Timberborn Update 2 Patch Notes (New Features) – Sep 14, 2022

    Timberborn update 2 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Timberborn patch notes, the latest update brings Golemsnegative effects, and a reworked well-being system. Apart from this, Timberborn patch 2 also includes Terraforming, batteries, and automated migrations.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Timberborn patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Timberborn Patch Notes – September 14, 2022


    The main course today is golems. They are super-efficient mechanized beavers that perform most duties of their living masters (and some that a beaver wouldn’t touch). Their effectiveness comes at a price, though – you need to produce and power them up.

    • New dweller type: Golems. Golems work at all workplaces with an exception of Inventor, Observatory, and Power Wheel. They’re not affected by working hours and regular needs. Folktail golems are called Barrelbots, Iron Teeth golems are called Cogheads.
    • Only select workplaces are available to golems right from the start. The rest needs to be unlocked with Science Points.
    • Windows, lanterns, and entrances of buildings where golems are employed light up in light blue rather than normal yellow.
    • New building: Golem Parts Factory (500 SP; 50 Planks, 25 Gears, 15 Metal Blocks; 1 worker; powered).
    • New building: Golem Assembler (750 SP; 100 Planks, 50 Gears, 50 Metal Blocks; powered, 2 workers). Assembles a golem from 4 Limbs, 1 Chassis, and 1 Head.
    • New building: Refinery (400 SP; 30 Planks, 10 Gears, 10 Metal Blocks; 2 workers, Folktails-only). Creates Biofuel from Carrots, Potatoes, or Spadderdock seeds. Also creates Catalyst from Maple Syrup and Sunflower Seeds.
    • New building: Biofuel Tank (200 SP; 50 Planks, 25 Gears, 15 Metal Blocks; Folktails-only). Barrelbots stop here to refuel.
    • New building: Catalyst Tank (600 SP; 15 Gears, 20 Treated Planks, 15 Metal Blocks; Folktails-only). Use this to supercharge your Barrelbots with a secret plant compound!
    • New building: Control Tower (1000 SP; 20 Planks, 15 Gears, 20 Metal Blocks; uses SP to operate; Iron Teeth-only). Supercharges all Cogheads in its range.
    • New building: Charging Station (200 SP; 5 Planks, 15 Gears, 5 Metal Blocks; 1 slot, powered; Iron Teeth-only). Cogheads need to visit this building to be wound up.


    Unlocking golems has an extra perk – you get workers capable of terraforming. Excavating dirt and putting up new land blocks allows you to reshape maps completely. This new features pairs well with Timberborn’s water physics and vertical architecture.

    • New building: Dirt Excavator (2000 SP; 100 Treated Planks, 100 Gears, 50 Metal; 4 workers – Golems only; powered). This metal monstrosity excavates a new resource, Dirt, from below, drilling deeper and deeper. Once it reaches the map’s bottom it will continue mining without destroying terrain.
    • New building: Dirt Pile (500 SP; 100 Planks, 25 Metal Blocks). Guess what, this is where you keep all your precious Dirt.
    • New building: Terraforming Station (750 SP; 200 Treated Planks, 30 Metal Blocks; 4 workers – Golems only). Golems employed here take on the dangerous job of putting up new terrain blocks.
    • New “building”: Terrain Block (6 Dirt). With enough Dirt, you can start placing new ground blocks. They’re cubes but it is crucial to rotate them correctly – golems from the Terraforming Station build them in the order indicated by arrows. Use this to stop golems from blocking access to planned construction sites and to prevent cutting off the builders.

    Well-being rework

    The well-being system has received a significant update. All units’ stats and bonuses are now clearly presented and easier to grasp. You can no longer starve your beavers (or keep them thirsty and/or sleep-deprived) for extended periods without real consequences. Under the new system, you also have more freedom regardless of playstyle – every new food, attraction or decoration has a positive effect. This also helps us add new content and balance it properly.

    • Basic needs (Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Shelter) can now reach negative values, making it more difficult to recover if a beaver is deprived of them for a long time.
    • Most needs and attractions no longer have individual effect combinations but provide different well-being values. These values are always visible, greyed out if not satisfied.
    • Well-being is now tiered. Higher tiers grant increased bonuses.
    • Bonuses affecting a unit are now directly displayed in the unit’s panel.
    • Bonuses for adult beavers are Work Speed, Movement Speed, Life Expectancy.
    • Bonuses for kits are Growth Speed, Movement Speed, Life Expectancy.
    • Bonuses for golems are Work Speed and Movement Speed. Golems’ well-being is called “condition”.
    • Unsatisfied Hunger now decreases work speed by 50%.
    • Unsatisfied Thirst now reduces movement speed by 25%.
    • Unsatisfied Sleep now reduces movement speed by 10%.
    • Folktails’ Fertility buffs and debuffs have been removed, but the base Fertility value has been increased.
    • Carrying capacity buffs and debuffs from needs have been removed, but the base beaver carrying capacity was increased to 14.
    • New need: Wet fur. Increases Well-being for some time after leaving the water.
    • New building: Shower (50 SP; 10 Logs, 1 Plank; 1 slot, Folktails-only). Thanks to its pipe submerged in water, this thing makes your beavers wet even if they’re well above the water’s surface. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • New building: Double Shower (50 SP; 10 Logs, 1 Plank; 2 slots; Iron Teeth-only). Not only does this version fit two beavers at once but also its pipe is much longer!

    Negative effects

    The reworked well-being system also allowed us to add negative effects to the game. Beavers affected by them suffer from well-being penalties, so if you don’t want your colony to feel like they’ve been through hell and back, you’ll need to work towards sufficient countermeasures.

    • New status: Injury. Every few hours, all beavers working in factories have a chance of receiving a temporary Injury. Injuries cause the beaver to refuse to work until healed. The chance of receiving and the duration of an injury differ between workplaces.
    • New status: Broken teeth. Lumberjacks now occasionally break teeth, reducing their cutting chance by 75%. The more trees they cut, the more likely it is to happen.
    • New status: Bee sting. Bees from Beehives will now sometimes sting nearby beavers which results in the beaver feeling unhappy, thanks to its swollen face.
    • New building: Teeth Grindstone (5 Logs; 1 slot). Beavers visit this to sharpen their broken teeth while hoomans squirm at a thought of how this torture device works.
    • New building: Medical Bed (80 SP; 5 Logs, 1 Plank; 1 slot). Injured beavers go here to be healed. And if you have access to Medicine, it is super effective!
    • New building: Healer (300 SP; 20 Planks, 5 Gears, 5 Metal Blocks; 1 worker). A good doctor working here produces and distributes Medicine to beavers resting on Medical Beds.
    • New resource: Dandelion. Found in the wild, grown by Foresters, cut by Gatherers. Used as the primary Medicine ingredient.

    Science Points

    In addition to the new ways to put your Science Points to good use (in the form of new buildings and unlocking workplaces for golems), we’re adding new ways of generating SP.

    • New building: Numbercruncher (1500 SP; 30 Planks, 100 Gears, 25 Metal Blocks; powered; Iron Teeth-only). Running endless calculations to predict all 14,000,605 post-apocalyptic beaver futures, this automated structure generates SP for everyone to enjoy.
    • Observatory can no longer be built by Iron Teeth.
    • New recipe in the Mine (Folktails-only). Instead of digging up hooman junk, Folktails can search for underground traces of human civilization, learning a lot and earning SP.


    Wouldn’t it be cool to store the excess energy your settlement produces and then release it once the power consumption reaches its peak? Our beavers thought just that and after tinkering with the solutions for a moment, they came up with the idea of gravity batteries.

    • New building: Gravity Battery (400 SP; 40 Planks, 40 Gears, 10 Metal Blocks; capacity depends on how high it is above the ground). The battery’s load automatically lifts using energy surplus and then lowers to release its stored energy back to the network.


    We often heard that migrating beavers (and now also golems) between districts could be easier, maybe even… automatic. The new tab found in the Settlement Panel helps a lot in that area.

    • New tool: Migration Panel. This panel allows you to manipulate population numbers for adult beavers, kits, and golems in your districts. It has two sections.
    • The “Manual migration” section at the top allows you to pick two districts and directly migrate 1, 10 or all units from each category (Adults, Kits, and Golems) between them.
    • The “Automatic migration” section allows you to set the desired minimum for each unit category. The game will try to migrate units for you to satisfy these minimums.
    • Each district in the “Automatic migration” section has two buttons for each unit type (adults, kits, golems) that allow completely blocking their immigration and/or emigration.
    • District Center’s migration button now redirects to the new Migration Panel.

    New player experience

    We’ve made a few tweaks to make the beginnings a little easier when following the built-in tutorial.

    • Increased the number of carrots required in the “Plant some carrots” tutorial step from 70 to 100.
    • Updated several other tutorial tips.
    • Changed the default Farmhouse action from harvesting to planting.


    Update 2 required many balance changes, including tweaks to the pre-Update 2 content.

    • To accommodate terraforming, the maximum in-game terrain height was increased to 22 tiles. The maximum terrain height in the map editor is still 16 tiles.
    • The maximum building height remains set to “10 tiles above the maximum terrain height” which effectively increased the maximum in-game building height to 32 tiles.
    • Gear Workshop: Gears now take 3 hours to make, instead of 6; storage space for Gears and Planks has been expanded from 8 to 10 to compensate for the larger output.
    • Large Metal Platform: now costs 1000 SP to unlock, up from 500 SP.
    • Workplaces now only consume energy while actually operating.
    • Engine no longer consumes logs while there’s a zero need for energy in the connected power grid.
    • Engine now uses 0.2 logs per hour, down from 1, and its internal storage has been lowered to 10 logs. (Translation: the full storage now sustains the engine for 2 days, up from 1).
    • Adjusted Inventor and Observatory output numbers slightly to get rid of decimals.
    • Increased the weight of Scrap Metal from 9 to 11.
    • The life expectancy mechanic has been rewritten from scratch and now affects beavers in a more predictable way.
    • Beavers (and now, also golems) are now always able to carry at least one good, even if it exceeds their maximum carrying capacity. If it does, they will move slower.
    • Mud Bath now requires Dirt to build rather than Gears.
    • Increased the well-being level required to unlock Iron Teeth to 15 to accommodate well-being values changes.

    UI and QoL

    Other than the new content such as golems and the migration panel, there’s been a batch of other changes aimed at making your experience better.

    • All workers and dwellers assigned to a building are now highlighted on the map after selecting it (and vice versa).
    • District range lines are now always displayed outwards from the District Center.
    • District Centers now display the range preview when placed as part of construction in progress.
    • Added “blocked entrance” warnings.
    • Made several visual changes across the Settlement Panel to make it prettier and easier to read.
    • Unavailable workplaces and dwellings are no longer counted in the free slot numbers.
    • It is no longer possible to build dynamite at the map’s lowest level. A beaver is not a mole, m’kay?
    • Population Well-being panel has been updated. It now displays the effect each need has on the population’s average well-being.
    • In the Settlement panel, the Power tab no longer displays the district dropdown menu. Elsewhere, these dropdowns will collapse after clicking anywhere outside.
    • Settlement Panel icons are now highlighted when under the cursor.
    • Cleaned up many tooltips, statuses, notifications, and descriptions.
    • Cleaned up the order of building costs and ingredients displayed in buildings.
    • Updated the presentation of resource consumption in buildings.
    • Need tooltips now update real-time.
    • Added missing click sounds.
    • Updated several status and building icons.
    • Made many other minor tweaks to the UI.


    A frame here, a frame there, and we’re getting there!

    • Increased the game’s performance with tweaks to moisture, work assignment, beaver wandering, and resource calculations. In particular, settlements with a high number of bored beavers can run up to 25% faster, go figure.


    • All included maps have been updated to feature wild dandelions.
    • Updated smaller buildings (Bench, Beaver Statues, Scarecrow, Bell, Water Dump) so that they can be built under platforms.
    • Power-generating buildings no longer animate based on the power grid’s efficiency (which was the most visually jarring in Power Wheels turning slooowly).
    • Left-handed mouses are now supported.
    • Added the “Delete map” button to the map browser.
    • When saving the game, you can now browse earlier saves, for example to overwrite them easily.
    • Under custom difficulty, it is now possible to manually adjust the chance for injuries.
    • Iron Teeth Haulers now also deliver nutrients to Breeding Pods as part of their already exhausting jobs.

    Bug fixes

    • Engine no longer burns logs when paused.
    • Irrigation Tower no longer uses water when paused.
    • Fixed a bug that caused stairs to limit ranges.
    • Tribute to Ingenuity no longer works at full efficiency when not fully powered.
    • Construction sites can no longer reach over 100% progress. No, not even the Iron Teeth ones.
    • Fixed a visual bug in the Distribution Post’s model.
    • Fully grown trees and bushes no longer produce goods (such as Pine Resin) when flooded.
    • Fixed several minor visual bugs.
    • Floodgates can now be synchronized in the Construction site stage.
    • Fixed an incorrect warning on flooded Breeding Pods.
    • Mine’s door now displays a correct range indicator.
    • Fixed a bug with the Scarecrow providing the wrong bonus.
    • When trying to place an attraction in an unavailable area, AoE for all other attractions of that type is now still displayed.
    • Fixed bugs with shafts not rotating and the Power Shaft Intersection not rotating properly.
    • Fixed a bug with status icons always appearing in front of fire particle effects regardless of the actual distance from the camera.
    • Icons for buildings that are flooded and in need of water are now different.
    • Status icons no longer appear above beavers’ heads after clicking them while they’re inside buildings.
    • Fixed framerate drops caused by marking trees for cutting.
    • The productivity of paused buildings is now correctly calculated.
    • Fixed a bug with trees getting their preview and regular models blended together.
    • It is no longer possible to ascend to the state of over 100% Adulthood.
    • You can no longer catch your beavers in inappropriate positions after loading the game.
    • An animation of a beaver sleeping or resting is no longer PEGI-18 while the game is sped up.
    • The pop-up window used to rename a unit or a district now allows typing right away.
    • After starting a new game, you can now begin typing the new settlement’s name right away.
    • Switching a recipe in a building no longer causes its panels to temporarily break.
    • The “Population Well-being” panel now correctly scales down on larger-scale UIs.
    • Out of respect for the dead, beaver and golem bodies will now be transported to the closest available tile after you remove a platform they were on.
    • Fixed several possible crash causes.

    Download free Timberborn patch on PC (Steam).

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