Tera Update 1.80 Patch Notes (Ver 92.04) for PS4 – August 5, 2021


Tera update 1.80 (Ver 92.04) is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official Tera console patch notes, the latest update added dungeon balance adjustments, 6 New crafting designs, and more. Apart from this, Tera version 1.80 update also includes gameplay optimizations.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Tera version 1.80 update will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Tera 1.80 (Ver 92.04)?

Dungeon Balance Adjustments

    1. The dungeon balance is adjusted as listed below.
      1. 439 Red Refuge: 1/2/3 Boss HP slightly decreased
      2. 439 Lilith’s Keep, Velik’s Hold: 1/2/3 Boss HP significantly decreased
      3. 443 Rift’s Edge: 1/2/3 Boss HP slightly decreased
      4. 445 Manaya’s Core: 1/2/3  Boss & mini monsters’ HP significantly decreased
      5. 448 Shadow Sanguinary, Grotto of Lost Souls, Lilith’s Keep (Hard): 1/2/3 Boss HP significantly decreased
      6. 453 Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Velik’s Hold (Hard): 1/2/3 Boss HP significantly decreased
      7. 457 Immortal Manaya’s Core, Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard): 1/2 Boss HP slightly decreased & 3rd Boss HP significantly decreased
      8. 460 Bahaar’s Sanctum: 1/2 phase Bahaar’s HP significantly decreased

Other Improvements

    • Questline change after level 65
      • Quest group “[Important] A New Beginning” which requires too many steps will be deleted.
      • As the questline changes, the quest group “The Nightmare Begins” will be deleted.
        • When getting level 65, you can get the Frostmetal Equipment Box after accomplishing “Fresh Arms—and Legs”.
        • You can proceed with the Awakening quest equipping the quest reward.
    • Twistshard equipment’ enchanting, upgrading probability adjusted
      • Enchanting, upgrading probability of Twistshard equipment changed to 100%.

Bug Fixes

    • The title unable to unequip off will be fixed.

Download Tera update 1.80 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.