Valorant 5.04 Patch Notes (New Update) – August 23, 2022

Valorant patch 5.04 patch notes details released for PC players. According to the official Valorant patch notes, the latest update brings Episode 5 Act II and various balancing changes. Apart from this, the latest Valorant update 5.04 also includes a few quality of life improvements to crosshairs.

Previously, a big update added a map, Battlepass, and quality of life changes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s Valorant 5.04 will fix a few of these issues.

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Valorant Patch Notes 5.04 – August 23, 2022


  • Added the ability to select a custom crosshair color.
    • Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope
    • On the drop down menu for color, select Custom and input the Hex Code (6-digit RGB) value of desired color
    • If a non-Hex code is entered, crosshair will revert to the previous color.
  • Added the ability to independently tune horizontal and vertical crosshair lines.
    • Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary or Aim Down Sights >> Inner/Outer Length
      • Disabling the middle “chain” icon enables independent tuning.
      • Left slider is for horizontal line and the right slider is for the vertical line.
  • Added the ability to copy spectating player’s crosshair settings
    • When spectating another player, type “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” to import the crosshair of the player you are spectating and save it as a new crosshair profile
  • Increased the number of crosshair profiles available from 10 to 15

Download free Valorant patch 5.04 on PC.

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