Train Sim World 2 (TSW2) Update 1.83 Patch Notes – Official

    A new Train Sim World 2 update 1.83 patch notes released for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Train Sim World version 1.83 patch notes, the latest Preservation Crew updates added changes for Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr, Ruhr-Sieg Nord, and Rapid Transit routes. Apart from this, TSW2 update 1.83 (1.041) also includes some Core improvements related to the Spirit of Steam update and assorted other improvements including a new horn for Clinchfield’s SD-40 and a fix for the ‘Fast Lane’ Scenario on London Commuter.

    Previously, a big game update added changes for Luzern-Suesee, Harlem Line and continued improvements to Tees Valley. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s TSW2 update 1.83 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read full details below.

    TSW 2 Patch 1.83 Notes (1.041) – May 30, 2022

    Core Improvements

    Route Operation

    • After running through a red signal on a Scenario, objectives should no longer fail to load after returning to their last checkpoint (save point) – originally flagged on Cathcart Circle
    • Players should no longer be incorrectly put into a driving state when something blocks them from taking control of a service (either player permissions, or AI train in motion)
    • Loco display screens should now stay consistent with the speed the loco is traveling at – originally noted on Harlem Line’s M7A
    • [PS4] Whilst Exploring on Foot, pressing Triangle/Y should no longer force the player to enter Driver Mode – originally noted on PS4, Bakerloo Line
    • [Xbox] – Players should no longer crash after pressing in Right Stick after standing – originally flagged on Xbox, London Commuter, in the Class 377/387


    • Platforms with services due should feel busier, whilst passenger volumes on other platforms should feel more appropriate

    Fixed passengers getting stuck when trying to alight from a train that has a lower floor height than the platform, as well as getting stuck within the platform

    • Passengers should no longer…
      • Be stuck on the platform facing the wrong direction, waiting to board a train that has already left
      • Interact with the same seat as another passenger (on trains and platforms)
      • Stutter when alighting the train


    • Fixed estimated service time in the timetable menu showing as negative if the start and finish time of the service are either side of midnight
    • Fixed gamepad navigation in Mastery tier rewards
    • Fixed wait objectives not displaying title and description text
    • On the Route Map, when using a controller, the cursor should now properly snap to the nearest interactable object on the route map if the two objects are very close together or intersecting
    • Pressing the ‘Open Interaction Shortcuts’ button whilst the menu is open will now close the menu

    Livery Designer/Creators Club

    • Added ability to redownload uploaded content and resave it as local and editable
    • Added Decals for Queen’s Jubilee for Livery Designer as part of the ‘logos’ section

    Preservation Crew – Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr

    Route Operations

    • Added Contact Signaler functionality to trackside telephones
    • Changed ‘Light Rain’ to fully raining on ‘Destination Duisburg’ and ‘Route Introduction’ scenarios
    • Added functioning level crossings to route
    • Removed any references in Route Introduction to engage with controls players cannot access


    • Added new skies to route
    • Improved track rendering distance

    Locos and Rolling Stock

    • [DB BR 422] Added specific train formations in Scenario Planner
    • [DB BR 425] Reduced intensity of interior lighting
    • [DB BR 101] AI trains were not running with passenger lights turned on – they now are
    • [DB BR 101] Updated name to improve experience in Livery Designer
    • [DB BR 101] Added missing Chinese translations
    • Fixed locked throttle after recovering from Emergency Stop situation in Route Introduction
    • [DB BR 422 and DB BR 425] Added Rail Driver compatibility
    • [DB BR 422 and DB BR 425] Improved passenger lighting, and resolved reflection of said lighting in the windows
    • [BR101] Updated Rail Driver button mapping in line with convention
    • [All] Added Contact Signaler and Simple Radio functionality


    • Added PIS to route

    Preservation Crew – Ruhr Sieg Nord

    Route Operations

    • Players should now be able to climb the platform at any point, rather than just designated locations
    • Updated Level crossings to be operational
    • Added Contact Signaller functionality to telephones
    • Changed ‘Lightly Raining’ to full raining weather for ‘Steel Gaze’, ‘Letmathe Lite’, and ‘Fossil Fuels’ Scenarios
    • Updated train shutdown objectives in ‘Letmathe Lite’ scenario to be clearer
    • Added a year date to the services in Chapter 4 of DB BR 363 Journey Mode. Services 11-13 should now work as intended


    • Added Dovetail Live Mastery Reward – ‘Explorable signal box
    • Updated route to support new skybox
    • Updated ballast with white concrete sleepers
    • Added PIS for all stations and platforms
    • Added traffic to main roads on route
    • Fixed floating scenery outside entrance to signal box at Finnentrop station

    Locos and Rolling Stock

    • [DB 767.2] Added Contact Signaller and Simple Radio
    • [DB 767.2] Wipers will now start on Parked, rather than Off
    • [DB 767.2] Fixed issue whereby blue lights were coming through the roof of the train
    • [DB 767.2] Spelling and translation improvements
    • [DB BR 143] Added Contact Signaller and Simple Radio functionality
    • [DB BR 143] Added green glow to the PIS display board
    • [DB BR 143] Installed PIS system
    • [DB BR 185.2] Changed Program Mode to U on the PZB service
    • [DB BR 185.2] Updated digital displays to display correct number on-screen when starting PZB
    • [DB BR 363] Updated Livery Designer name to improve player experience
    • [DB BR 363] Updated controls for Throttle and Dynamic Brake to be correct way round on Rail Driver
    • [DB BR 363] Updated custom liveries previously not being selectable for timetable services
    • [All locos] Updated RailDriver compatibility, and button mapping to bring it in line with convention (Alerter is however still not operational with Rail Driver on the DB 767_780
    • [All locos] Removed lock on Classic Controller lock in gameplay
    • [All locos] Removed control locks during tutorials to prevent unrecoverable situations


    • Rush Hour passenger behaviours added
    • Rush Hour passenger volumes added

    Passengers should now correctly populare the platforms and embark/disembark trains at Lethmathe.


    • Fixed missing line numbers for all terminating services
    • Added virtual stations (off-world) to service mode, and updated station directory

    Preservation Crew – Rapid Transit

    Route Operations

    • Changed ‘Light Rain’ to full raining for ‘Metropolitan’ Scenario


    • Cars should no longer clip on road corners

    Locos and Rolling Stock

    • [DB Talent 2] Changed PZB to 85/O in default start-up
    • [DB Talent 2] Deleted rogue First-Class door which was causing players to be blocked
    • [DB Talent 2] Recentred Throttle/Brake so ‘0’ falls in centre for Rail Driver
    • [DB Talent 2] Updated seating
    • [DB Talent 2] Updated screens to show correct time of day
    • [DB Talent 2] Softened reflections in windows
    • [DB Talent 2] Added functionality for Parking Brake lighting
    • [DB Talent 2] Increased interior lighting of passenger compartments
    • [DB BR 182] Updated Livery Designer Name to improve player experience
    • [DB BR 182] Replaced old AFB system with updated AFB system
    • [DB BR 182] Updated doors not opening and closing on Doppelstock
    • [Doppelstock] Updated Livery Designer name to improve player experience
    • [Doppelstock] Updated wipers to start on Park, rather than Off
    • [Doppelstock] Updated with new PIS system
    • [Doppelstock] Updated sounds to now be audible on the stairs
    • [All] Added Simple Radio for Contact Signaller
    • [All] Updated Rail Driver button mapping to bring it in line with convention


    • [DB Talent 2] Added functioning PIS displays


    • Rush Hour passenger behaviours added
    • Rush Hour passenger volumes added


    • Added Dovetail Live Mastery Reward – ‘Landing Cargo Plane’

    London Commuter

    • ‘Fast Lane’ scenario should now be completable on all platforms


    • Headlights operation moved to button 28 of Rail Driver, to avoid issues with headlights not turning on
    • Added Contact Signaler and Simple Radio functionality


    • AI trains were not running with passenger lights turned on. Now they do.

    Sand Patch Grade

    • Changed ‘Lightly Raining’ to ‘Misty’ weather in Scenarios 1 and 3
    • Improved operation of CSX C40-8W’s independent brake to work to correct pressures

    Clinchfield Railroad

    • [SD40] Improved operation of independent brake to work to correct pressures
    • [SD40] Added new horn for SD40, based on audio from SD40 featured in ‘New Journeys’ Add-on
    • [SD40] Added Contact Signaler and Simple Radio functionality

    Main Spessart Bahn

    • [Dopplestock] Updated Cab Controls to enable headlights, coach lights and headlights to be operated
    • [Doppelstock] Updated Destination Display to be shown on the PIS
    • Added translation improvements

    DB BR 204

    • Updated locomotive thumbnail to remain consistent with other TSW2 content
    • Added Rail Driver functionality
    • Added Simple Radio and Contact Signaler functionality, as well as Walkie Talkie model to the cab

    Sherman Hill

    • Smoothed landscape and lowered telephone poles around Cheyenne Rail Yard
    • Updated Route Name to allow it to fit into Route Selection screen

    Harlem Line

    • Updated service 775 to be completable by players
    • Updated Route Name to allow it to fit into Route Selection screen

    G6 Shunter

    • Updated safety system sounds not being audible from outside
    • Updated an issue whereby cruise control got reset by SIFA reset button
    • Changed ‘Light Rain’ to Misty weather in ‘Piece of Cake’ Scenario

    Download free Train Sim World 2 update 1.83 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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