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Tennis World Tour Update Version 1.09 Patch Notes

Tennis World Tour update 1.09 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the official Tennis World Tour 1.09 patch notes, the update has added graphical updates, new customization options, AI improvements and more. In addition, Tennis World Tour version 1.09 also stability and performance improvements.

Previously, patch 1.07 was released with improvements and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since this update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Tennis World Tour patch 1.09 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Tennis World Tour Update Version 1.09 Patch Notes


  • New Online Mode Added: Online Tournaments.
This mode allows the creation of online tournaments by players.
  • Added more character customization options in an updated version of the player creator.
  • Event added to Career Mode in December, that allows the further customization of existing characters.
  • Large improvements to the overall stability of the online service; including issues with the random disconnections during a match, the ball not being in the same place for each player and a number of other tweaks that can be found under “bug fixes”
  • Added animations at end of a point where a lucky win is achieved with the help of the net.
  • Added animations to avoid the ball if it goes out and the player is on its trajectory. The AI will no longer volley those balls (both opponent and player AI).
  • Added more animations to the inside out forehand preparations.
  • Added a help interface during service that gives feedback on the risk taken. This option can be disabled in the option menu.
  • The “replay” button is now accessible even if the cutscenes are disabled in the options menu.
  • Added a permanent display of break points, set points and match points under the scoreboard.
  • Added new official outfits for players, and new equipment to the shop.
    • Le Coq Sportif Gasquet – Wimbledon 2018
    • Roland Garros 2018 Tennis polo shirt
    • Wilson Blade 98 racket
    • And more


  • Added a substantial bonus to power and accuracy of inside out forehands. The feedback “GREAT” is also displayed if using the “Display shot quality” option.
  • Animations during cutscenes have been improved.
  • Tuned the AI’s chance of unforced errors according to player archetypes.
  • Added a “BALANCED” threshold to the Serve help feedback between “SAFE” and “OPTIMAL”.
  • Lateral slice rotation decreased.
  • Added a bonus / penalty to Stamina based on player height (to compensate for the fact that tall players can find more angles with their serve).
  • Added a ball speed bonus to indoor courts.
  • Increased shot selection possible to return a serve.
  • The ball speed of the slice shots has been slowed during a rally.
  • Monfils’ and Edmund’s stats have been adjusted.
  • Official player win ratios have been updated in career mode for parity with their current performance in the real world.
  • Once in Bronze league, players can no longer fall to the league below.
  • Minor changes to ranked points gain/loss calculation.
  • Player emotion will now escalate more quickly in cutscenes.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug that could force the charge gauge to remain empty during a shot.
  • Fixed a rare case of the interface shrinking at the end of a match.
  • Fixed a rare case of online games being stalled, where conditions involved the underhand serve.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could display half of the London venue’s court in white.
  • Fixed some swing animations and minor bugs in the shot selection.
  • Fixed the First Bound indicator missing on London Supreme Stadium.
  • Fixed an issue where the racket bag was switching sides when players changed side, and was not displayed in online matches.
  • Improved game stability and online stability. In particular, the main bug that was frequently causing the disconnection of both players during an online match.
  • Fixed the “off-the-frame shot” bug, that was unintentionally ending the point by throwing the ball high in the air.
  • Fixed a rare crash during the loading of a match
  • Fixed a bug that could make the League leaderboard appear empty.
  • Fixed the League leaderboard when displaying the wrong league after a promotion or relegation.
  • Fixed the display of Japanese characters on the leaderboard.
  • Improved ball collision detection around the court.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resetting game data with an exhibition tournament in progress, then creating a tournament again.
  • Fixed a bug regarding ball trajectory synchronization in online matches, which was causing trajectories to diverge on the receiving end of slice and topspin strokes.
  • Minor interface and texts changes.


  • Added the gender information when receiving an outfit as a gift
  • Tennis World Tour version 1.09 fixed crashing issues.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues with Tennis World Tour update 1.09.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Tennis World Tour 1.09 fixes for the server that caused connection issues.
  • Fixed some glitches with Tennis World Tour 1.09.
  • Fixed framerate drop issues.
  • Various minor bug fixes and changes.

Tennis World Tour update 1.069on PS4 is now available for download.

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