Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Update 1.10 Patch Notes – Sep 29, 2022

Wonderlands update 1.10 (1.010) details released for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Wonderlands patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, balancing changes, and improvements. Apart from this, Wonderlands patch 1.10 (1.010.000) also includes stability fixes.

Previously, Wonderlands update 1.06 added new changes and quality of life changes. Unfortunetly, since the release, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Tiny Tina patch 1.10 will fix a few of these issues.

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Wonderlands Patch 1.10 Notes ( – September 29, 2022

Addressed the following reported concerns:

  • Increased the total amount of Loot and Crystals Fatemakers can use at once to 2000 from 500 and allowed the Rabbit to spit out up to 18 pieces of Gear instead of 4
    • The Loot Table has been updated to use the lowest quality Rabbit Gear up to 200 Crystals, and then use the best tier quality onwards up to 2000 Crystals.
  • Curator would occasionally decide to cause a mission blocker during “The Ditcher” Side-quest
  • Enemies would occasionally spawn out of reach and cause a mission blocker during “Search for Vesper’s Soulfire”
  • [Special Community Request] Adjusted Chaos Mode
    • Previously, higher Chaos levels would be too difficult compared to expectations. The global modifiers for enemy damage and health has been decreased
    • Lower-quality gear will phase out as Fatemakers progress through higher levels of Chaos Mode
    • Increased Chaos Mode cap to 100 and adjusted the Ascended Gear weight scaling to accommodate the increase
  • Chaos Catch Up would not always work as intended
  • Character progress would occasionally revert to a previous point after hours of gameplay
  • Golden Dice achievements gained from other characters in a player’s profile would incorrectly give XP awards at the start of a new game
  • Added a way for Pigwart to access the cliff that some Fatemakers liked to shoot him from
  • Fatemakers would be able to get into a nearby nest and not take damage during “Kill Lake Lady”
  • Spinner Traps in Chaos Chamber would not allow Fatemakers to enter “Save Your Soul”
  • Fatemakers would occasionally not be able to enter “Save Your Soul” after completing the tutorial in Chaos Chamber.
  • Fatemakers that did not own DLC would occasionally be able to enter DLC maps in Multiplayer
  • Vending Machines would occasionally show as empty
  • [PlayStation] Previously unlocked side-quest Trophies would fail to unlock when transferring Trophy save data from PS4 to PS5
  • Added additional messages and members of the Gearbox LIVE team and 2K to credits
  • Various UI adjustments and improvements
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Various micropatches were nativized
  • … and more!

Addressed the following gear-specific reported concerns:

  • Mistrial of the Gull would infect other guns with its hidden special effect through map transitions.
  • Effects of “Class Ring” would occasionally end early when the Fatemaker’s Action Skill was cooling down
  • Wards with the “Vibing” enchantment would deal critical hit damage added to the attacks, rather than multiplied by the attacks
  • Threads of Fate would not destroy its projectiles after the spell ended
  • Cursed Wit would lose its damage increase if the ward was depleted when the Fatemaker switched maps
  • Greed Warden’s item card showed incorrect perks. This was just a visual bug; no changes have been made to the weapon’s function.
  • Spellblade’s would use any melee damage rather than a Melee Hit and the item card description wasn’t accurate to what was happening.
  • Mosquito’s Mantle passive ability would do unexpected double-dipping on its damage when the Crossbolt would hit the target

Made the following enemy changes:

  • Stabbomancer Ghost Blades would not damage Dry’l’s arms
  • Reduced the amount of the ward bar Dry’l recovers per charge from 25% to 20% in Phase 2
    • Dry’l has been a point of issue with the community due to his constant ward regeneration while also being resistant to the Lightning that is strong against wards. Based on our testing, this should help ease the damage gating threshold.
  • Reduced Wastard’s ward recovery rate from his Spectral Aegis from 150% ward regen to 100%
    • This should provide some relief to players who are struggling to break through the recovering wards while killing the Aegis, but can otherwise handle the fight.
  • Wastard would ignore his timer to summon the Spectral Aegis if Fatemakers killed it before the cooldown succeeded, which let him continuously spawn adds.
  • Reduced Wastard’s Magic Storm attack damage by 25%
  • Reduced Knightmare’s charge attack damage from 125% to 75%
  • Long Bronzed Gilbert would not be killable in Chaos Mode

Addressed the following class-specific reported concerns:

  • Clawbringer Rebuke skill would not increase the damage for allies when the Clawbringer equipped armor with a Clawbringer Power increase
  • Blightcaller Bog Totem action skill would occasionally not activate after using it at the same time as a spell
  • Blightcaller Bog Totem would not be able to be placed in some areas of Mount Craw

Download free Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands patch 1.10 on PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

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