Truck Driver Update 1.30 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

    Truck Driver update 1.30 is now rolling out for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Truck Driver 1.30 patch notes, the latest update brings more stability to the player experience of the game. Apart from this, the new Truck Driver version 1.30 also added a better AI system and bug fixes.

    Previously, a major update added revamped the Menu/UI and there’s been multiple tweaks and bug fixes.

    Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while trying to play the game online. The new Truck Driver version 1.30 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

    Truck Driver 1.30 patch notes

    • NEW: Purchasable horn sounds. New horn sounds can be purchased in the garage
    • NEW: From now on the game now logs the distance travelled with each individual truck. You can view this in the garage and in the in-game menu
    • Fixed: Reduced the steering wheel vibration on multiple wheels
    • Fixed: Improvements on force feedback on multiple steering wheels
    • Fixed: Repeatable missions fail after delivering cargo twice to the same drop-off point
    • Fixed: Adjusted engine power for all truck engines
    • Fixed: Quest and Venture truck acceleration and speed issues
    • Fixed: Issues with driving uphill
    • Fixed: Improvements to the garage interface
    • Fixed: Wrong speed limit displayed on satnav on some roads
    • Fixed: Third mission from David Sueng that repeatedly failed
    • Fixed: UK DLC Paint Jobs have been unlocked in the main menu
    • Fixed: Crash sounds have been implemented correctly
    • Fixed: All horn sounds have been normalised
    • Fixed: AI Tractor speed has been adjusted
    • Fixed: Performance issues have been addressed
    • Fixed: Rate my app offline issues
    • Partially Fixed: Steering wheels visually do not reflect the input in-game
    • Optimizations to increase game stability and reduce game crashes.
    • Fixed: chat screen freezing the game in some missions after using the skip feature on the previous mission step.
    • Fixed: chat commands not working with steering wheels.

    Download free Truck Driver update 1.30 on PS4, PC and Xbox One

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