The Forgotten City Update 1.2 Patch Notes – August 31, 2021

The Forgotten City update 1.2 (August 31, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official The Forgotten City patch notes, the latest update added a new policy, new features, and changes. Apart from this, the Forgotten City version 1.2 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

Today’s The Forgotten City patch 1.2 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

The Forgotten City Patch Notes (August 31, 2021)


Players are now free to share content from “beyond the White Hallway” provided they give a spoiler warning first.


New setting allows players to hide Quest Prompts if they wish (in addition to being able to disable Hints, which was available in 1.1.


• Allowed the player to look around while on the zip lines
• Ensured dialogue works properly on ultra-wide screen monitors
• Fixed exploit for opening Duli’s door
• Fixed scrolling bug in menu
• Fixed rare issues with settings menu
• Fixup multiple subtle issues with game configuration
• Fix game camera and examiner screen input being dependent on framerate, mouse and gamepad right stick input now correctly scales with FPS (rather than being constant).
• Made default input scale for camera match as close as possible what it was at 60 FPS.
• Fixed rare bug where Sentius would die inexplicably
• Fixed dialogue logic errors with Fabia
• Fixed collision holes in tunnels
• Fixed various achievement bugs including “Underworld Explorer”
• Fixed up all reported typos and localization issues
• Added some missing contributors to credits
• Fixed bug where the player couldn’t tell Ulpius he’d been freed
• Halved volume of the Thunderous Voice
• Fixed rare bug where saves would become unavailable
• Made game work with the steam big picture mode keyboard
• Fixed various collision issues around villas
• Made suicide note easier to inspect
• Allows the game to pause when Steam overlay pops up
• Fixed issue where sending Galerius on errands then talking to Ulpius could create blocking issues
• Fixed issue which could prevent player from talking to Sentius after dealing with the assassin
• Save Error warning will pop up if there’s an issue saving.
• Fixed issue where Sentius wouldn’t acknowledge his execution order had been carried out.
• Ensured player can’t accidentally disrupt Malleolus’s withdrawal by talking to him at the wrong time.
• Ensured that the player can talk to Fabia and the Assassin while the election is on.
• Fixed Equitia dialogue so that players can always resume their discussions about common threads with her, even after resetting time.
• Added Console and Visual Styles keys to rebinding menu. Made gameplay visual style keys usable in Photo Mode.
• Ensured player can’t talk to Malleolus during Galerius’s errands because they could conflict when Malleolus withdrew from the election.
• Fix golden rule breaching if you kill the Philosopher then save / load afterwards.
• Fix Khabash being invincible to player arrows, even when he was supposed to be killable
• Fix multiple collision issues with catacombs meshes.
• Ensures that if it becomes election time during Equitia’s tour, she’ll cancel it and run the election instead, to prevent other issues.
• Fix some bad geo allowing speed runners into places they shouldn’t get.
• Toned down most controller vibration effects by popular demand.
• Fixed rare problem where if you sent Galerius on an errand to force Malleolus to withdraw from the election (but not free his slaves) then freed Ulpius, the resulting scenes could block each other.
• Fixed dialogue bug where player could ask Sentius about ritual before learning about it.
• Removed redundant dialogue option with Octavia.
• Fixed bug where player couldn’t send the assassin to Quinctius despite knowing who he is.
• Fixed bug where Sentius would seem to forget about his revelation in previous loops.
• Ensured assassin doesn’t get stuck talking to Domitius by ensuring multiple scenes involving Domitius can’t compete for control of him.
• Fixed various dialogue logic errors where certain NPCs (Decius, Fabia) wouldn’t remember you in the epilogue, even though the player met them in their final loop. Fixed dialogue logic error where the player couldn’t remember Sentilla in the epilogue, even though they had met before.
• Stripped flashlight from players equipment on entering the Museum.
• Made it so if the player finds and frees Sentilla without ever speaking with Sentius, his dialogue adapts accordingly.
• Fixed up lip synching error in election dialogue
• Moved Cancel Narration feature to it’s own button, T and Gamepad Right Shoulder by default.
• Added blocker preventing Photo Mode escaping Naevia & Galatea room
• Improved Georgius dialogue logic to ensure key questions about the Greek plaque are repeatable.
• Removed inappropriate golden statue from city in Ending 4 timeline
• Fixed up some janky pots in the baths levels.
• Player no longer sees “Skip Line” prompt unless they click during dialogue
• Fixed rare bug with “Secret Admirer” quest which meant it couldn’t be completed.
• Fixed rare bug where if you killed Galerius before speaking to him, in the next loop the game assumed you’d spoken to him before.
• Ensured that if the player shoots Galerius before meeting him, they don’t get a quest prompt telling them to follow Magistrate Sentius (who they don’t know yet).
• Prevented player from being able to block progress of an NPC; after a few seconds they’ll walk right through the player.
• Fixed various clipping issues in forum.
• Fixed rare bug to avoid the player getting caught in a loop while talking to the creator of The Golden Rule

Download free The Forgotten City patch 1.2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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