Ultrakill Update Patch Notes (Official) – February 17, 2022

Ultrakill update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Ultrakill patch notes, the latest update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Ultrakill patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Ultrakill Patch Notes – February 17, 2022


  • Added Alternate Nailgun
  • Added 4-4 super secret
  • Added V2, V2 2nd, Gabriel, Cancerous Rodent, Very Cancerous Rodent, Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl), Flesh Prison and Minos Prime into the Spawner Arm spawn menu
  • Added seperate enemy data entry for V2 2nd
  • Added “+MAURICED” style bonus to crushing enemies with a dead Malicious Face
  • Added option to turn off seasonal events

Controller Support:

  • Added controller support for all menus
  • Tutorials and on-screen text have been updated to show controller inputs when using a controller
  • Controller look speed is no longer affected by framerate
  • Addressed LB and RB not scrolling through weapons if mouse wheel weapon scrolling is disabled
  • Addressed LB and RB not scrolling through all variations when scroll type is set to “Both” and Remember Last Used Variation is enabled
  • Addressed weapon wheel being usable when dead or paused
  • Intro setup sequence will now have a auto-aim setting pop-up recommending to turn it on if the player has a controller plugged in
  • Walking slower will now also make view bob, gun bob and footsteps slower


  • Halved the game’s filesize
  • Options are now saved as files in the Preferences folder instead of in the registry (Options have gotten reset to defaults) and get synced by Steam Cloud
  • Players can now use right-click to zoom in while using an in-game screen such as a terminal
  • A screwdrivered enemy can now be punched with the Feedbacker to relaunch the screw, resetting its timer and dealing extra damage to the punched enemy
  • Updated the Shotgun’s model and texture
  • Updated the Nailgun’s model and texture
  • Variation colors will now also change relevant colors on the weapons themselves
  • Cleaned up and reworked many textures (especially Prelude textures) to make them look less compressed
  • Updated previous levels to fix some texture misalignment
  • Sliding no longer loses momentum if in the air or skipping on water
  • Objects and enemies that previously spawned inside a surface when spawned with the Spawner Arm are now offset to spawn correctly
  • Changed the painting inside the building of the final 2-2 arena from a generic angel painting to a portrait of King Minos
  • Nails that are being affected by magnets will no longer get launched by explosions
  • Reduced auto-aim on Whiplash to allow for greater accuracy
  • Whiplash will no longer auto-aim to dead Malicious Faces
  • Arms can now be swapped during the level intro falling animation
  • Malicious Face’s eyes are now properly monocolored when Enemy Silhouettes is enabled
  • Sliding in Clash mode will now count towards the 0-4 slide length challenge
  • Deleting enemies in the sandbox will no longer mark the navmesh as out of date
  • Clash mode Herb skull invincibility now included in the “No Weapon Cooldowns” cheat
  • Player can no longer enter a slide state while being pulled with the Whiplash to cause movement direction conflict
  • Made the Nailgun’s animations less extreme when using a Dual Wield powerup to improve visibility
  • Slightly updated jump pad particle effects
  • Updated 1-3 Hideous Mass’ eyes to glow in the dark when enraged
  • Increased accuracy of the collision checks for MDK’s Full Auto attack
  • The hand encounter in 2-4 will no longer unlock the enemy data entry for The Corpse of King Minos


  • Enemies no longer get stuck around the stairs of a specific Cyber Grind layout
  • Homing projectile speed is no longer affected by framerate
  • Addressed some weapon sounds not playing correctly in frozen time
  • Addressed some sound effects not playing at the correct pitch if the game speed has been slowed down with major assists
  • Turning on Clash mode while in ground slam state will no longer stop the spin attack from hitting enemies
  • Addressed Mindflayer swipe distance varying inversely per difficulty
  • Addressed Malicious Face’s beam charging effect disappearing if enraged while charging
  • Cerberi will no longer keep an enrage particle effect when dying the moment they enrage
  • Addressed a bug that caused Insurrectionists to get stuck horizontally after a jump attack
  • MDK can no longer clip out of bounds if hit with great force the instant he spawns
  • Drones will no longer explode during their death dive when touching a spot where an explosion had recently happened
  • Addressed some options menus not rendering correctly at ultrawide aspect ratios
  • Addressed the Marksman revolver not getting the correct amount of charge if the player skips a cutscene while holding it
  • Addressed the Nailgun’s nails and Screwdriver’s drill not being aimed at the center of the screen when using centered weapons
  • Addressed the standard revolver’s cooldown freezing when switching to another weapon, causing the next time the player equips the weapon to take slightly longer before the player can fire
  • Addressed Stalkers not dying from fall damage
  • Addressed Stalkers not destroying magnets that are attached to them when exploding themselves
  • Addressed a bug where enemies that have no weakpoints would only ever take a single point of damage from coinpunching
  • Addressed a bug where the V2 would be unable to use its shotgun when the player pulls off a specifically timed ricoshot
  • Addressed a bug that caused the player to be unable to spawn a sandbox block unless looking at a nearby surface
  • The last arena of 1-2 will no longer stay locked if the player restarts from a different checkpoint
  • Addressed a Clash mode bug where restarting from a checkpoint immediately after jumping would cause the player to enter an endless falling state
  • Classic HUD will now properly show the maximum HP value as 200 on Harmless difficulty
  • Addressed a bug where resetting to a checkpoint while in front of a locked door would cause it to open after the player has respawned, possibly despawning the room the player is in
  • Black Hole will no longer stay inert if Corpse of King Minos changes phases during its spawn animation on Violent difficulty
  • Addressed a Classic HUD bug where the weapon icon could not be disabled until another HUD icon setting had been changed
  • Addressed the shop terminal in the Cyber Grind not closing the Sandbox window if the player has it open and clicks the Weapons button
  • Addressed fullscreen option appearing to be off on restart even if the game is windowed
  • Addressed the ceiling lantern inside the small house in the first arena of 2-2 not having physics
  • Addressed the game loading the intro on startup if the player is using the second save slot without having any save on their first slot
  • Addressed a bug where throwing coins directly vertically could cause a multi-hit beam to get cancelled by hitting a dead coin
  • Addressed an issue where ground slam waves in 2-1 indoor areas would have outdoors lighting
  • Addressed the spine gib not being visible when destroying a husk’s chest
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