The Last Spell Update Patch Notes – Oct 1, 2021


The Last Spell update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official The Last Spell patch notes, the latest addressed save corruption, cursor, and framerate issue.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Today’s The Last Spell patch will address a few of these issues.

Read more details below.


The Last Spell Changelog (Oct 1, 2021)

  • Fix of a save corruption due to a bug caused by the death of heroes.
  • Fix of the cursor that was framerate dependant.
  • Fix of the huge sprites displayed sometimes on skill targeting.
  • Fix of Glenwald haven that was disappearing sometime on the world map.
  • Fix of the skill “Fatality” from the perk that could be used on any healthy enemy in range.
  • Fix of the conditions from meta that was reset after loading the save preventing some players to unlock major unlocks like the Seer or the Inn.
  • Fix of the meta condition “Build X defenses” that was only increasing with the construction of barricades.
  • Fix of the following perks: Mana collector, Energized, Swift as the wind, Vampire. The regen effect of these perks was stacking if the hero was at maximum in the regenerated stat and then all the stacked effect would be triggered by any skill under any condition.
  • Fix of Scorching Wave Scroll and Rain of Arrows Scroll not having the rotate option on targeting.
  • Fix of the Accursed and Bulky attacking directly after getting out of the fog instead of waiting one turn.
  • Fix of the perk “Potion Thrower” that was not active on every potion.
  • Fix of the perk’s description “Night owl” that was mentioning the turn 4 instead of the turn 5.
  • Fix of a very specific case where it was possible to use an attack on the caster of the skill.
  • Fix of a visual bug that was occurring on enemies inside light fog after destroying Mist Censers.
  • Fix of bug in the night reward panel that was causing a desynchronization between the displayed reward and the reward that the player receives.

Download free The Last Spell patch on PC.