Transport Fever 2 (TPF2) Update Patch Notes – July 27, 2023

Transport Fever 2 update is now rolling out on PC. According to the official Transport Fever 2 patch notes, the latest update resolves various gameplay changes and improvements. Apart from this, the latest TPF2 update also includes various stability fixes.

Previously, a big Transport Fever 2 update added various balancing, changes, and bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online.

Today’s Transport Fever 2 patch will fix a few of these issues.

Transport Fever 2 Patch Notes – July 27, 2023

  • Improved branding and info screen for Deluxe Edition
  • Improved localization
  • Improved texture streaming
  • Improved simulation performance
  • Improved various user interface layouts
  • Improved general performance for ship pathfinding
  • Improved memory usage for table in user interface
  • Improved memory usage when playing with CJK characters
  • Improved duplicated save game handling when restoring save games from cloud or usb drive
  • Improved highlighting of lines in line manager
  • Improved usability when using mouse and keyboard
  • Improved usability: added hint to explain the necessity of a game update for newer save games
  • Improved usability: added button prompt “Cancel” for bulldozer
  • Improved usability: added rename for line/depot in vehicle manager
  • Improved usability: allow opening of line from line manager and vehicle manager
  • Improved usability: ask for confirmation if user leaves settings menu with unsaved changes
  • Improved usability: better contrast in line and vehicle manager view
  • Improved usability: better preview when building constructions
  • Improved usability: changed order of tabs in custom settings
  • Improved usability: fixed disappearing station HUD icons when bulldozing
  • Improved usability: fixed order of tabs in line details window
  • Improved usability: fixed updating of HUD icons when upgrading streets with tram tracks
  • Improved usability: for modifying balance in sandbox mode
  • Improved usability: improved progress indicator when saving
  • Improved usability: increased maximum speed of free camera
  • Improved line manager usability: added confirmation dialog when deleting a line
  • Improved vehicle manager usability: fixed selection when vehicle is sold
  • Fixed crash in map editor when generating terrain and towns simultaneously
  • Fixed crash when changing height during street or track construction
  • Fixed crash when editing vehicle after selling
  • Fixed crash when new industry is connected to the street network
  • Fixed rare crash when changing the settings for a temporarily deleted construction
  • Fixed rare crash when headquarter is upgrading
  • Fixed rare crash when industry is closed
  • Fixed rare crash when modifying street sections with cars on it
  • Fixed rare focus lost with controller when cancel save game dialog
  • Fixed “Building town…” message still displayed when returning to main menu
  • Fixed color glitches for some vehicles
  • Fixed deluxe content not available in save games created before the acquisition
  • Fixed discarding of long texts from virtual keyboard in text fields
  • Fixed incorrect links in campaign mission texts
  • Fixed incorrect placement of warning message during construction
  • Fixed incorrect texture size for car VW Type 2 T1
  • Fixed interruption of camera movement when closing object window
  • Fixed lag when navigation large tables in user interface
  • Fixed missing highlighting when editing multiple trains in vehicle store
  • Fixed path finding for ships with unreachable terminals
  • Fixed performance issue when assigning ships to a new line were not path exists
  • Fixed placement of “Invert rotation” option for mouse and keyboard in settings dialog
  • Fixed reset of cheats when switching between advanced settings tabs
  • Fixed strength of the landscaping brushes
  • Fixed tree generation in map editor for tropical climate
  • Fixed truncation of earnings for large values

Download free Transport Fever 2 update on PC.

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