Valorant Update 8.03 Patch Notes

Valorant update 8.03 patch notes released for PC players. According to the official Valorant patch notes, the latest update brings enhancements to Chamber’s abilities, focusing on his role as a Sentinel. Apart from this, the latest Valorant patch 8.03 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added a map, Battlepass, and quality of life changes. Recently, Valorant update 5.04 was also released. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s Valorant 8.03 will fix a few of these issues.

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Valorant 8.03 Patch Notes – February 21, 2024

  • Agent Updates:
    • Breach’s voice lines have been updated, with new interaction lines added for Deadlock, Gekko, and Harbor.
    • Chamber’s abilities have been sharpened to reinforce his role as a Sentinel.
  • Chamber Updates:
    • Headhunter (Q) price has been decreased from 150 to 100, providing more accessibility.
    • Firing rate of Tour De Force (X) has been increased from 0.7 to 0.9, enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Esports Feature Updates:
    • Teams Tab now allows purchasing bundles and supporting favorite teams from within the Esports Hub.
    • VCT Team Capsules are available in the Esports Store, with teams earning 50% of profits from their respective capsules.
  • Performance Updates:
    • Streamlined launch flow to the main menu by removing stalls, implemented in Patch 8.02.
  • Store Updates:
    • Esports Store is now live, offering VCT Team Capsules containing various in-game items.
  • Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Agents would look like they were still nearsighted in 3rd person for a short period of time if they destroyed Reyna’s Leer (C) right after it became shootable.


  • Fixed an issue where in the end-of-game summary, kills per round was incorrectly rounding up.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed an issue in the scoreboard tab with Ultimate Charges being covered by very long usernames.


  • Sunset
    • Adjusted fence in A Elbow to fix an issue when shooting through the top section.
    • Fixed a bug where you could jump to the top of the phone booth in A Lobby.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Attackers to break Cypher’s Trapwires (C) in B Main from Mid.


  • Fixed an issue in some regions where the Zone displayed in Standings did not match the one selected.

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