ULTRAKILL Update Patch Notes – November 5, 2021


ULTRAKILL update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official ULTRAKILL patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s ULTRAKILL patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


ULTRAKILL Patch Notes – November 5, 2021


  • Made changing direction in the air in Clash mode slightly faster
  • Stamina and velocity now reset on death in Clash mode
  • Cerberus’ and Malicious Face’s player prediction will now take into account the environment and large enemies that might block the player’s movement
  • The player can no longer parry an unlimited amount of projectiles with a single punch (now only two max: one that’s inside a player and one that’s infront)
  • Replaced 4-S ending hologram’s texture to the default one to reduce confusion
  • Normal spawnables are now removable with the deleter arm
  • Added a tutorial message about holding the jump button to bounce higher in 4-S
  • Added water surface skipping to Clash mode’s slide
  • Activating Noclip or Flight cheats will now disable Clash mode and vice versa
  • Added a ceiling to the 4-S final section
  • “Navmesh out of date” message now includes instructions for rebuilding it
  • Spawner Arm now has a notification in the cheats list with instructions for accessing it
  • Slightly raised enemy step height in the sandbox so they can climb onto the lowest possible custom block height
  • Breaking or deleting baked static objects will now mark the Navmesh as out of date
  • Made the orange damaging shockwaves’ flat sprite white to make the shockwave easier to track in yellow/orange environments
  • Changed the sentence “Your failure will not be tolerated” to “Your treachery will not be tolerated” in the Act I intermission for consistency and accuracy
  • Changed the phrase “The Chamber of Dreams” to “The Chamber of the feline and the rodent” in the 4-3 tablet to make it easier to understand


  • Fixed most cases of Intel graphics cards crashing from the color palette option
  • Fixed cheats not turning off properly sometimes when exiting Sandbox with the spawner arm equipped
  • Fixed 2-2’s water causing movement issues when the player tried sliding in it
  • Fixed Sandbox saving not working if the player had placed a Whiplash hookpoint
  • Breaking a breakable while holding it with telekinesis will no longer break the arm
  • Dead enemies no longer get saved as alive in sandbox saves
  • Fixed 4-2 moon not emitting light when looking down at the secret exit
  • Fixed soldiers in the final rooms of 2-3 and 3-1 spawning early even if enemy spawns had been disabled
  • While in dual wield mode, switching to the spawner arm and then back to the original weapon will now spawn the dualwielded guns correctly
  • Restarting from checkpoint or dying a second time during a Clash mode death animation will no longer cause the player to reset twice
  • Sisyphean Insurrectionists will no longer keep tracking the player if knocked down by a parry while in a horizontal or vertical swing animation
  • Fixed major assists game speed control not working correctly
  • Fixed screenshake continuing indefinitely while paused
  • Game no longer freezes when picking up a new secret soul orb in Clash mode
  • Game no longer freezes when switching to Clash mode during hitstop
  • Hitstop no longer breaks when no arms are equipped
  • Fixed inverted crosshair
  • Fixed the 4-S desert not getting unloaded properly when traversing back and forth between the beginning and end of the level
  • Fixed jumping OOB not killing the player in 4-S
  • Fixed Something Wicked not killing the player when touching them
  • Fixed blue Nailgun not having spread
  • Fixed a Clash mode related bug that would cause the spawner arm to only spawn objects in one specific spot
  • Fixed a terminal issue that would cause telekinesis effects to persist
  • Fixed a spawner arm positioning problem when trying to spawn an object that’s outside the spawning range
  • Fixed the Chamber of Dreams in 4-4 not spawning in if circling around through a specific route
  • Fixed the camera unlocking if the player pauses and unpauses in the results screen
  • Fixed mouse invert not working in Clash mode
  • Fixed the underwater filter not working in Clash mode in some levels
  • Fixed the underwater sound filter breaking when the player dies underwater
  • Enemies are no longer killable with parries when the Invincible Enemies cheat is on
  • Fixed the sky not returning in 4-S after going back to the outdoors section
  • Fixed the indoors death pit not being disabled when returning to the outdoors section through a checkpoint restart
  • Fixed hurting surfaces not killing in Clash mode if the player has a protector and doesn’t jump off the surface before the invincibility frames run out
  • 4-2 nighttime sand no longer kills in Clash mode
  • Clash mode unlock can now be picked up while in standard mode
  • Fixed pumpkin textures turning blank when an enemy enrages
  • Chapter select buttons for each act will no longer unlock one level too early
  • Nailgun now shoots nails correctly when auto-aimed
  • Railcannon meter is no longer broken on the classic white HUD
  • Fixed dithering slider offset
  • Fixed the red skull hallway in 2-3 not spawning in if the player backtracks through a specific route
  • Fixed the Railcannon meter (no weapon icon version) not updating properly when always on top HUD is enabled or disabled
  • Fixed dashes not working if the player whiplashes towards an enemy without pausing the game at any point during the level
  • Fixed “Keep enabled” cheat remembering wrong cheats when set off and on again
  • Fixed some sounds not lowering in volume in reverbarated zones
  • Fixed the Cerberi in the 4-1 final arena not being lit correctly
  • Fixed the Nailgun not aiming at the center of the screen when using middle weapon position