Patch Notes

Tera Update 1.77 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One


Tera update 1.77 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Tera 1.77 patch notes, the latest update added various new changes and fixes. Apart from this, Tera version 1.77 update also includes gameplay optimizations.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Tera version 1.77 update will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


What is new in Tera 1.77?

  • Elin Valkyrie
    • The new class, Elin Valkyrie is now available.
    • There will be new quests for Elin Valkyrie.
      • Mission Quest: [Valkyrie] A New Story (Valkyrie Only)
      • Zone Quests: Old Book (For the other classes than Valkyrie)
    • Castanic Valkyrie can change race to Elin using “Race Change Voucher”
    • The costume of the character(Castanic) will not be available after the race is changed to Elin. Please be aware of this!

  • 2. Class Skill Balance Improvements
    • Priest
      • Metamorphic Blast : Skill Damage increased by 10%.
      • Shocking Implosion : Skill Damage increased by 10%.
      • Zenobia’s Vortex : Skill Damage increased by 10%.
      • Energy Stars : Skill Damage increased by 10%.
      • Divine Charge : Cool Down decreased from 24 sec to 22 sec,
        When charge and cast, restore MP for 7% in proportion to time, up to 7 times 49%.
      • Fiery Escape : Cool Down decreased from 8 sec to 6 sec.
      • Kaia’s Shield : Shield amount increased by 10%
      • Divine Prayer : Periodic HP restoration increased by 2%.
      • Holy Burst : Periodic HP restoration increased from 250 to 300 for Enhanced Devoted Favor.
      • Restorative Burst : MP Restoration increased from 25 to 75 for the Spirited Restorative Burst Glyph.
    • Archer
      • Arrow Volley : The number of arrows in Arrow Volley has been changed to 9 regardless of the charge, and the charge speed has increased significantly.
        Accordingly, the power of each arrow has been changed so that 9 arrows have the power of the existing 5 arrows.
        In addition, even if the arrow direction is facing the ground, the arrow will move horizontally so that the skill can be used more comfortably.
    • Berserker
      • Unleashed : Duration of unleashed state increased from 12 sec to 18 sec, cooldown changed from 210 sec to 180 sec.
      • Lethal Strike : Lethal Strike has been changed into an immediately active skill.
        The damage is the same as the full charge. However, the existing additional power that slightly increased every 0.36 seconds has been removed.
  • 3. Dungeons
    • Shadow Sanguinary/Shadow Sanguinary (Hard) Opened
      • Shadow Sanguinary
        • Shadow Sanguinary is now available.
        • Recommended item level is 448.
      • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
        • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard) is now available
        • Recommended item level is 453.
    • Training Ground Opened
      • Training Ground is now available where you can measure your skill damage.
      • You can enter the Training Ground by Whurloc in Highwatch.
    • Manglemire Event Dungeon Opened
      • Recommended item level is 439.
      • In Manglemire, you can get “Locked Mountebank’s 100% Box” and enchanting materials for Frostmetal gears.
      • You can get the jackpot reward by crafting, combining “Locked Mountebank’s 100% Box” and 3rd Anniversary Coin.
    • Antaroth’s Abyss/Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard) Closed
      • Antaroth’s Abyss is now deactivated.
      • Antaroth’s Abyss-related feats are now moved on to Legacy Feats.
      • You can get enchanting materials for Ethereal Accessories in Shadow Sanguinary/Shadow Sanguinary (Hard).
      • New Battle Pass missions are going to be added/deleted along with dungeon ON/OFFs.
    • Dungeon Balance Improvements
      • The dungeon balance is adjusted as listed below.
      • Difficulty decreased
        • 431 Ravenous Gorge: Boss HP decreased in phase1,2,3
        • 439 Red Refuge: Boss HP slightly decreased in phase 1,2,3
        • 439 Dark Reach Citadel: Boss HP decreased in phase 1,2, slightly decreased in phase 3
        • 445 Resurrected Shandra Manaya: Boss HP decreased in phase 1, Damage of Baritzal Servitor decreased
        • 448 Grotto of Lost Souls: Boss HP decreased significantly in phase1,2,3
        • 448 Dark Reach Citadel (Hard): Boss HP decreased significantly in phase1,2,3
      • Difficulty increased
        • 439 Thaumetal Refinery
        • 448 Sky Cruiser Endeavor: Boss HP increased significantly in phase1,2,3
        • 453 Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard): Boss HP increased significantly in phase1,2,3
      • Difficulty adjusted
        • 439 Demokron Factory: Boss HP decreased in phase 1, increased in phase 3
        • 448 Demokron Factory (Hard): Boss HP decreased in phase 1, increased in phase 3
  • Dev Team’s Comment: Monster balance for some dungeons even within the same tier differs from each other, so the clear time and reward efficiency were uneven. Overall dungeon rebalancing was made for a better play experience.
    • Dungeon rewards upgraded
      • The expected quantity to acquire Bonus Material Box increased for all dungeons.
      • The expected quantity to acquire Emerald and Diamond slightly increased in Resurrected Shandra Manaya, Red Refuge (Hard), Dark Reach Citadel (Hard), Demokron Factory (Hard), Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
      • The expected quantity to acquire Veilthroch increased in Grotto of Lost Souls, Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), Dreadspire
      • The expected quantity to acquire Concentrated Ectoplasm increased in Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), Dreadspire.
  • 4. Elite Gold/Silver/Bronze Benefit Revamped
    • Elite gold/silver/bronze benefits are changed/revamped as below.
  • 5. Improvements in the Leveling-up period
    • Stepstone Isle questline and Lv.13 ~ Lv.20 period has been changed.
      • Stepstone Isle questline will be changed more concisely with essential content.
    • 13 ~ Lv.20 period
      • Some questlines changed and unnecessary movement lines have been slightly adjusted.
      • Quest hunting/gathering quantity goal has been decreased, and the battle of medium-sized monster basilisks and general named monsters will be harder.
      • Monster drop rewards changed.
        • Now, items that cannot be worn are not dropped in advance, and the types of items dropped have increased.
        • Most of the dropped items can be traded.
        • “Flawless Vulcan Armor” will be dropped in Bastion of Lok (Solo), and when enchanted, you can expect slightly better performance than relic weapons.
      • The critical strike probability of all relic weapons has been lowered.
  • Dev team’s comment:

    It is determined that the movement path is too long in the Leveling-up period, which led to the absence of a tense battle experience, and the lack of fun in acquiring items, so we plan to improve it sequentially.
    In this build, only the first period corresponding to levels 1-20 has been improved, and the remaining level periods are scheduled in the next build

    6.Champion’s Skyring Improvements

    • Champion’s Skyring will be changed into 2:2.
      • The existing rule was 1 fixed healer for a group, but in order to alleviate the difficulty of matching due to lack of healers, a fixed dealer is now required, and there is no separate requirement for recruiting healers or tankers.
    • When entering, the balance will be changed.
      • Battleground rule 1, 2 will be applied. In Champion’s Skyring, the healing amount will be decreased, base HP increased, and MP continuous recovery effect will be applied automatically.
      • The existing more powerful effect of Noctenium Elixir will be removed.
      • Lancer, Priest, Mystic’s common gear balance will be improved.
    • Reward added
      • When winning, you can get Warmonger Token (2x).
      • When losing/drawing, you can get Warmonger Token (1x).
  • 7. Gear Enchanting stage opened
    • The enchantment stage of Heroic Oath / Fraxim weapons and gears is opened to +6.
      • Existing enchanting material will be used until +4.
      • From +5, you need a new material ‘Organetium‘ as well as existing material for enchantment.
        The new enchanting material Organetium, you can get from Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), and the new dungeon (457) that will be opened in coming days, as well as from Dreadspire for a small amount.
      • When enchanted +6, the same additional ability will be added as +3.
      • When you enchanted the ‘Honor’ weapon to +6, you will get ‘Increases damage by 2%’ instead of the existing additional +3 enchantment result. (No additional Dragon Scale needed)
      • But, for Staff and Scepter, you will get ‘Cooldown reduced by 2%’.
  • 8. Stat Title System added
    • Combat stats will be applied to certain titles. If you equip the title with combat stat via [ Character info UI > Titles ], it will be activated.
    • You can see the list of the titles with combat stat ar [Feats UI > Rewards > Title]
    • How to acquire: Titles with combat stat, is just the same as the normal title, you can get it from related feats. If you have already completed the feat and have the title with stat, you can use it right away.
  • 9. Dreadspire Season 3
    • Period: March 25 ~ June 3
      The first clear rewards are the same with Season 2
    • Boss rewards above the 5th Challenge are slightly increased.
  • 10. Other Improvements
    • Quest fixed : The Finest Fireworks
      • The existing Lightning Stone will be changed into ‘Unidentified Lightning Stone’.
      • If you are having ‘Unidentified Lightning Stone’ during the questline, speak to Meren to get the ‘Lightning Stone’.
    • Contents level XP sources are added along with the update.
    • Crystal Merchant deleted during the leveling-up period
      • Unused crystal merchants are removed in the dungeons.
  • 11. Premium Items (added)
    • Black Bear (Price: 1,195 TERA Coin)
    • Cuddly Cavy (Price: 1,195 TERA Coin)
    • Pink Parade Outfit (Price : 1495 TERA Coin)
    • Fun-Weapon Loot Box (Price  : 150 TERA Coin)
    • Hot Pink Parade Outfit Loot Box (Price  : 150 TERA Coin)
    • Yumai’s Pretty Loot Box (Price  : 150 TERA Coin)
    • Yumai’s Pretty Loot Box (10+1) (Price  : 1500 TERA Coin)
    • Cuddly Cavy Head (Price  : 495 TERA Coin)
    • Black Bear Head (Price  : 495 TERA Coin)
    • Cat Backpack (Price  : 595 TERA Coin)
    • Racoon Pipe Backpack (Price  : 595 TERA Coin)
    • Footsteps: Flowers (Price: 1,495 TERA Coin)
    • Footsteps: Fluorescent Flowers (Price: 1,995 TERA Coin)
    • Footsteps: Fluorescent Trees (Price: 1,995 TERA Coin)
    • Level 60 Scroll has been changed into Level 65 scroll, with 50% discount offer
    • Elite Status will be available at TERA store for PS/XB Asia
      • Elite Status GOLD (30 days) (Price: 3,000 TERA Coin)
      • Elite Status SILVER (30 days) (Price: 1,200 TERA Coin)
      • Elite Status BRONZE (30 days) (Price: 500 TERA Coin)
    • PS/XB NA, EU, JP
      • Catnap Innerwear lootboxes (Price: 250 TERA Coin)
      • Catspaw Innerwear lootboxes (Price: 250 TERA Coin)
    • Discontinued Products
      • Punkimus Rex Loot Box
      • Patchimus Rex Loot Box
      • Fragimus Rex Loot Box
      • Rockimus Rex Loot Box
      • Stichimus Rex Loot Box
      • Burnimus Rex Loot Box
      • Ingenue’s Costume
      • Headliner’s Costume
      • Illusionists Costume
      • Conjurer’s Costume
  • 12. Events
  • TERA Console 3rd Anniversary Event
    • Time: 25th March ~ 3rd June
  • Liar Tarski’s Guaranteed Box Event
    • Time: 25th March ~ 3rd June
  • Elin Valkyrie Support Event
    • Time: 25th March ~ 22nd April
    • [Caution] Castanic Valkyries can also participate in the event, but please note that Elin exclusive products will be provided for time-limited costumes.
  • 13. Bug Fix
  • Common
    • Impossible to proceed with the quest “The Finest Fireworks” under circumstances
    • Quest “Oriyn’s Will” not showing when accomplished “The Destiny of the Guardian” after “A Seed of Chaos”
    • Impossible to proceed with “The Nightmare Begins” and “[Important] A New Beginning” together due to the NPC spawning in the same place
    • Priest’s some lower-level skills of Divine Radiance being set slightly stronger than normal
    • Berserker’s Unleashed : Titanic Shout being able to used when unleashed is not activated
    • Frosty Mantle of Indifference flickering when wearing Frostsilk Dress
    • Possible to get a Daily Bounty Hunt Score when defeating the normal monsters in the event area after the Bounty Hunt mission is over.
    • The verified hidden missions’ notice not being renewed
    • Problem that when “select all available” in Instance/Battleground Matching UI, the button guide not being changed
    • Tooltip of Ruby Rims, Emerald Eyeglasses, Blue Frames written as [Style Hair] instead of [Style Face]
    • Lancer’s movement speed option vanishing when activate and deactivate Block skill wearing boots with movement speed option added
  • DE/FR
    • Damage font not being displayed when the mount’s mystic passive is on or when attacking the monsters’ back
    • Certain characters in the title of the mission located in the upper left corner cut off in Vanguard Requests UI,.

Download Tera update 1.77 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.