V Rising Update Patch Notes (Ver. 0.5.41821) – June 9, 2022


V Rising update 0.5.41821 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official V Rising patch notes, the latest update added a new a “Confine Cursor to Window” setting to the game. Apart from this, V Rising patch 0.5.41821 also includes server optimizations and other fixes.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements and fixes. Read more details below. Unfortunately, players are experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s V Rising patch 0.5.41821 will fix a few of these issues.

V Rising servers are currently down for maintenance. You can check V Rising server status here. Read full details below.


V Rising June 9 Update Patch Notes

  • Server optimizations for servers with long up times and/or a lot of players.
  • Optimized the map and minimap on servers with a lot of castles.
  • Added a “Confine Cursor to Window” setting which will confine the Mouse Cursor to the window when in Minimized/Fullscreen Window mode.
  • Updated the Social Panel: Now it displays all players connected to the server and their SteamID. We also added text chat muting functionality. Muting is persistent between sessions now.
  • Note: Some players were using the social panel as an in-game radar, this won’t be possible anymore.
  • The Blood Essence Drain Modifier setting should now work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some types of lootable containers (Sarcophaguses, Book Shelves, Drawers etc) could get stuck in a looted and hidden state, never to respawn. All currently stuck containers will now respawn.
  • Castle Hearts now count as any floor type and can be incorporated in specialized rooms to still grant floor bonuses to stations/structures within the room.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some icons in the minimap to disappear. Now, the icons will always be visible in the minimap.
  • Servants will now be summoned to their servant coffin if locked outside their own castle while not being in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where some servants wouldn’t become available after completing a Hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where Servants would be able to open doors of an enemy castle.

Download the free V Rising patch for PC (Steam).