The Sims 4 Update 1.70 Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox

    The Sims 4 update 1.70 is available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Sims 4 1.70 patch notes, the latest hotfix brings some minor tweaks to the game. Apart from this, Sims 4 update 1.70 also includes stability and performance fixes.

    Previously, a major update added new features, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Recently, a hotfix was also released. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s Sims 4 version 1.70 will address a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    What is new in Sims 4 1.70 Patch Notes?

    • Added fixes for game crashes on consoles.
    • Addressed the issue causing The Sims 4 to shut down on PlayStation & Xbox.

    The following issues were addressed previously.

    • Toddlers in the game now reflect their parents’ appearance and genetics.
    • Sims will no longer break the space-time continuum by moving when the game is paused.
    • A specific clothing item, the Mint Green Belted Cardigan, no longer causes an appearance issue.
    • A specific clothing item, the Open Blazer, now fits correctly.
    • A Juice Party now counts towards the Party Aspiration.
    • Objects mounted on walls will no longer be removed when a different wall texture is applied in Build mode.
    • The Check for Pen Pal Replies option now displays correctly.
    • The Return from Daycare notification now only appears once.
    • A crash that could happen when entering Live Mode has been fixed.
    • The Promise to Help interaction now triggers in the appropriate situations.
    • It is now possible to enable the free build cheat while in the Making Money Scenario, without disabling achievements/trophies on consoles.
    • Duplicate Clean up prompts when around two Activity Tables have been removed.
    • When using the Off the Grid filter, objects will display the proper information about the skill they may impact.
    • Disabling Wants & Fears now functions as intended.
    • Missing Comfort stats from many Comfort objects and items have been fixed.
    • Public Bathrooms description information has been corrected and Sims will now be able to use public bathroom stalls.
    • On Console, Adjusting the UI Scale from Game Options > Accessibility while in Create a Sim (CAS) should be more responsive
    • The Show: All Households list in the Manage Households menu is now scrollable and you can see all households as well.
    Download free Sims 4 version 1.70 on PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. The Sims 4 codes will be available later.
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