GameObjects already in place on the model, will automatically have these deleted and fall back to use the aaaPositions data when spawning the ship. Likewise any names specified in \”baseTransformNames\” are simply ignored.


War on the Sea.exe now supports the following command line argument;

-overrideFolder “MyFolderName”

When launched, War on the Sea will read the folder specified for override content (folder must be placed in StreamingAssets).

default/environment/Dawn_Overcast.txt corrected shadow intensity

kongo model re-exported to correct turret placement


Settings to enable partial repair of damage at sea added.

default/config.txt added 2 new variables to specify repair of subsystems and % integrity restored upon repair for [player,enemy];

  • “repairIntegrityTo”:[1.0,1.0]
  • “repairKnockedOut”:[true,true]

default/interface/styles.txt additional color added to DamageControlStatusIcons to highlight compartments of reduced maximum integrity.

Setting “repairKnockedOut”:false causes subsystems to be permanently offline once knocked out at sea. Only repair option is to release/repair ship at port.

“repairIntegrityTo”:[1.0,1.0] repairs 100% of the integrity loss for both sides, 0.5 = 50%, 0.25 = 25% etc.

Once repaired to less than 100%, compartment is highlighted in pale gray as a visual indicator of how many “lower integrity” compartments a ship has. Compartments can only be restored to 100% maximum integrity by release/repair ship at port. Subsequent hits/damage will further degrade maximum integrity.

“repairIntegrityTo” set to 0 will disable any repairing/restoration of integrity at sea and compartments will remain permanently “Yellow” highlighted.

Default values (for now) are as per current behaviour:

  • “repairIntegrityTo”:[1.0,1.0]
  • “repairKnockedOut”:[true,true]

    We anticipate we’ll drop “repairIntegrityTo” to 0.75 or 0.5 pending testing and further feedback. Once 1.08g3 is in beta, any assistance with testing the preservation of correct integrity values between battles and save/load games is appreciated.


Strategic Map markers now shown/hidden when using the Map Labels filter

Time stamp set to fixed time at at creation of a map marker and no longer changes if map label is edited

Campaign sea_navigation_aid.txt files now read “waitAtWaypoint” and “untilHour” variables.

  • If “waitAtWaypoint” is specified in sea_navigation_aid.txt, the “waitAtWaypoint” and “untilHour” values will override those in the original sea_missions.txt file.

Fixed a bug where “prohibitedWaypoints” specified in sea_navigation_aid.txt did not overwrite those in the original sea_mission.txt

default/campaign/campaignXXX/setup.txt added new variable “controlLocationAt”:0.25

  • control of Port/Airfield at a conflicted location changes hands if the losing side has less than 25% fighting strength of the winning side
  • ground combat will then continue until one side is eliminated
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