Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Update 1.06 Patch Notes

A new Wonderlands update 1.06 ( released on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Wonderlands patch notes, the latest update added various adjustments and improvements. Apart from this, Wonderlands patch 1.06 (1.006.000) also includes various stability fixes

Previously, Wonderlands hotfix was released with quality of life changes. Unfortunetly, since the release, players are facing issues with the game. Today’s Tiny Tina patch 1.06 will fix a few of these issues.

Read more details below.

Wonderlands Patch 1.06 Notes – Official (May 19, 2022)

  • Added special Vending Machines to the Loot Room at the end of the Chaos Chamber; each machine has a Legendary of the week for sale that will change every Thursday by 9:00 AM PT.
  • Mission reward gear is now more likely to show up in standard vending machines
  • Throwable Hole can now drop with enchantments and can be enchanted at the Re-Roller
  • Many Mission rewards can now drop as enchanted and can be enchanted at the Re-Roller
  • The Mushroom Healer has completed their mushroom trials and has been found worthy of a name: Mike, which is an okay name for a mushroom

In addition to this support, some changes have been made that we wanted to give special mention to based on feedback from the community:

Fixed various reported rare crashes, including those related to:

  • Occasional crash that would occur when switching between display modes
  • Tabbing after searching for a SHiFT friend
  • Quitting to desktop after Character Creation
  • Using the “Randomize Character” button in the Character Creator multiple times quickly
  • Switching to the Mail menu from the Social menu
  • [Console Only] Quickly switching between Control Menu tabs in split-screen
  • [Xbox Only] Activation timeouts

Addressed the following reported concerns:

  • “Storm Surge” would not drop from the world loot pool. It was dedicated drop only before this change
  • Thread of Fate spell would not properly heal Fatemakers while doing Dark Magic damage
  • Counterfeint would occasionally allow players to not be targeted by enemies for longer than intended
  • Achievements were not being consistently awarded for “Walk the Stalk”, “The Trial of Crooked-Eyed Phil”, “The Ditcher”, and “Completionist is next to Godliness”
  • Achievements were not being consistently awarded for level milestones
  • Potential blocker could occur when saving/loading during “Thy Bard with a Vengeance”
  • Mobly Dick’s mission item would occasionally fall out of bounds
  • Prevented a drawbridge in Brighthoof from closing after Valentine had gone through the effort of seducing it open.
  • Prevented a progression blocker during “Walk the Stalk” if a Fatemaker doesn’t pick up the Punchfather
  • Barrel would occasionally disappear for some Fatemakers during “Break Ingredient X Barrel”
  • Added an enemy scalar for Chaos Chamber to increase the number of enemies that appear in co-op
  • Chaos Trial would not automatically update level
  • Endless Dungeon altars would occasionally subtract crystals from players for ammo and health altars in co-op that did not use them
  • Some instances where Fatemakers would not save as expected and would revert to a previous state
  • Instances of items duplicating unintentionally
  • Prevented players from unintentionally deleting characters
  • Issues related to reporting players in the Roster menu
  • Fatemakers that joined a game during the Table introduction still had their HUD visible
  • Various UI adjustments and improvements
  • Various sound effect adjustments
  • Various telemetry improvements
  • Various audio changes and adjustments
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • [PlayStation®5 Only] Added Variable Refresh Rate support for PlayStation®5
  • [DLC] Fatemakers would occasionally appear at the incorrect entrance in Dreamveil Overlook
  • [DLC] Fatemakers would be able to enter a portal early and encounter a progression blocker
  • [DLC] Fatemakers would be sent to the incorrect store page when interacting with mirrors for the content they did not own
  • [DLC] Fatemakers that did not own the DLC content would be unable to consistently join a Faktemaker that did
  • [DLC] A progression blocker could occur when fighting “Best Chums”
  • …and more!

Class Adjustments:

Addressed the following class-specific reported concerns:

  • Brr-Zerkers would not stay enraged when multi-classed into Graveborn and using the “Reaper of Bones” action skill
  • Spore Warden‘s Mushroom pet would not clean up after itself after using its mushroom spore attack for all players
  • Clawbringer‘s Storm Smite would not properly switch between Fire and Shock damage. The splats on Storm Smite have been corrected to also match their expected visuals and damage type.
  • Graveborn‘s Faithful Thralls skill’s bonus’ could occasionally stack indefinitely
  • Graveborn’s kill skill “Harvest” could be unintentionally stacked indefinitely
  • Stabbomancer‘s “Follow Up” stacks would trigger unintentionally with the chain lightning effect on the Dahlia SM Live Wire

Enchantments – Spore Warden:

  • Adjusted a Spore Warden Enchantment from receiving a chance for an explosion on Gun and Ability damage to having the chance only with Gun Damage. We found that the bonuses had unintended damage scaling when combined with other abilities.


Blast Chill and Blast Gasp (for Graveborn) could overlap and scale damage out of the anticipated range in the end game when combined with other damage scaling. The changes below here are focused on making Melee Attacks a bit more powerful during the mid-game and in Chaos Chamber.

  • Blast Chill has been adjusted to award a chance to release a Nova on Melee Attacks, instead of on all Melee Damage sources.
  • Savagery has been increased to doing 6% per point of Melee Damage
  • Damage received from attacks when close to enemies while using The Old Ways had been reduced to 40%
  • Iron Squall Melee Attack speed has been increased to 4% per point in the skill

Spore Warden:

  • Wrath of Nature has been adjusted to do 10% increased damage per point in the skill
  • Increased Affinity’s Ability Damage to award 9% per point to give additional power in the early game
  • Increased Bullseye’s Critical Hit Chance to 12% per point


  • Changed Cleaning Flame Action skill to do Fire Melee Damage instead of just Melee Damage
  • Increased Awe’s Critical Hit Chance to 13% per point
  • Increased Awe’s Critical Hit Damage to 7% per point
  • Increased Dedication Action Skill Cooldown Rate with Max Ward to 6%
  • Increased Dragon Aura Elemental Damage to 5% per point
  • Increased Rebuke Damage Reduction to 4% per point
  • Increased Oath of Thunder Bonus Melee Damage to 6% per point
  • Increased Fire Bolt Gun Damage to 10% per point
  • Increased Storm Breath Damage Reduction to 15% per point


  • Adjusted Blast Gasp Ability Damage to 7% per point to compensate for additional bug fixes to the skill
  • Increased Harvest Bonus Dark Magic to 5% per point. This brings the bonus Magic Damage up to 30% total at max stacks.
  • Increased Stain of the Soul to deal 5% bonus Dark Magic Damage per point


  • Increased Ethereal Blade Melee Damage to do 150% of your Melee Weapon
  • Increased Ghost Blade Weapon Damage to 85%


  • Adjusted Double Knot to do 4% bonus Gun Damage on Spell Critical Hits

Weekly Rotations:

Weekly Event! This in-game, limited-time mini-event will be active from May 19 to June 2 at 9:00 AM PT.

  • Activated the In-Game Mini Event: Armor Up!
    • Increases the chance for armor to drop and the chance for the class mods to be for your current character.
    • Note: Due to classes being distributed between Light, Medium, and Heavy armor types, Fatemakers are still likely to find plenty of armor that fits other classes at average a rate of 1 out of 3. For best results, pair up with friends that match your class/subclass!

The Chaos Chamber’s Featured Run has been updated! All aboard the chaos train, but be warned, this train doesn’t stop! At least, not for a while. The Leaderboard has been reset. Will you top the charts this week?

Featured Runs are available in the Chaos Chamber after you’ve completed the main story, and rotate weekly every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. They’re the same for all players, so jump in and see how your run went compared to other Fatemakers!

  • This run features Oculus and Mushroom Monster. We’ll let you figure out who the two bosses are this week! Get ready to take on a new extended run in the Chaos Chamber!

Change Notes:

  • We have adjusted the Wheel of Fate to drop more items along with Moon Orbs and Gold.
  • Removed redundant quest markers for “The Slayer of Vorcanar”
  • Removed the damage scaling increase from Hawkin’s Wrath from the May 5 Hotfix. This had to be removed to address a crash that we saw impacting Xbox players. We will be investigating how to properly address this in a future patch.

Frost Weapon Adjustments:

Frost does damage over time, but we found some Frost-only guns, like Liquid Cooling, that were mistakenly balanced as if that was not the case.  We will be adjusting those weapons upwards so that they still roughly deal the same damage.  Queen’s Cry specifically was mistakenly nerfed because elemental damage was included, but not during balancing.  It is having its damage increased to compensate for that mistake. We are intending to adjust Fragment Rain in a later hotfix after we take a look at the SMG balance for Chaos Chamber.

  • Adjusted Frost damage scaling for guns by -5.9%
  • Liquid Cooling’s damage scaling increased by +7.8%
  • Queen’s Cry damage scaling increased by +22.3%

Change Notes:

  • Tore down unintended collision in Tangledrift
  • Bonuses from Smart Armor would occasionally be lost when in Save Your Soul or during level transitions

Class Adjustments:

We found that Stabbomancer and Clawbringer were not matching up with our damage expectations for higher Chaos Tiers. These are a few changes that we were able to release now, and we anticipate more changes based on what we’ve seen from the community in the future. We are continuing to monitor and investigate improvements to underperforming and overperforming classes and how they interact.


  • Increased Ethereal Blade to deal 150% of the Fatemaker’s Melee Weapon damage instead of 100%
  • Ghost Blade Weapon Damage increased by +10%


  • Awe Critical Hit Chance is now 13% per point instead of 11%
  • Awe Critical Hit Damage is 7% per point instead of 5%
  • Dragon Aura Elemental Damage now 5% instead of 4%
  • Oath of Thunder deals 6% bonus melee damage per point instead of 5%
  • Firebolt: Gun damage is now 10% per point instead of 8%

Gear Adjustments:

Warped Paradigm:

We found that the Warped Paradigm was increasing damage outside of the expected range that we balanced it for. We’ve adjusted it down slightly to make sure it wasn’t creeping too far out of those expectations.

  • Adjusted Warped Paradigm’s stat conversion from 50% to 35%

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Torgue (Manufacturer)

  • Increased all Torgue gun manufacturer Damage Scaling by 17.6%

Hawkin’s Wrath

  • Increased Fire Rate by 75%
  • Increased Damage Scaling by 10%


  • Swordsplosion now spawns with at least one Foregrip part. This will not affect current versions of the weapon.
  • Increased Swordsplosion projectile speed by 150%
  • Increased Swordsplosion’s Fire Rate by 194%
  • Increased Swordsplosion’s Damage Scaling by 14%

Reign of Arrows

  • Adjusted Reign of Arrows area damage tick time from 0.2 seconds to 0.25 seconds


The elemental effect chance was very low for how many projectiles get fired per shot. 

  • Increased Crossblade weapon Status Effect Chance by 100%. Note: Each Crossblade blade always has a chance to apply its damage over time

Die-Vergent (Coiled Captors)

  • Increased Die-Vergent Damage scaling by 20%

Download free Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands patch 1.05 on PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

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