Tera Update 1.79 Patch Notes (Ver 92.01) for PS4 and Xbox One

Tera update 1.79 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for players. According to the official Tera 1.79 patch notes, the latest update added brings a long list of bug fixes and UI changes. Apart from this, Tera version 1.79 update also includes gameplay optimizations.

Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Tera version 1.79 update will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Tera 1.79 (Ver 92.01)?

  1. Stigma System
    • New equipment item “Stigma”
      • There are 4 new Stigma slots, and each slot can only wear a set Stigma.
        In other words, you cannot wear the same Stigma 2 pieces.

        • Stigma items deal additional damage to monsters with the same Stigma weakness when worn.
    • Targets with Stigma Weaknesses
      • The dungeon boss monster has a weakness corresponding to each stigma for each boss.
        • Some boss monsters on the field also have weaknesses corresponding to each stigma.
          • User characters, NPCs, normal monsters, and medium-sized bosses do not have stigma weaknesses.
          • You can check the type of Stigma’s weakness by looking at the weakness indicator at the top right of the HP gauge.
          • You can also check the weaknesses of each dungeon boss in the guide on the right of the dungeon party matching UI.
    • Stigma’s System UI info
      • Stigma is located in [Character] > [Stigma].
        • Stigma items can be managed in the Stigma UI.
          • You can only view Stigma items in [Character] > [Inventory] > [Stigma].
    • Features of Stigma
      • Stigma Grade
        • There are 4 grades from Common grade to Superior grade.
      • Stigma Types
        • There are 4 species: Kephale, Soma, Brachium, and Skelos.
      • Stigma’s Basic Abilities
        • Stigma’s basic ability, Detect Weaknesses, is indicated by < % >.
          • Inflicts additional damage of < %> when attacking a monster with that weakness.
            • Stigma’s basic abilities have a higher value when the grade or/and enchantment level get higher.
      • Stigma’s Random Option
        • Stigma has random options starting from the Uncommon level.
          • Number of random options – Common: 0, Uncommon : 1, Rare: 2, and Superior: 3
            • The ability of the random option can be increased with a higher grade.
      • Random option grades
        • Even the same options can have different grades.
          • Higher grades can generate better options.
          • The color of the option is displayed according to the option grades. Also, the higher the grade of an option, the greater the number.
            • Uncommon stigma creates a common grade (white) option.
            • Rare stigma creates either common grade (white) or uncommon grade (green) options.
            • Superior stigma creates either uncommon (Green), rare (Blue), or superior (Yellow) options.
      • Random Option Types
        • All 4 types of stigma have [ATK] / [DEF] / [Soul] options.
          • The random option is determined when the stigma is created, and the option cannot be selected.
          • Regardless of the type of Stigma’s weakness, options are determined according to the type of [ATK] / [DEF] / [Soul].
            • The types of options created according to [ATK] / [DEF] / [Soul] are as follows.
              • Stigma Enchanting and Conversion

                Stigma Enchanting

                • You can enchant the stigma in the Stigma Enhancement UI to increase the basic ability, the ability to detect weaknesses.
                  • Stigma can be enchanted up to +5.
                  • When enchanting, each stigma consumes the same stigma as itself regardless of the type of stigma.
                  • The enchanting probability depends on the enchanting level and Stigma grade.
                  • When fails, the enchanting chance is increased by 1%.
                  • The enchanting probability of Stigma is as follows.

                    • Stigma Conversion
                      • You can upgrade the Stigma to a higher level in the Stigma Conversion  UI.
                      • +5 Stigma uses a +5 Stigma of the same grade as itself as a material, regardless of the type of Stigma.
                        • Stigma can be promoted up to Superior grade.
                        • Option Change
                          • You can change the random options given to Stigma.
                          • Changes to options are random, and after changing options, you cannot restore the previous options, so you need to be careful when changing options.
                          • When changing an option, not enchanted and one grade lower Stigma is consumed as a material.
    • Stigma Dismantle
      • Stigma shards can be obtained by dismantling Stigma in the Stigma main UI.

        • When dismantling Stigma, it does not give more Stigma shards depending on the enchanting level, so be careful when dismantling.
          In other words, if you dismantle a normal 0-enhanced stigma, you will get 10 stigma shards, and if you dismantle a normal +5-enchanted stigma, you will get the same 10 stigma shards.
        • Stigma Shard
          • You can use Stigma Shards to purchase Stigma Boxes, Emeralds or Diamonds
          • You can purchase a Stigma Box by consuming 500 Stigma Shards, 330 Emeralds, and 3300 Stigma Shards.
            • You can purchase a Stigma Box with 500 Stigma Shards, Emeralds with 330 Stigma Shards, and Diamond with 3,300 shards
          • The Stigma Shard Shop can be opened using Stigma Shards in [Character] > [Inventory] > [Others].
          • Stigma source
            • Obtain each Stigma from the Stigma Box by chance of Common, Uncommon, or Rare.
      • Inventory Expanded
        • When build v.92 is updated, the inventory will be expanded by 40 spaces.
          • This is because the Stigma system needs additional inventory space.
          • This is for all characters that have already been created and all characters that will be created in the future.
        • Note
          • Since Stigma’s ability was first shown, we will continue to monitor the Stigma balance and collect related balance data.
          • After the collection of balance data, the size of <Weak Point Detection> and <Random Option> may be lowered or higher depending on the effect of Stigma on the gameplay in build v.93 and v.94

2.  New Dungeon Opened

Bahaar’s Sanctum

      • Bahaar’s Sanctum is in the highest phase of TERA, one of the most difficult dungeon. And Bahaar, the god of fire, is waiting.
        • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 460.
      • In Bahaar’s Sanctum, you can obtain the following special rewards.
        • Can obtain Powerful Bahaar’s Mask, Keen Bahaar’s Mask, Bitter Bahaar’s Mask, Energetic Bahaar’s Mask
        • Can obtain “Flame Essence” to purchase “Bracelet of Absolute Equilibrium”, “Bahaar’s Mask”, etc.
        • Can obtain tradable Heroic Oath Equipment Chest, Stormcry Equipment Chest
        • Can obtain Vergos’s Fang, Scale, Horn, Bone, Behemoth Essence, etc. to convert Heroic Oath to Fraxim
        • Other enchanting materials like Organetium, Concentrated Ectoplasm, Veilthroch to enchant Heroic Oath gears
      • Bahaar’s Sanctum will be added to the leaderboard.
        • Related new Stat title will be added.
    • Rift’s Edge
      • This is a 5-player entry dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 443.
      • In Rift’s Edge, you can obtain the following special rewards.
        • Ruthless Weapon skins, “Sparkling Shell” to exchange with Bonus Material Box III, Bonus Material Box IV
        • Other enchanting materials to enchant Frost Metal Gears and Stormcry Gears.

3. Dungeon Re-arrangement

  • Dungeon Reopen
    • Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard)
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 457.
      • You can obtain materials like Organetium, Concentrated Ectoplasm,  Veilthroch, etc, and Brooch Etching III.
    • Velik’s Sanctuary
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 453.
      • You can obtain materials like Concentrated Ectoplasm, Veilthroch, and Powerful Mask I.
    • Velik’s Hold (Hard)
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 453.
      • You can obtain materials like Concentrated Ectoplasm, Veilthroch, Dragon Skull and Brooch Etching II
    • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 448.
      • You can obtain materials to enchant Stormcry Gears and Survival Mask I.
    • Lilith’s Keep
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 439.
      • You can obtain materials like Hypnotic Device to enchant Frost Metal Gear.
    • Velik’s Hold
      • This is a 5-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 439.
      • You can obtain materials like Liquid Metal to enchant Frost Metal Gear.
    • The Abscess
      • This is a 3-player dungeon, and the recommended equipment level is 431.
      • You can obtain materials to enchant Twistshard Gear.
  • Dungeon Close.
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Dreadspire
    • Manglemire
    • Red Refuge (Hard)
    • Demokron Factory (Hard)
    • Demokron Factory
    • Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
    • Thaumetal Refinery
    • Kalivan’s Challenge

4. New Equipement ‘Bracelet’

    • New equipment and slots have been added.
      • ‘Bracelet’ can be put in this slot.
      • You can obtain Bracelet of Absolute Equilibrium from Battle Pass PLUS or dungeon clear.
      • Ability
      • Enchanting
        • Enchanting Material: 10,000 Gold, Bracelet of Absolute Equilibrium
        • 100% chance to be enchanted. 
          •  When enchanting, the option value does not change, only basic attack power is strengthened.

5. Battle Pass Season 2 <Indoor Gangster>

    • Time: 2021.06.10 ~ 2021.09.02
    • Note
      • Maximum 500 TERA Coin payback chance if you purchase Battle Pass!
        • You can acquire Battle Pass Season 2 Limited Edition mounts and outfits.
    •  Changes
      • Battle Pass level, EXP, and mission clear have been changed on a per-character basis, not on account sharing.
        • Instead, we changed the price of the level vouchers so that you can level up more quickly.
          • The level vouchers used in Season 1 has been changed to the ‘Old) Battle Pass Level +00’, when dismantling, you can acquire 3 new level vouchers.
            Please note that it is changed to be dismantlable to preserve the value of the existing level voucher.
          • You can increase your bonus level. (See details below.)
    • Main Reward
      • Reach the Battle Pass level to get basic rewards as well as main rewards!

    • Battle Pass PLUS Reward
      • All the benefits from normal [Battle Pass: Indoor Gangster] and also with its own special benefit and +25 battle pass level,  with immediate bonus rewards. 
        You can use it after receiving from Item Claim menu.

        • [Battle Pass: Indoor Gangster] applied
          • [Battle Pass: Indoor Gangster] +25 battle pass level
          • Get the Bonus Rewards Below immediately
          • Bracelet of Absolute Equilibrium (Permanent)
          • ELITE Status Gold 7 days
          • Superior Noctenium Elixir (x10)
          • Battle Pass Special Material Box (10)
          • Battle Pass Special Gem Box (20)
          • Battle Pass Bonus Box (x10


            •  Bonus Level & Box
              • Bonus levels have been added so that you can enjoy the entire season after reaching level 100 of the Battle Pass.
                • Existing level 100 + Bonus level 100 can be achieved.
                  • Each time you level up a bonus, you can get 1 bonus box.
                    If you apply the Battle Pass, you can get 2 each. You can obtain the remaining rewards even if you apply the Battle Pass later.
                  • Guaranteed to contain two [Battle Pass Bonus Ticket]s and may also contain other various items when opened Battle Pass Bonus Box
                    Battle Pass Bonus Box
                    Battle Pass Bonus ticket
                    Concentrated Ectoplasm
                    Golden Daric / Golden Plate
                    Silver Siglo / Silver Plate
                    Various Dishes
                  • What’s Bonus Ticket?
                    We’re giving away bonus tickets to Guardians to get more varied and desired rewards.
                    Exchange your desired reward for a ticket!
Detailed descriptions of bonus levels and rewards can be found in the in-game Battle Pass guide.

6. Other Improvements

  • When there is a discount or event at the TERA Store, the tag icon will be displayed on the main menu and in TERA Store as shown in the picture below.
    • Mini map function added
      • If the mission quest or PVP marker is outside the minimap, an icon will be displayed on the outer border of the minimap to indicate the direction.
      • Leaderboard Stat title Balance adjustments
        • Title’s stat related to the Leaderboard of Grotto of Lost Souls will be changed.
      • Tooltips related to where to obtain some material items have been changed.
        • Instead of listing all the dungeons that can be acquired, it has been changed to simply convey only the essentials.
      • The achievement season will be changed. As a result, feat scores and laurels may be partially changed.
      • The amount of content level experience obtained from successful fishing(BAF) has been increased.

7. Event

    • A midsummer snowball fight (Time: June 10 2021 ~ July 7 2021)
      • Summerfest in Arborea 1 (Time: July 8 2021 ~ July 29 2021) 
        • Summerfest in Arborea 2 (Time: July 30 2021 ~ August 19 2021) 
        •  Strongbox Jackpot Event (Time: August 19 2021 ~ September 2 2021) 
        • Log-in Event 1 (Time: will be announced in coming days)
        • SUPER TERA Time! (Time: will be announced in coming days)
        • Dungeon Highlights (Time: will be announced in coming days)
        • Enchanting x2 Event (Time: will be announced in coming days)
        • Vanguard Requests (x2 Gold) Event and Item XP increase rate x 2 (Time: will be announced in coming days)

8. Premium Items

  • Red Riding Dress 1195 TERA Coin
  • Even Redder Riding Dress 1495 TERA Coin
  • Big Bad Wolf Box1495 TERA Coin
  • Atlantis Summer Costume1195 TERA Coin
  • [Rare] Atlantis Summer Costume 1495 TERA Coin
  • Raging Torrent Weapon Loot Box 245 TERA Coin
  • Mascot Rex Loot Box 150 TERA Coin
  • [Dyeable] Atlantis Summer Costume Loot Box 150 TERA Coin
  • Red Cape 495 TERA Coin
  • Red Hood 495 TERA Coin
  • Wolf Head 495 TERA Coin
  • Atlantis Facial Accessory 495 TERA Coin
  • [Rare] Atlantis Facial Accessory 595 TERA Coin
  • Flying Skill: Atlantis Blue Shark (Rare)  1995 TERA Coin
  • Flying Skill: Atlantis White Shark (Superior) 2995 TERA Coin
  • Footsteps: Matryoshka A 1495 TERA Coin
  • Footsteps: Matryoshka B 1995 TERA Coin
  • Footsteps: Matryoshka C 1995 TERA Coin
  • Tidal Element Weapon Box 995 TERA Coin

9. Bug Fix

    • Common
      • Sorcerer “Elemental Fusion” skill could be used infinitely will be fixed
      • Ninja using enhanced skill without using the  “Inner Harmony” skill will be fixed.
      • Gunner using enhanced skill without using the “Modular Weapon System” skill will be fixed.
      • “Tempest Aura I” passive not being applied when using the Warrior “Blade Frenzy” and “Blade Draw” skills will be fixed.
      • The cooldown of the skill “Divine Wrath” being displayed incorrectly when using Brawler “Rhythmic Blows” will be fixed.
      • Movement speed reduction debuff not being applied when moving after using Lancer “Stand Fast” will be fixed.
      • “Retaliate” skill could not be used because it was hidden by other skill buttons when the character was down will be fixed.
      • World message not being displayed when the equipment of the Heroic Oath enhanced 4 ~ 6 will be fixed.
      • The problem of entry counts to the trial dungeon being limited in the healer/tanker class will be fixed.
      • The problem that the camera zoom value is initialized in a probability will be fixed.
      • Marker being displayed incorrectly in the inventory UI even though there were no newly acquired items will be fixed.
      • PS4: Fixed an issue where the button icon and text overlapped in the [TOUCH] button menu.
  •           10.  Unfixed Bug
    • Among the optional abilities, <Replenishes MP instantly when you use a skill with a target> has bug.
      After recovering MP, some of the recovered MP is sometimes consumed again.

      • We will fix this issue soon.

Download Tera update 1.79 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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